Robbie Williams

One More For The Rogue


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  • It was my first Robbie concert, i was very into the "Life thru a lens"album, "I've been expecting you" just came out, it was just completly crazy.
    Robbie was a little bit drunk i think, he said he was in disco the night before and he drank and fuck a little too much. He said in french that he was very tired but he said "j'ai trés fatigué" for "je suis trés fatigué" it was charming.
    The show was very rock and it was great, i think Robbie is the best when he plays rock.
    He said to the crowd " dont be scare to be rock"
    I remember the live version of "Grace" was very cool.

  • The first time I saw Robbie was with Take That when I was 13 at the York Barbican he was certainly my fave member of the band. When he left TT I stood by my man lol and thought going to see him in Paris would be amazing. I wasn't wrong! by this time I was 18 and getting up at 4am to catch the ferry was a nightmare but totally worth it.
    I seem to remember even Robbie himself being totally blown away at the amount of fans that had travelled from the UK to see him and he told a story about being at the top of the Eiffel Tower and being greeted with UK fans saying they were going to see him tonight.
    I still have my One more for the Rogue T-Shirt and in fact wore it only last week although it is a little tighter than it used to be haha!!
    The great thing about this concert was it was small and intimate no matter where you stood you had a great view and it was Robbie Williams raw.
    I have got some photos that I will try to upload and even though I've been to see him a fair few times this will always be one of the best just because you were so close!!

  • I remember attending this gig as it was shortly after my birthday! I went with 2 friends and my mum..who then had a fascination with Rob's bum (who wouldn't)

    Energy filled gig and one I will never forget!