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Default New hit for Robbie - anyone like the lyrics?

Hi Robbie,

I represent a songwriter named Steven Vengeance who has asked me to forward the lyrics below to you. It is a very catchy pop tune with a great guitar hook between the verses and would suit your great singing style and overall repertoire very well. The idea is to have it at Number One when the Olympics are launched and the eyes of the world are on London - you'll see the many references to that fantastic city in the song. If it sounds of interest we would be happy to demo it to your reps in London or even over the phone.

Love to your many wonderful fans. Keep up the great work and hope everything is going brilliantly with the bump!




One night I met a girl from Sweden,
Oh she really took some believing, believe me
We drank together in the West End
At eleven o’clock she said that I was her best friend
I said ‘you are so tall and blonde,
Unlike the girls where I come from
Could you befriend a poor East Ender?’
Then we found somewhere good to eat
In Chinatown, on Gerrard Street
She took a black cab home and promised she would phone

The next week I saw her every evening
She called each day and said she fancied meeting, somewhere
We’d discuss the politics of nations
And good diplomatic relations, oh yeah
Then on the Friday I took her
To Leicester Square and Westminster
We stared down the river at the shimmering lights
Our hands together all the time,
She pulled me close and whispered ‘be mine’
I said ‘England will move for Sweden tonight’

Next day she told me that she loved me,
As we lay in Hyde Park, the songbirds sang above me
But over dinner in the evening
She said that soon she would be leaving for home
I said ‘Sweetheart make a new one here,
We’ve just found love, don’t disappear
And it’s too cold to live in Sweden’
She said ‘Please don’t ask me to stay
Sweet English boy, I’m on my way’,
We drank right through the pain,
I never saw that girl from Sweden again

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Smile I wrote my thinks!

Hey Robbie! I wrote my thinks for you... I hope you will see them.. Please! I'm begging you!


Look at this! <3 <3
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Default autograph gift

Hi Robbie,
I was hoping to get an autographed poster for a friend and not sure how to go about it. her favourite song is angels. and we just want it to say:
Dear Kate,
Love Robbie x
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Default Darkness

Hey Robbie.....When the dark clouds start to slowly move away, how long does it take to feel and understand the meaning of life again ???? You have been there so thought you could shed some positive light for me. Anxiously awaiting your new album to keep me going on this journey. xx
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Default robbie this is for u!

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:-* miss you
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RW we miss you so much ..i want to see you again
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Default Australia calling

Awesome to have a Cousin who can use his voice and get the attention it deserves!! Come to Australia!!
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Red face

I am left wondering.....how DO you live life with no regrets?
Another lesson in life I'm trying to learn. XxxxxxX
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Default Hi Mr Williams!

Hi Mr Williams! how do? I don't want to bother you but I need to tell you something ... first of all, I'm an Italian girl, so I apologize if I make mistakes ^^ ehm ... I wish you the best, to Ayda and your little bump, who you've been looked for... my biggest wish is to meet you and, one day, I hope it could be true! I'm still underage, so it's sadly and hard, for me, to come to see you to your gigs... last year you performed in San Siro, I wanted to come but I hadn't the possibility! My boyfriend is jealous of you 'cos I like your everything xD! So, my only wish is really simply but meaningful to me.. hoping you're not a fake, I'd like you could answer me! Goodbye Rob! With love,

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