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"There was a time when Robbie Williams seemed to have hit the buffers and talk of him and a solo career was little more than a joke. But now the man who was voted (male) Rear of the Year and landed a £1.25 million contract to promote a certain cola all in three days looks set to crack the toughest nut of all - America."
The Daily Telegraph, October 23rd, 1999

"Pop superstar Robbie Williams stunned a US audience when he walked on stage stark naked. The cheeky performer bared all as 3,000 fans took to their seats for a sell-out show in Atlanta, Georgia. With the house lights up and the roadies still adjusting the sound system, grinning Robbie, 25, emerged with just his hands covering his naughty bits..."
The Daily Mirror, October 27th, 1999

"They ready themselves for the magic of Angels. As a solemn piano begins to chime, knowing what a showman knows, Williams holds the mic out to the crowd and the massed voices surge up to take the first verse as they would in London or Manchester."
Q Magazine, December 1999




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  • Let Me Entertain You

  • My Name...

  • Man Machine

  • Lazy Days/Hey Jude

  • Win Some Lose Some

  • Killing Me

  • No Regrets

  • Strong

  • Angels

  • Forever Texas

  • Karma Killer

  • Old Before I Die

  • Milennium

  • Song 2

  • Should I Stay or Should I Go


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Gary Nuttall

Chris Sharrock

Claire Worrall

Alex Dickson

Fil Eisler