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Man, The Myth, The Tax Bill


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"Oh, how great it would be to be Robbie Williams. The talent, the looks, the voice, that charisma. To see the man on stage is to realize that he was born to entertain, a fact obviously not lost on Britain's new boy wonder. Taking to the stage to the power chords of the Queen via Andrew Lloyd Webber-esque "Let Me Entertain You", Mr. Williams spent the next hour doing just that: entertaining the hell out of the capacity crowd that had come out to see what all the actual fuss was about.", May ‘99

"Alternately modest and flushed with pride -- something like Garth Brooks's persona -- Mr. Williams has enlisted his fans in his success. ''I'm going places,'' he declared near the end of the set. ''Are you coming with me?'' His gift, which is as strong as his musical talents, is to make people want to shout yes."
New York Times, May 10th, ‘99

"Somewhere in between doling out the frozen-smile teen pop of Take That and snorting up the drugs 'n' decadence lifestyle with the Brothers Gallagher, Brit boy wonder Robbie Williams tumbled into the buzz jetstream, dog-paddled across the big briney, and wound up here..."
Washington City Paper, May 10th, ‘99



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  • Let Me Entertain You

  • My Name...

  • Man Machine

  • Lazy Days

  • Win Some Lose Some

  • Killing Me

  • No Regrets

  • Strong

  • Angels

  • Forever Texas

  • Karma Killer

  • Old Before I Die

  • Milennium

  • Song

  • Should I Stay or Should I Go


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Chris Sharrock

Claire Worrall

Alex Dickson

Fil Eisler