Robbie Williams

Close Encounters

Roundhay Park - Leeds

United Kingdom




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  • This was my fav concert of all, the highlight was Robbie falling on his backside. It made me laugh for ages, I also sky+ it as it was on live, I was delighted that I could play back the fall over and over and over until I had to get a new sky+ box boo!!

    Its about time for a new tour surely??!

  • Fantastic night - got tickets for the gold circle and got loads of great pics - when I've found them I'll post them on here. (I've not lost them - just stored on an old pc and need to transfer them to new one) I agree - should be due another tour - I need my Robbie fix lol

  • I could be what you call a concert virgin, Robbie was my first, absolutely amazing night, how can one person get you totally transfixed??? and there was thousands of people but he managed to get your full attention for the full concert. I also loved the fall over, with the crowd chanting "He fell over" . One of the best nights of my life,
    special thanks to the man himself, hope to see you again soon. I also need a Robbie fix lol x.

  • OH MY GOD there are no words to describe how amazing this night was....right from the que to pushing in the crowd, to seeing that amazing moment when Robbie popped out from under the stage! ive never been so excited in my life, it was better than when I sae Michael jackson in 1996. I adore this guy so much, and seeing him live was an honour. Amazing! xxxxxx

  • Anyone stood right outside Golden circle,at the fence.On the right side?i just wonder if someone have any pictures taken on that side.i was hopin to se me and my bestfriend:)

  • And BTW what a night!!!!i will take this evening to the grave with me.Thanks for all the memories Rob:)

  • I was there on the night that Rob fell - very very funny especially when you've had a few beers! I have watched the replay on You Tube sooooo many times. The whole day and gig for me were in third place as the one of the best days of my life. Best day was having my lovely son and second was marrying my hubby and seeing Rob live in such a gorgeous setting was just amazing and definitely up there. Every time I drive over to Leeds for work it takes me back to that fabulous day. I remember every single thing about it. Thanks Rob - can't wait for the new album....and you need to play the MEN at Manchester then it will just be a short hop to the Lowry but don't smoke in your bed its!! Loving the new website as well! PS I just got a new puppy dog, 12 week old bullmastiff and he weighs 10kg already! He is so cute though.

  • Don't play the MEN again its a crap venue either do a small gig at the apollo or kick Oasis's arse and do a massive Heaton Park Gig.
    Leeds was great but I loved Knebworth it rocked and have some amazing memories and photo's will try to post them. Sorry to disagree with you Jools. x

  • I was also there it was an amazing night

  • He's a legend!!!

    My friend and I went to this gig, best day ever! We arrived early afternoon, got a really good spot on the right of the stage on the banking. It was a gorgeous sunny day, we just sat and soaked up the atmosphere. The support acts were great but when it was time for Rob to come on I thought I was gunna pass out with excitement!! (I felt 16 yrs old, unfortunately I was 45!!)
    Cant wait for the new album and hopefully the tour to follow. Im sure he'll be back to his best and shut the critics up!

  • It was endeed a beautiful night:)did you take any photos?

  • I was there with my daughter and two friends. This concert was the best ever, Robbie you were brilliant!!!! Thanks so much for playing Leeds xxx

  • I was there with my mate, we were right at the front. Even managed to get ourselves on tele. It was the best concert I have ever seen (and i have seen some concerts). Absolutely thrilling, fabulously entertaining and serverly sexy. What more can any woman want. Cant wait for the next tour, we will be there xxx

  • Close Encounters tour part one. I loved the concert because it was Robbie. I can remember it like it was yesterday!! I had started my teaching career the Monday before and the first week was so crazy, but at the end of it i had Robbie to look forward too. Once just wasn't enough so i went to Milton Keynes the following Saturday too. By the end of that week my new class were sick of me talking about Robbie and how fantastic he was, but i trained all 30 of them in to loving him too. A truely amazing concert!!!!

  • A friend who is a big Robbie fan rang me about 3 days before the concert saying someone at work had offered her 2 tickets, she was so excited so told her to get them and we will go! We set off on the Saturday, beautiful sunny day and it just got better and better. We had an amazing night, brilliant atmosphere, great songs and entertainment at its best. Best concert I have been to, so glad I said yes!!

  • Great memories of a fabulous concert whenever I play the Sky transmission back (yes its still on my hard drive). We were outside the gates by 11.30 sitting in the sun and soaking up the atmosphere. Got a great position just behind the barriers from the Golden Circle (BTW, how the hell do you get tickets to get in there??) so the platform at the end of his Ego Walk was just in front of us and we had a great view. The noise and excitement when the countdown started was fantastic. Cant wait for the next tour. Would be great if you came to the North East Rob. I'm a Toon fan myself but I hear the Stadium of Shite puts on some good shows (LOL) although I've not been myself (its enemy territory).
    PS: I hear TT are after your Knebworth record - maybe you need to do 5 nights next tour!!

  • This time I took my daughter, she was 13 at the time and the we got on the front row. She was absolutely made up, until the mean old crowd security guy wouldn't let her go over the barrier to get to the toilet so that I could stay and keep our place. Managed to get back down to the front though, for another brilliant Robbie experience.

  • Brilliant Night! We got to the golden circle barrier after a little merge in turn. I was a bit sad he didn't sing Place to Crash, that's my fave, but it was still a fantastic gig!!! :)

  • Took my two daughters (aged 9 and 10 at the time) and we all had a fantastic nite. Basement Jaxx we pretty good too and really got the crowd up for the big event. Can't wait for the next tour xx

  • My friend and I went to see this gig, and I almost passed out in shock it was amazing, the weather was glorious, the atmosphere was electric, and the man himself was fabulous, I screamed that much I lost my voice, much to the joy of my kids and my boyfriend. I felt that I was 16 again and not as old as I was then, when Robbie fell over I must admit, it was the funniest thing ever, especially as Come Undone is my favourite Robbie song. Robbie you have cost my fortune, but you are soooo worth it. Don't change and continue being yourself, England loves you and so do I, (much to the annoyance of my ever patient boyfriend of 5 years)
    take care

  • I saw Robbie in Paris and went to both nights at Roundhay Park, absolutely fantastic all nights, I still have the saturday night concert on my Sky+ and love watching it, can't wait for the next tour, please hurry up. xxx

  • I have the saturday night concert on in my dvd collection, i wish a tour would come up

  • the day rob proposed to me you all see the photograph of him going down on one knee

  • When I discovered Robbie was playing Roundhay Park I knew it was fate and I HAD to go! My parents live about 10 min walk away and this made it even more fab. I had seen him years previously at the v festival at temple newsam which was amazing but this was something else. Weather couldn't have been better, such a top day.

  • We got tickets from my parents as a wedding present! My husband wasn't best pleased but he really, really enjoyed the show, much as it pained him to admit it! It was a lovely day, fab warm-up acts too! Would love to go again although I think the atmosphere in Germany was better! Ace! Oh and I loved it too! Haha!

  • Oh what a night! Got ticketes as soon as they came out & took a Robbie conert virgin with me. We had a brilliant night, & laughed when he fell over! Caught it all on Sky so we have the memories to live with us for ever. It was his best concert by far! I'm having major withdrawal symptoms. It MUST be time for another tour. Bring it on Robbie!

  • Fantastic show both nights x I was so lucky to be there x

  • I was lucky enough to be there, front row of gold circle!! Got spotted on tv a couple of times but the best one was when he sang 'back for good.' He walked across the stage, looked straight at me as I was singing 'i want you back for good' the expression on my face is priceless!! What an amazing night, I'll never forget it!! :-)

  • Perfectly gorgeous end of the summer day in Roundhay...went with hubby but go in amongst a mad crowd of girlies from leeds who shared their picnic with us......
    Concert was awesome......time it took to get out of the carpark after was mad...LOL...
    One of the best days of my life.....
    Loved basement jaxx too....

  • what a legend, 3 years ago to the day we rocked roundhay Park. Gorgeous man with an amazing set. Basement Jaxx were the perfect support.... roll on your next tour robster!!!!

  • i was lucky enough to go to this concert, absolutely amazin, cud watch the dvd over n over again...boss sunny day, everyone waiting for the man himself...the explosion of the fireworks at the beginning still gives me the goosebumps...wud luv 2 get the chance to see im again xxxxxxxx

  • which dvd did u get the opne with clips from all the concerts or is there a live at roundhay one

  • friday night wad by far the best night i never being to a concert quite like i wad amazed and loved every minute it was the specialist night has i had won the tickets the day before so wasdnt quite sure what to expect didnt exspect to be in the golden circle right at the front woooop i also had to work the next day where i was serving the fans that were coming through to go to the saturday night one love to u fans keep well and smiling looking forward to the new album are you ?

  • Went to the Saturday night with my 15 yr old son, 9 yr old daughter and husband. What a fantastic night. Got down to the barrier in the Golden Circle, touched Robbie when he jumped down on the left hand side of us and groaned when he fell down right in front of us. Brilliant from start to finish. Security looked after us well, making sure that my daughter had enough to drink in the hot weather, explained to us that when he came on stage the crowd would push forward and if it happened they would pull my daughter out into the "pit" so that she didn't get crushed. They also told the crowd to move back as there was a little girl at the front - what more could we have asked for? As for the man himself, well he was brilliant. The tickets were a present for our daughter and at the end she said "thanks mum and dad, the best present you could have given your daughter". The present wasn't from us - yes we bought her the tickets, but it was Robbie that gave her the best day of her life - so far.
    She had seen the Rolling Stones 2 weeks before and she said that they didn't hold a candle to him - there's praise!


  • Basement jaxx, Orson and then the brilliant Robbie it was just a fantastic concert and one i will never forget it was brilliant and i have never seen so many people in one place. Security couldnt control the fans and in the end they were just letting everyone in without even checking tickets it was mad mad mad loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • absolutely briliant day from start to finish, a day i will def remember forever, even though our bus driver did a two hour detour down the wrong motor way going home. just remember it being a day of sunshine and laughs, jumping around to wheres your head at? quality !!!!

  • well i have to say my wife and i had a great time the concert was spot on and when he fell over well it made it more real all supports were tops and robbie was spot on.

  • hi loved every minute. best ever we sat on the bank at leeds. red hot sang and danced and yes plenty of drink well i dont lie ha ha. can not wait to get my tickets booked for 2010 bring it on love him.

  • this concert was amazing didnt want it to end wanted to watch all night robbie u are brilliant its been too long well done

  • come on for 2010 carnt wait

  • absolutely fantastic gig. what more is there to say. the best gig i ever went to.

  • It was a fantastic concern! Loved it from beginning to end!! Robbie was everything I'd hoped he'd be - and more!

  • i waited over 14hrs to see rob and oh my god it was the best and it was great to b at the front, i have never missed a concert of his since he started out in 1991 i just think he is god x

  • I was there, pregnant with my little boy who was due 13th Feb & first kicked me at this gig!! weird eh??

  • One of the best days of my life, with the added bonus of Robbie on his bum, classic!!! From the minute he came on I was rockin, loved Orson too!

  • aiyda is the lookiest girl god eva put breath into and il b jel till the day i die xx

  • Excellentay!! Had brill evening. Gigs always great at Roundhay Park. Was gutted though a few wks ago, tried to get tickets for the Leeds gig and was working in Intensive Care!!

  • My first concert

    I cannot believe that Robbie was me first ever concert, I had no idea what I was letting meself in for standing for god knows how long and I wasnt anywhere near the stage but I could still see a glimpse of the man I had idolised for nearly 10 years (now 17) and my support and love for one of the greatest entertainers of my generation has not wavered one little bit. It was a night I will never forget and I will be going to see him in Manchester on the first night of his Take the Crown Stadium tour to relive a night from 7 years ago that I will never forget. Thanks for growing old with me Robbie, I will never leave you :)

  • Best night ever even more so being right at the front

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