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Default MINI-DISCOGRAPHY - A List Of All Robbie Songs and Albums

Here is a list of all Robbie's songs A sides B sides and covers,
And all albums

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Default A-sides and album songs A to H

(All Sang by Robbie Williams)

3 LIONS-- (Written by Ian Broudle / David Baddiel / Frank Skinner) Cover of the English football anthem "3 Lions" by The Lightning Seeds (1996 forthcoming), by Robbie Williams with The Squad newly recorded (2010)


A PLACE TO CRASH---(Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
ADVERTISING SPACE---(Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
AFFIRMATION--- (Written by Gary Barlow / Howard Donald / Jason Orange/ Mark Owen / Robbie Williams)
AIN‘T THAT A KICK IN THE HEAD ---(Written by Sammy Cahn/Jimmy Van Heusen/ Cover by Robbie Williams)
ALL CLIMB ON--- (Written by Robbie Williams /Guy Chambers)
ALL THAT I WANT---(written by Williams/Metcalfe/Francis)
ANGELS---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
ARIZONA--- (Written by Robbie Williams/D.Spencer/K.Andrews)


BABY GIRLS WINDOW--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
BE A BOY---(written by Robbie Williams / T Metcalfe / F Francis)
BETTER MAN---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
BEYOND THE SEA---(Written by Charles Trenet/Jack Lawrence/Cover Version by Robbie Williams)
BLASPHEMY---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
BODIES---(Written by Robbie Williams/Craig Russo/Brandon Christy)
BONGO BONG---(Written by Manu Chac/Cover by Robbie Williams)
BULLET---(written by Robbie Williams / T Metcalfe / F Francis)
BULLY---(written by Robbie Williams / T Metcalfe / F Francis)
BURSLEM NORMALS---(Written by Robbie Williams/J. Meehan)
BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)

( C )

CANDY---(written by Williams/Barlow/Olsen)
CLEAN---(Written by RobbieWilliams/A.Genn/R.Hanley/M.Slattery/P.Cook)
COME UNDONE---(Written by Robbie Williams/B. Ottestad/A. Hamiton/D. Perre)
CURSED---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers/A. Deevoy)


DECEPTACON---(Written by Robbie Williams/D.Spencer/K.Andrews/R.Scott/S.Ralph.)
DICKHEAD---(Written by Robbie Williams/J. Meehan)
DIFFERENT---(written by Williams/Barlow/Lee)
DIFFICULT FOR WEIRDOS---(Written by Robbie Williams/D.Spencer/K.Andrews)
DO NOTHING TILL YOU HEAR FROM ME---(Written by Duke Ellington/Bob Russell/Cover by Robbie Williams)
DO YOU MIND---(Written by Robbie Williams/D.Spencer/K.Andrews/ C.Jankel)
DOGS AND BIRDS---(Written by Robbie Williams/?????)

DREAM A LITTLE DREAM---(written by Andre/Khan/Schwandt/cover by R Williams/L Allen)


EGO A GO GO---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
EIGHT LETTERS---(Written by Williams/Barlow/Owen/Orange/Donald)
ELASTIK---(Written by D.Spencer/ K.Andrews/R.Scott)
EMAIL FROM A VAMPIRE---(Written by Robbie Williams/????)
ETERNITY---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
EVERYTHING CHANGES---(Written by Gary Barlow/C.Baylis/E.Kenndy/M.Ward)


FEEL---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
FLOWERBED---(Written by Williams/Barlow/Owen/Orange/Donald)
FOREVER TEXAS---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)


GHOSTS---(Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
GO GENTLE--- (written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
GOOD DOCTOR---(Written by Robbie Williams/J. Meehan)
GOSPEL---(written by Robbie Williams / T Metcalfe / F Francis/Lee)
GRACE ---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
GREENLIGHT---(written by Robbie Williams / T Metcalfe / F Francis)


HANDSOME MAN---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers/A. Deevoy)
HAPPY NOW---(Written by Williams/Barlow/Owen/Orange/Donald)
HAVE YOU MET MISS JONES---(Written by Lorenz Hart/Richard Rodgers/Cover by Robbie Williams)
HEART AND I---(Written by Robbie Williams/????)
HEAVEN FROM HERE---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
H.E.S.---(written by Robbie Williams / T Metcalfe / F Francis)
HELLO SIR---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers/poem hidden track)
HEY WOW YEAH YEAH---(written by Williams/Ottestad)
HOT FUDGE---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
HOW PECULIAR---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
HUNTING FOR YOU---(written by Williams/Metcalfe/Francis/Lee)

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Default A-sides and album songs I to P

(All Sang by Robbie Williams)


I TRIED LOVE---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
I WAN'NA BE LIKE YOU---(written by Sherman/Sherman/cover by R Williams/O Murs
I WILL TALK AND HOLLYWOOD WILL LISTEN---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN---(written by Harburg/Arlen/Cover R Williams)
IF IT’S HURTING YOU---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
INTO THE SILENCE---(written by Williams/Metcalfe/Francis)
IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR---(Written by Ervin Drake/Cover by Robbie Williams)


JESUS IN A CAMPER VAN---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers/L.Wainwright 111)


KARMA KILLER---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
KEEP ON---(Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy/C. Heath)
KIDS---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
KIDZ---(Written by Williams/Barlow/Owen/Orange/Donald)
KILLING ME---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
KING OF BLOKE AND BIRD---(Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
KISS ME---(Written by Steven Duffy)
KNUTSFORD CITY LIGHTS---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers/K.Andrews)


LAST DAYS OF DISCO---(Written by Robbie Williams/D.Spencer/K.Andrews.)
LAZY DAYS---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
LET LOVE BE YOUR ENERGY---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
LIFE THRU A LENS---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
LITTLE GREEN APPLES---(written by Russell/Cover by R Williams/K Clarkson)
LONG WALK HOME---(Written by M.Page)
LOSERS---(written by Gruska/Gruska/Cover R Williams/Lissie)
LOUISE---(Written by J.Callis/P.Oakey/A.Wright/ Cover by Robbie Williams)
LOVELIGHT---(Cover by Robbie Williams/Written by Lewis Taylor)
LOVE CALLING EARTH---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers/K. Andrews)
LOVE IS YOU---(written by Robbie Williams / J Meehan)
LOVE SOMEBODY---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)


MACK THE KNIFE---(Written by Marc Blitzstein/Kurt Weill/Bertholt Brecht/Cover by Robbie Williams)
MAN MACHINE---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
ME AND MY MONKEY---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
ME AND MY SHADOW---(Written by Dave Dreyer/Al. Jolson/Billy Rose/Cover by Robbie Williams)
MILLENNIUM---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers/L. Bricusse/J. Barry)
MINNIE THE MOOCHER---(written by Calloway/Mills/Gaskill/Cover R Williams)
MISUNDERSTOOD---(Written by Robbie Williams/S. Duffy)
MONSOON---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
MORNING SUN---(Written by Robbie Williams/D.Spencer/K.Andrews/R.Scott/S.Ralph/D.Black)
MORNING SUN (Reprise)---(Written by Robbie Williams/D.Spencer/K.Andrews/R.Scott/S.Ralph/D.Black)
MR BOJANGLES---(Written by Jerry Jeffwalker/Cover by Robbie Williams)


NANS SONG---(Written by Robbie Williams)
NATIONAL TREASURE---(written by Robbie Williams / G Chambers / C Heath)
NEVER TOUCH THAT SWITCH---(Written by K. Andrews/D.Spencer/Cover by Robbie Williams)
NO ONE LIKES A FAT POPSTAR---(written by Williams/Chambers/Heath)
NO REGRETS---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
NOT LIKE THE OTHERS---(written by Williams/Metcalfe/Francis)


OLD BEFORE I DIE---(Written by Robbie Williams/E. Bazilian/D. Child)
ON MY OWN---(Written by Williams, Kelvin Andrews, Danny Spencer/ ft Tom Jones)
ONE FOR MY BABY---(Written by Harold Arlen/Johnny Mercer/Cover by Robbie Williams)
ONE OF GOD‘S BETTER PEOPLE---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)


PHOENIX FROM THE FLAMES---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
PLEASE DON‘T DIE---(Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
PRETTY THINGS---(Written by Williams/Barlow/Owen/Orange/Donald)
PUTTIN' ON THE RITZ---(written by Berlin/Cover R Williams)

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Default R to Y

(R )

RADIO---(Written by Robbie Williams/S Duffy)
RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS---(Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
RAVER---(written by R Williams / T Metcalfe / F Francis)
REVERSE---(written by Williams/Metcalfe/Francis)
REVOLUTION---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
ROCK DJ---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers/K. Andrews/N. Pigford/E. Paris)
ROCKETSHIP---(Written by Williams/Barlow/Owen/Orange/Donald)
RUDEBOX (Album version)---(Written by Robbie Williams /K. Andrews/ D.Spencer/B.Laswell/C.Allen/W.Collins/S.Dunbar/R.Shakespeare)


SAVE THE CHILDREN---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
SEXED UP---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
SHAME---(Written by Robbie Williams/Gary Barlow)
SHE’S MADONNA---(Written by Robbie Williams/N.Tennant/C.Lowe)
SHE’S THE ONE---(Written by K.Wallinger/Cover by Robbie Williams)
SHINE MY SHOES---(Written by Williams/Chambers/Heath)
S**T ON THE RADIO---(written by Williams/Metcalfe/Francis/Lee)
SIN SIN SIN---(Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy/C. Heath)
SINGING FOR THE LONELY---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
SIXTEEN TONS---(written by M Travis/Cover by R Williams)
SNOWBLIND---(written by Williams/Chambers)
SODA POP---(written by Williams/Scott/Ralph/Andrews/Spencer/ft M Buble)
SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
SOMETHIN’ STUPID---(Written by Carson Parks/Cover by Robbie Williams/Nicole Kidman)
SOMEWHERE---(Written by D.Spencer/K.Andrews/A.Stubbs/J.Hand/S.Cadman)
SONG 3---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
SOS---(Written by Williams/Barlow/Owen/Orange/Donald)
SOUL TRANSMISSION---(Written by Williams, Andrews, Spencer)
SOUTH OF THE BORDER---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
SPREAD YOUR WINGS---(Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
STALKERS DAY OFF---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers F. Eisler)
STAND YOUR GROUND---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
STARSTRUCK---(Written by Robbie Williams/D.Spencer/K.Andrews/P.Beard)
STRAIGHTEN UP AND FLY RIGHT---(Written by Nat King Cole/Irving Mills/Cover by Robbie Williams)
STRONG---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
SUMMERTIME---(Written by Robbie Williams/A.Glenn)
SUPERBLIND---(Written by Robbie Williams/Fil Eisler)
SUPER TONY---(written by Williams/Andrews/Spencer/Scott/Ralph)
SUPREME---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers/F. Perren/D. Fekaris)
SURRENDER---(written by Williams/Metcalfe/Francis)
SWINGS BOTH WAYS---(written by Williams/Chambers/Wainwright/ft R Wainwright)
SWING SUPREME---(written by Williams/Chambers/Fekaris/Perren)


THE 80'S---(Written by Robbie Williams/J. Meehan)
THE 90’S---(Written by Robbie Williams/J. Meehan)
THE ACTOR---(Written by Robbie Williams/B.Christy/C.Russo)
THE BRITS---(written by Williams/Chambers)
THE CURE---(written by Williams/Chambers/Heath)
THE EDGE---(written by Williams/Chambers/Heath)
THE FLOOD---(Written by Williams/Barlow/Owen/Orange/Donald)
THE ONLY ONE I KNOW---(Written by Mark Ronson/featuring Robbie Williams)
THE PILOT---(written by Williams/Chambers/Nozuka/heath)
THE PROMISE---(Written by Williams, Paul Freeman)
THE ROAD TO MANDALAY---(Written by Williams/Chambers/Spencer/Laswell/Allen/Collins/Dunbar/Shakespeare)
THE TROUBLE WITH ME---(Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
THESE DREAMS---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
THEY CAN‘T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME---(Written by George & Ira Gershwin/Cover Version by Robbie Williams)
THINGS---(Written by Bobby Darin/Cover Version by Robbie Williams)
TRIPPING---(Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)


UNDERGROUND MACHINE---(Written by Williams/Barlow/Owen/Orange/Donald)


VIA LIFE ON MARS--- (Written by Robbie Williams/K. Andrews/D.Spencer)


WAIT---(Written by Williams/Barlow/Owen/Orange/Donald)
WEDDING BELLS---(written by Williams/Barlow)
WELL DID YOU EVAH---(Written by Cole Porter/Cover Version by Robbie Williams)
WE’RE THE PET SHOP BOYS---(Written by My Robot Friend)
WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?---(written by Williams/Barlow/Owen/Orange/Donald)
WHERE THERE'S MUCK---(written by Williams/Chambers)
WHITE MAN IN HANOI---(Written by Williams, Tim Metcalfe, Flynn Francis)
WIN SOME LOSE SOME---(Written by Robbie Williams/ Guy Chambers)
WON’T DO THAT---(Written by Robbie Williams/D.Spencer/K.Andrews/R.Scott/S.Ralph.)

( Y )

YOUR GAY FRIEND--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
YOU KNOW ME---(Written by Robbie Williams/D.Spencer/K.Andrews/F.Hardy)

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Default B sides and covers


AVERAGE B-SIDES--- (Written by Robbie Williams/K King)
ANTMUSIC--- (Written by Adam & Marco Pirroni/Cover by Robbie Williams)
APPLIANCE OF SCIENCE--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Max beesley)
ANGELS (SPANISH MIX) --- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
ARE YOU GONNA GO MY WAY--- (Written by Tom Jones/sang by Tom Jones/Robbie Williams)
ANGELS (Acoustic Version) --- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
ANGELS (Live)--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
AINT TO PROUD TO BEG (Live) --- (Sang With Lenny Henry)
A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS--- (Written by Robbie Williams)


BETTER DAYS--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
BACK FOR GOOD--- (Written by Gary Barlow/Cover by Robbie Williams)
BERLINER STAR--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Boots Ottestad)
BIG BEEF--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
BAG FULL OF SILLY-- (Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy/C. Heath)
BEAUTIFUL DAY (Live)--- (Written by U2/Cover by Robbie Williams)
BREAK AMERICA -- (by Robbie Williams)

( c )

CHEMICAL DEVOTION---(Written by Robbie Williams/Nick Lashley)
COKE AND TEARS--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
COME TAKE ME OVER--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
COFFEE, TEA & SYMPATHY--- (Written by Robbie Williams/B Morrison/G Ballard)CHEAP LOVE SONGS--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Owen Morris/C Abbot)
COME FLY WITH ME--- (Written by Sammy Cahan/Edward Chester Babcock/Cover by Robbie Williams)


DECEIVING IS BELIVING--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
DO ME NOW--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Boots Ottestad/Billy Morrison)
DONT DO LOVE--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)DANCE WITH THE DEVIL---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
DONT SAY NO---(Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)DONT STOP TALKING---(Sang by Robbie Williams for T-Mobile)
DO THEY KNOW ITS XMAS ---(Sang by Robbie Williams and band aid)


ETERNITY (ORCHESTRAL MIX) --- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
EVERYTIME WE SAY GOODBYE---(Written by Cole Porter/Cover by Robbie Williams)
ELASTIK--- (Written by Robbie Williams/.D. Spencer / K. Andrews / R. Scott)
EVERYBODY HURTS--- (originally written & performed by REM)--(Helping Haiti Single)


FALLING IN BED (AGAIN) --- (Written by Robbie Williams/M Hay)
FREEDOM --- (Written by George Michael/A-Side Cover by Robbie Williams)
FAMILY COACH---(Written by Steven Duffy)


GET THE JOKE--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
GET A LITTLE HIGH--- (Written by Robbie Williams/B. Ottestad)


HAPPY EASTER (WAR IS OVER) --- (Written by Robbie Williams/Boots Ottestad)
HAPPY SONG--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
HAPPY XMAS (WAR IS OVER) ---(Written by John Lennon/Cover by Robbie Williams)
HUMAN--- (Written by The Killers/ Cover by Robbie Williams) (radio 1 live)


ITS ONLY US--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
I FEEL IT BUT CANT EXPLAIN--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
I WOULDNT NORMALLY DO THIS KIND OF THING--- (Written by the Pet Shop Boys/Cover by Robbie Williams)
I AM THE RESURRECTION--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
I STARTED A JOKE--- (Written by the Bee Gees/Cover by Robbie Williams)
ITS DELOVELY--- (Written by Cole Porter/Cover by Robbie Williams)ITS A BEAUIFUL DAY (Live)--- (Written by U2/Cover by Robbie Williams)
ITS NOT UNUSUAL(Live)--- (Written by Tom Jones/Cover by Robbie Williams)
1974--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
IN AND OUT OF LOVE-- (By Robbie Williams)


JOHNS GAY--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
JEALOUSY -- (Written by PSB/Sang with Robbie Williams)


KOOKS--- (Written by David Bowie/ Cover by Robbie Williams)
KARAOKE STAR--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
KILL ME OR CURE ME--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
KARAOKE OVERKILL---(Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)


LOVE CHEAT--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
LONESTAR RISING--- (By Robbie Williams/K.Andrews/D.Spencer)LETS FACE THE MUSIC AND DANCE-- (Sang by Robbie Williams/ Cole porter film)
LOLA--- (Written by the kinks/cover by Robbie Williams)


MY NAME IS (Live) (Written by Eninem/Cover by Robbie Williams)
MY CULTURE--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Maxi Jazz/Feat. One Giant Leap)
MAKING PLANS FOR NIGEL--- (Written by Colin Moulding/Cover by Robbie Williams)
MEDLEY of songs from the FULL MONTY--- (Written by S Harvey/R Newman/C Kenner/Cover by Robbie Williams/Tom Jones)
MY WAY (Live) --- (Written by Jacques Revaux/Claude Francoise/Gilles Thibaut/Translated by Paul Anka/Cover by Robbie Williams)
MY WAY(Manchester live)--- (Written by Jacques Revaux/Claude Francoise/Gilles Thibaut/Translated by Paul Anka/Cover by Robbie Williams)
MAKE ME PURE (EDIT)--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy/C. Heath)
MEET THE STARS--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
MESS ME UP--- (By D.Spencer/K.Andrews)
MRS ROBINSON (LIVE)--- (Written by Simon & Garfunkel/Cover Robbie Williams/Oasis)
MILLENNIUM (Acoustic)-- (Written by Robbie Williams)
MILLENNIUM (Live)-- (Written by Robbie Williams)
MY GENERATION(Live @Camp Freddy)-- (Written by The Who/cover by Robbie Williams)
MAKE ME PURE (ACOUSTIC) -- (Written by Robbie Williams)


NORTHERN TOWN--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Stephen Duffy)
NOBODY SOMEDAY--- (Written by Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)
NOT OF THIS EARTH--- (Written by Robbie Williams)

ONE FINE DAY--- (Written by Robbie Williams)
OFTEN--- (Written by Gary Nuttal)
ONE LOVE--- (Written by U2/Cover by Robbie Williams)
OVERTUNE FOR BERLIN---(Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
OUR LOVE---(Written by Robbie Williams/Steven Duffy)
ONLY ONE I KNOW---(Written by Mark Robsons/cover by Robbie Williams)

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Default The robbie williams albums - Life Thru a Lens Album

Click on album title to read more info on each album, for song lyrics click song
All songs lyrics can also be found here


Life Thru a Lens

Release Date:*29 September 1997

The long awaited debut solo album, Life Thru A Lens, was released in September 1997. During a harrowing period for Robbie, recording began at London's Maison Rouge studios in March of that year, shortly after his introduction to Guy Chambers.

After his brief creative fling with writers Eric Bazilian and Desmond Child, Robbie and Guy were keen to create a rockier sound. "Robbie constantly writes lyrics and has some good ideas," said A&R Chris Briggs. "We tried various collaborators, and the one Robbie clicked with was Guy. The demos confirmed we had found a direction."

Released in September - not long after Robbie's stint in rehab, from which he emerged two stones lighter - the album launched with his first live solo gig at the Elysee Monmatre theatre in Paris...

Asked why the album had taken so long to release, Robbie told The Star: "I don't know, it's probably because I've been off me head."

At first the album was slow to take off, despite reasonably good reviews. As the album hit the nation's bargain bins, no one could have prepared Robbie for the success of Angels - now considered one of the most popular songs of all time!

Robbie recalled: "The album had sold about 33,000 copies - which is bug.ger all as far as I'm concerned. Then Angels comes out and suddenly the album goes from 33,000 to 300,000 sales. Then two weeks later it went double platinum. I was a very happy boy!"

The first band line-up included Guy Chambers, Fil Eisler, Chris Sharrock, Gary Nuttall and Martin Slattery.

Chart Highlights:
Highest UK chart position: No. 1

Life Thru a Lens first entered the chart at No.11 before climbing to No.1 in its 28th Week of release - fuelled by the overwhelming success of Angels, which almost single-handedly revived Robbie's career!

It remained in the Top 10 for a total of 40 weeks and provided three top five hit singles, reaching multi-platinum status in the UK alone.

The album failed to make any significant impact in European charts, but reached No.9 in the Argentinean chart.

Track list

Lazy Days
Life Thru A Lens
Ego A Go Go
South Of The Border
Old Before I Die
One Of God's Better People
Let Me Entertain You
Killing Me
Baby Girl Window

(Hidden Track)
Hello Sir

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Default Ive Been expecting you Album

I’ve Been expecting you

Release Date:*20 October 1998

After the success of Angels, Robbie was embraced as a national icon. Continuing his firmly established and successful partnership with Guy Chambers, I've Been Expecting You was released in late '98.

The album was penned mainly in Jamaica, during a jovial ‘luxury writing holiday' (as Guy called it!). It was also during his relationship with All Saints' Nicole Appleton - the album displayed a mix of different influences, namely from those closest to him.

Writing for his fanzine, Robbie said: "Most of the songs I've written are really personal, especially These Dreams, which is like another Angels. It actually made me cry when I first wrote it."

The album cemented Robbie's status as pop royalty, winning respect from peers and critics alike. After a summer spent wowing the crowds at the festivals, people now recognised the sheer force of his talent. Along with the London Session Orchestra, The Pet Shop Boys' Neil Tennant and The Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon both featured on the album, providing backing vocals for No Regrets.

"I got a 'phone call saying 'do you want to come down?" said Neil Hannon. "And with him being a great cultural icon, I thought it would be churlish to refuse."
Other key tracks from the album included Millennium - which became Robbie's first long awaited no. 1 in September '98 - She's The One, and Strong.

The band included musical director Guy Chambers on keyboards and guitar, Gary Nuttall and Alex Dickson on guitars, Chris Sharrock on drums, Fil Eisler on bass and Claire Worrall also on keyboards and guitar.

Chart Highlights:
Highest UK chart position: No. 1

I've Been Expecting You shot straight to the UK's No.1 on its release. selling more than 2.5 million copies in the UK and Ireland alone, it also made its mark on the European and Latin American charts.

Track list

No Regrets
Phoenix From The Flames
Win Some, Lose Some
Jesus In A Camper Van
Heaven From Here
Karma Killer
She's The One
Man Machine
These Dreams
It’s Only Us

(2 Hidden Tracks)
Stand Your Ground
Stalker's Day Off

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Default The Ego Has Landed Album

The Ego Has Landed

Release Date: 4 May 1999

Robbie's debut release in the US, The Ego Has Landed is an amalgamation of his first two albums, Life Thru a Lens and I've Been Expecting You. This album was exclusive to the US.

Chart Highlights:
The US-only album failed to make any real significant impact Stateside, reaching #129 in the US chart.

Track list

She's The One
No Regrets
Let Me Entertain You
Lazy Days
Old Before I Die
One Of God’s Better People
Killing Me
Phoenix From The Flames
Win Some, Lose Some
Karma Killer
Man Machine

All above lyrics can be found here

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Default Sing when you're winning Album

Sing when you're winning

Release Date:*28 August 2000

Kicked off by the release of Rock DJ, Robbie's third album came exactly a year after his sell-out Slane Castle Show.

It'd been a manic year, to say the least! Rarely off the radio or out of the papers, he'd collected armfuls of awards and played huge sell-out gigs. Yet somewhere amid the mayhem, he'd somehow found the time to make another album!

By now a national institution, the new album was a turning point - Robbie had finally found his confidence, not only to be more brash, but also to be more vulnerable...

"Every track is a solid track on this album. I want people to think, ‘oh, he's getting there isn't he?' you know? I want them to have a good time, be sad, be in different moods," he said.

Inspiration was taken from a catalogue of influences - from the Who-inspired Kids with Kylie, to the first release, Rock DJ, inspired in part by UNICEF mentor, the late Ian Dury.

The Road To Mandalay became an early favourite of Robbie's, inspired by his time in France. "I just picked up French vibes and started singing a French sort of melody. And then it's turned out to be the most, for me, touching song that I've written."

Snapped by photographer Paul M Smith, the album's artwork - along with Robbie's complete football strip (including a signed jockstrap!) - was later sold at Robbie's Bid It Sum auction to raise money for his charity, Give It Sum.

The ‘Sing' band included the familiar faces of Guy Chambers, Neil Taylor, Fil Eisler and Chris Sharrock.

Chart Highlights:
Highest UK chart position: No.1 Selling more than 2 million copies in the UK alone, Sing When You're Winning spent a whopping 91 weeks in the UK chart. Hitting the charts throughout a number of European countries, Sing When You're Winning also made its mark on the Latin American charts, reaching No.6 in Argentina.

Track list

Let Love Be Your Energy
Better Man
Rock DJ
Kids(with Kylie Minogue)
If It's Hurting You
Singing For The Lonely
Love Calling Earth
Knutsford City Limits
Forever Texas
By All Means Necessary
The Road To Mandalay

Hidden Track:

Sentence: No, I'm not doing one on this album.

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Default Swing when you're winning Album

Swing when you're winning

Release Date: 19 November 2001

Over a two-week period and during a year of constant touring, Robbie made his fourth album, Swing When You're Winning - the big band album he had always dreamed of making!

Born of his life-long love for Sinatra - combined with the huge success of Have You Met Miss Jones - the album was recorded at the world-famous Capitol studios in LA...with Robbie savouring every minute of it!

"Frank was The Don," said Robbie. "Hopefully, by making this album, we're bringing his music to a whole new audience. And if not, we're just having a blast anyway."

Working with the veterans from Sinatra's original line-up was a major highlight for Robbie. The sessions were engineered by studio legend Al Schmitt who had previously worked with some of the biggest names in the business from Sam Cooke to Barbra Streisand as well as Sinatra himself...

Full of praise for Robbie, Schmitt said: "You can hear the sheer joy in his voice and he has a great understanding and respect for the originals. He's really done his homework."

Guy was also blown away by the experience. "In the four and a half years I've worked with Rob, I've never heard him sing so well or seen him enjoy himself so much in a recording studio."

Robbie also grabbed the chance to duet with some of his favourite people including silver screen goddess Nicole Kidman, best mate Jonathan Wilkes, Little Voice star Jane Horrocks and the ever-handsome, Rupert Everett.

Nicole was more than happy with the results. "I was very nervous," she admitted, "but Robbie made it so easy for me. He was extremely encouraging."

Accompanying an 18-piece band, the breathtaking string of musicians included trumpet virtuoso Chuck Findley, tenor sax supreme Pete Christlieb and Count Basie Orchestra drummer Harold Jones.

Chart Highlights:
Highest UK chart position: No.1 Swing When You're Winning swept the boards across Europe, hitting the top ten throughout the continent on its release. Spending a total of 58 weeks in the UK chart, the album sold almost 2 million copies in late 2001.

Track list

I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen
Mack The Knife
Somethin’ Stupid (with Nicole Kidman)
Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
It Was A Very Good Year (with Frank Sinatra)
Straighten Up And Fly Right
Well, Did You Evah (with Jon Lovitz)
Mr. Bojangles
One For My Baby
Things (with Jane Horrocks)
Ain’t That A Kick In The Head
They Can’t Take That Away From Me (with Rupert Everett)
Have You Met Miss Jones?
Me And My Shadow (with Jonathan Wilkes)
Beyond The Sea

Hidden Track:

Swing-The Outtakes

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