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Default Robbie Williams Band Members PRESENTATION

Here you will find a list of all band members, Management and Security for Robbie Williams
Past and present.

If anything is wrong or you wish to add something please let us know Via PM
Thank you.

Many thanks goes to Purerobbie for use of some pictures and information
also to www.google.com, http://www.wikipedia.org/ and http://www.imdb.com

kittykatuk1984 thank you for all your help with this thread too .

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Default Lee Lodge (Producer/Creative Director)

Lee Lodge was the creative genius behind Rob's tour for Escapology and the subsequent shows at Knebworth?
He has been in the business for 20 years.
Lee Lodge started out in The O-Zone which was a music show shown on a Sunday morning and presented by Jamie Theakston and Jane Middlemiss, It ran for 5 years.
Producer of Robbie´s live shows and British TV programme ‘Top of the Pops’ he was also responsible as the director for the ‘Tour Diary’ on Coldplay´s latest DVD.

In September 2003 Lee married Robbie´s PA Josie Cliff in Malibu.

Credits to his name


1.MTV Video Music Awards 2009 (2009) (TV) (producer)
2.The 50th Annual Grammy Awards (2008) (TV) (producer)
3.The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2007) (TV) (creative producer: titles, graphics and screens)
4.A Close Encounter with Robbie Williams (2006) (TV) (producer)
5.MTV Video Music Awards 2006 (2006) (TV) (screens producer)
6.Brit Awards 2005 (2005) (TV) (screens producer)
7.Norah Jones & the Handsome Band: Live in 2004 (2004) (V) (producer)
8.Robbie Williams: The Show-Off Must Go On (2004) (TV) (producer)
9.Coldplay: Live 2003 (2003) (V) (producer)
10.Robbie Williams Live at Knebworth (2003) (TV) (producer)
... aka "Robbie Williams: Live at Knebworth - What We Did Last Summer" - USA (DVD title)
11.The Robbie Williams Show (2003) (TV) (producer)
12.Smash Hits Poll Winners Party 2002 (2002) (TV) (producer)
13.One Night with Robbie Williams (2001) (TV) (producer)

Miscellaneous Crew:

1.CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock (2009) (TV) (creative producer)
2.A Close Encounter with Robbie Williams (2006) (TV) (creative director)
3.Robbie Williams Live at Knebworth (2003) (TV) (creative director)
... aka "Robbie Williams: Live at Knebworth - What We Did Last Summer" - USA (DVD title)


1.Robbie Williams: The Show-Off Must Go On (2004) (TV)
2.On Tour with Tina (2000) (TV)
3."The O-Zone" (1989) TV series (unknown episodes)

Camera and Electrical Department:

1.Coldplay: Live 2003 (2003) (V) (camera operator)

2.Robbie Williams Rudebox (UK Bonus DVD)


1.Evanescence Anywhere But Home (DVD) 2004

Creative Director

1.Coldplay live 2003 (bonus DVD)

Camera operator, video producer

1.The Corrs
VH1 Presents the Corrs: Live in Dublin

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Default Wob Roberts (Production Manager)

In his role as Robbie Williams' Production Manager, he is responsible for the smooth running of every technical department as well as a being the tour's link with a wide variety of outside bodies.

There are guitar, keyboard and drum technicians to set up the instruments on stage; lighting crew to erect and focus lights; sound crew to set up and monitor sound, one lot on stage for the band, the others down in front of house for the audience; a video projection expert; riggers to hang the whole shebang from the roof of each new venue; carpenters to build the set; not to mention four caterers and a chef to keep everyone fed with restaurant-standard nosh. Add to this the six truck drivers (one spare), two band and three crew bus drivers, and two merchandise salesmen (travelling in their own lorry), and you've got the full Robbie complement.

In each new venue they are assisted by a 'local crew' of a further twenty or so. Wob also worked with Depeche Mode and Seal.

Production Manager:

1.Robbie Williams Live at Knebworth (2003) (TV) (production manager)
... aka "Robbie Williams: Live at Knebworth - What We Did Last Summer" - USA (DVD title)

Professional Summary

Production Manager and coordinator.
Recent projects include Genesis, Robbie Williams, Duran Duran, The Cure, Air.

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Default David Enthoven (Manager)

The stepfather of Tania Strecker (who used to go out with Robbie for some months), David became Robbie's manager eight years ago, and Robbie has benefitted from his music biz savvy, garnered over the years from managing bands like T-Rex and Roxy Music.

Having had two much-publicised court battles with previous managers, it was very important Robbie employed someone he could trust entirely, and he seems to have found that in David.

Rob's mum Jan calls him the "proud dad".

(Extract below taken from Mark Mccrum.com)

This man is the most crucial figure in Rob's entourage the man whose job, by his own admission, is 'to keep Rob happy'. Fifty-seven years old, ex-public school (Harrow, no less), strict teetotaller for fifteen years, manager David Enthoven is at first glance an unlikely figure to be Robbie William’s mentor-***-best-friend. You'd imagine this genial, balding, bespectacled figure to be chairman of some City stockbrokers, not the rock veteran he is, one time manager of Roxy Music, King Crimson, ELP, T. Rex (so called because David couldn't spell Tyrannosaurus).

At the centre of David's relationship with his current star act is alcohol and drugs: the avoiding, rather than the taking of them. Both men have indulged to excess, and then some. For David, addiction destroyed his earlier life: he lost his business, his wife, his houses in town and country and almost his life. Recovery is consequently a deeply serious subject for him; as it is for Rob. Indeed, Rob credits David with saving his life. 'That sounds very dramatic,' he says. 'But this compulsion to do whatever I have done is still with me. It might return tomorrow, it might return tonight, and I might still die.' David, meanwhile, talks of Rob as a surrogate son and is immensely proud of his huge and successful effort to leave drink and drugs behind forever. It's an effort that has transformed Rob's life: the European tour that began with Rob saying how much he hated touring ended with him hardly able to believe how much he was enjoying himself. 'I'm on stage going, “I'm ace,”' he laughed. 'And there's 13,000 people going, “We agree.” What could be better than that?'

On the road, David is there for Rob at all times. On his tour bus, in his dressing room, back in his hotel suite after the gig, which is where Rob goes these days, rather than out to the parties organised in his name in the clubs. David will join the star drinking Evian or tea, playing a round of Uno, the children's card game that was Rob's obsession earlier this year; or one of the other games Rob likes to instigate and, ideally, win. Word association is one favourite. The Hat Game, where the names of famous people are put in a hat and two teams have to guess who their representative is impersonating, is another.

'I always say to Rob,' David says, '“If you wanted an elephant to keep you amused backstage, I'd go and find a fu*king elephant." It sounds very pandering, but it's not, because at the end of the day, come nine o'clock at night, he's got to get up there and do his stuff. The boss gets looked after because the boss delivers the bacon.'


Robbie Williams Live at Knebworth (2003) (TV) (executive producer: IE Music)
... aka "Robbie Williams: Live at Knebworth - What We Did Last Summer" - USA (DVD title)

Robbie Williams: Nobody Someday (2002) (executive producer)

One Night with Robbie Williams (2001) (TV) (producer)




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Default Tim Clark (Manager)

Tim is a founder partner, along with David Enthoven, of ie: music, the artiste management company that represents Robbie Williams, Archive, Sia & Craig Armstrong, and includes wholly owned subsidiaries, film house Hangman Studios and Hangman Films.

He started his career at Island Records, the label founded by his mentor, the legendary Chris Blackwell. He learnt every facet of the music business while working for Chris and has been fortunate to work with some of the greatest artistes of the past 35 years, including Bob Marley, Free, King Crimson, Nick Drake, Roxy Music, Cat Stevens, Massive Attack and, of course, Robbie Williams.

Starting as an apprentice, he became managing director in 1976
In 1992 he formed IE: Music with David Enthoven, which has become one of the most successful artiste management companies in the UK. He is also a director of Robbie Williams’ company, The In Good Company Co.

Tim is widely respected throughout the music industry for his innovative approach to music management and his support of digital media. He is also a vice president of UNICEF and supports Robbie Williams’ substantial contributions to that organisation.

One of Tim’s outstanding contributions has been the making of the short film on trafficking, More Precious than Gold. Tim secured the support of Century Films and Robbie Williams, who presented and narrated the film. Launched in 2003, this film continues to be used globally to raise awareness of the issue of trafficking, and it is now used as a training resource by police services and authorities in the UK in their work against human trafficking.
Recently, Tim was involved in developing Soccer Aid for UNICEF. This was an unprecedented opportunity for UNICEF to reach a primetime television audience, raising over £2.5million in the process.
Tim has travelled to Mozambique and Cambodia to see UNICEF’s work in the field.




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Default Josie Cliff (PA)

Robbie´s PA for several years now and a past master at keeping people on hold. It's Josie's job to make sure that only the very select few get through to Robbie. One of Josie's affectionate monikers for her boss is 'the little prince'. In September 2003 Robbie sang at Josie´s wedding to director/producer Lee Lodge.

(Extract below taken from Mark Mccrum.com)

The second main figure in Rob's immediate world is his PA Josie Cliff, whom observant fans may spot boogying enthusiastically on the edge of the stage during gigs, don't be fooled by her engaging giggle and friendly manner into thinking that she is anything other than a Ph.D in the dark arts of people management. 'She's all give and I'm all take,' says Rob; but she manages him as skilfully as a top trainer manages a thoroughbred horse. She is at his beck and call, yes; she does fill his fridge and run out to buy him and his friends takeaways and help him choose furniture for his new house, and all the rest; but watch her over several weeks, and you see how she quietly gets her way. With Rob, often; with those close to Rob, generally; with those wanting to get close to Rob, almost always

Josie Cliff has a job that most people would envy, working as a Personal Assistant to an internationally renowned pop star, travelling the world, and spending a lot of time in Los Angeles - but it is no ordinary 9-5 job. Josie is lucky that her husband Lee Lodge also works for the same employer as a producer for his live shows. In fact, that very same employer – a man called Robbie Williams – sung at their wedding, big-hearted Rob played for just 60 people on Josie and Lee’s big day. Backed by just an acoustic guitar, Robbie sang a medley of his hits, including the classic Angels, as the couple got wed in a picturesque mountain-top setting in Malibu, California, in September 2003. The show was a thank you to his devoted long time aide, who is on call for Robbie 24 hours a day and even stays at the star's home when he's living in America.

In Somebody, Someday ( written by Marc McCrum) Josie is quoted as saying” You look at it all and think it’s all so relaxed, such good fun, but you’re still ploughing away doing the best job you possibly can. That’s what he (RW) makes you feel, that you want to do your best…”Josie says “Robbie Williams first came to ie:music in 1996; things have not been the same since, working with Robbie is a challenge and a joy for all those who are involved with his numerous projects. For me, every single day is a privilege.”

Josie is more than just involved in Robbie’s professional life; she has the unenviable task of making sure Robbie is where he should be, even to the point of accompanying him to the dentist. Josie is always seen quietly in the background in documentaries, and sometimes bouncing away at the side of the stage during his performances, she often has to scold Robbie and pal Jonny for their backstage schoolboy antics .Robbie often turns to her during interviews if unsure about something, and Josie is always there with the answer.

Jonathan Wilkes says of Josie “She has to take a lot of **** and she’s brilliant at her job. I can’t think of anyone else that could do it…” They say that behind every successful man there is a woman…For the time being at least the woman behind Robbie Williams is Josie Cliff.

Source: http://www.purerobbie.com/showthread.php?t=12098

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Default Tom Golseth (tour accountant)

Tom known as the nerdy guy, Also worked with Andy Franks during the Depeche Mode years as tour accountant plus he was on tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 2000.

In 2005 Tom worked for Coldplay for their world tour, and he's worked for Robbie Williams on his Close Encounters 2006 Tour

Other band he has worked for Depeche Mode, Roger Waters, Coldplay, Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sheryl Crow, Marilyn Manson, George Strait, The Cranberries, Foo Fighters, the Spice Girls, and others.

Last news On Tom was that he was working as a full time Manager for Delta Goodrem (Australian singer) and Coldplay

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Default Andy Franks (Tour Manager)

Andy “Franksy” Franks, also known as “The Prince of Darkness” (because he wears black clothing exclusively) has been his tour manager since 1997. Arguably, Franks has the most glamorous, most frustrating, most complicated, most fascinating job on earth, and is also a production management specialist.

Before becoming one of the VIP´s in Robbie´s professional entourage, Franks use to be the tour manager for Depeche Mode back in the 80's and 90's and still is when he isn’t working for Rob, He also has Bush and Madness under his belt.

He is originally from Bristol, was in a band called Wild Beasts, he was the bassist and vocalist.
Since starting out in the industry 27 years ago, Andy has set up and produced live shows for acts including Depeche Mode, Madness and Moby. More recently he has worked with Robbie Williams and Coldplay and is currently working as a UK management consultant for Coldplay’s manager Dave Holmes, looking after the careers of the Scissor Sisters and Anthony and the Johnsons.


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Default Hamish Hamilton (Director)

Hamish has a reputation as the finest young director of live music entertainment in the United Kingdom. His client list reflects this: Robbie Williams, U2, The Corrs, Madonna, Westlife, to name a few.

Hamish directed the ground-breaking Madonna Live at Brixton Academy - an MSN sponsored event which was streamed to the largest worldwide webcast audience in history. Along with his team at Done-and-Dusted Hamish continues to lead contemporary music broadcasting on this side of the Atlantic.


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Default Nikki Wheeler (Dancer)

In 1999, Nikki was in a girl band called Toutes les filles.

Nikki Wheeler is/was a professional dancer and appeared in panto in Mother Goose, Cinderella amongst other production. She was also a background dancer for Liberty X and Rob as well as other artists Nikki joined the Robbie Williams Dancers for the tour in 2003.

She and Jonny opened the Wilkes Academy in Swindon in September 2009 and they have two classes a week and already showcased productions in Swindon and the surrounding areas.
She met her husband Jonathan Wilkes when he had to interview her band for BBC choice and they both claimed it was love at first sight.

On August 31st 2001 Jonathan proposed to Nikki in a hotel room in Bath.
They finally married on January 22nd 2004 in Robbie Williams’s garden in Los Angeles, USA.
On April 11th 2006 their first son Mickey Wilkes was born. They have now moved back to Swindon so Nikki can be closer to her family.

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