A Christmas Message From Robbie: "Thank you for the best year of my life"



Merry Christmas everyone and we wish you all very happy 2013!

2012 has been an amazing year for Robbie; a No.1 single with Candy and a No.1 album with Take The Crown, a string of incredible live shows and the announcement of a huge solo stadium tour next year. Not forgetting Soccer Aid back in May, followed closely by the Diamond Jubilee Concert in June, success for Robbie's clothing line Farrell with launched in Ireland's Brown Thomas, Italy's Coin and the UK's Selfridges and most importantly... the arrival of baby Teddy!

Robbie has this message for you all:

  • Thank´s very much Rob,Its very nice to see you and how happy you are---the first christmas as daddy...i have 4 little children's 3 girls and 1 boy...my youngest girl is 9 month and my oldest son 6 year... children's are the greatest..your new album is very very great,intensive care was far my favorite,but now take the crown is incredible...other times, other sound,amazing...congrats rob..great work...I have 2 tickets, next year in Germany and I look forward to see you again..it is my 4 and 5 concert with you..I wish you and your wonderful wife and your cute little daughter the best in the world..Take care Rob, the lord would protect you..Love,Peace and Health..!!!!.many love greetings Thomas from hamburg..

  • Greetings dearest Rob and family, Just saw your greeting. Had to respond. Have a wonderful christmas and may the new year bring you many many blessings and all that you wish for. Looking forward to seeing you next year. We all got our tickets...Yay!!!!!!! two venues in different countries--Yeeeeeeeess!!!!! Kisses to you and your sweet family. One Love

  • merry christmas rob your first christmas as a daddy ! thanks for the message, looking forward to 2013 and seeing ya xxxxxxxx

  • Rob i wish you a xery happy new year , you are a great dad , you made an amazing album and i can''t wait to see you next year .


  • Que lindo!!!!! A wonderful 2013 for you!!!!!!!!
    God bless you always!!!!!!
    Love you!!!!!

  • have a good new year Rob!xx

  • All the happiness in the world to you and your two loved women dear dear Rob! God bless all of you! Its late to wish a Merry Christmas... so Happy New Year to you and your family! Look fwd to see you this summer... Yours, Ann

  • Frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches Neues Jahr! Come on Robbie to Poland!

  • All the best for you and your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you - I'm looking forward to the next year and the concerts in summer in Germany!
    LOVE Nadine


  • Hi Stern
    I wish you and your familly Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :-)

  • Big love and hugs to you my friend ;) !!! Southend was aaaaa----mazing seeing you perform like 2 meters away from me , no they can't take that away from me :p and I was like saying all the time " can you believe this ?! " , " I can't believe it" " woooow, I have to take it all in , cuz i'm never ever gonna get that experience" : that intimate, that close to you , thank you again !!! see you this summer , it's gonna be something special :) xxx

  • Hey Robbie hope you had a wonderful christmas day with Baby Teddy and Ayda. had a wonderful one with my Hubbie and family probably best ever Christmas day in a long long while.
    Thank you for the message to us all on the site.
    Thank YOU for sharing your life with us!!
    Wishing you and your gorgeous family the BEST new year ever!!
    Love and Hugs from Squeeze, (Louise) bring on 2013 can't wait for June Manchester will be Amazing. xxx

  • Thank YOU for sharing your life with us!! Wishing you and your gorgeous family the BEST new year ever!! BIG hugs, your friend always, Naomi x
    See you in Amsterdam!

  • All the BEST !!
    Dear lovely Rob,you are the gratest entertainer in the whole wide world !!!
    I can´t wait to see you 2013 in munich !!
    Have a great holiday with little teddy and your pretty wife ayda !

  • Thank you for your sweet message, Rob, and for all the joy you've given me this year with your music and entertaining. I may be across the pond, but with all the lovely friends I've made here I was always in touch as your year was unfolding in magical ways. It's been great fun being part of your community here. Thanks so much for all you do to stay in touch with us. Too bad you left poker before I had enough chips to get onto your table. Maybe some day....if you ever get tired of Fifa 13! Hope you and your beautiful girls had a lovely Christmas in LA. Being a CA girl I'm digging the cool weather we're having since it's so nice to build a fire, particularly on Christmas day, don't you think? Btw...I'm doing my best to get to Europe to see you this summer. Purchased tickets for the concerts in Glasgow and London....now just need to get myself there. If there's a will there's a way!
    Much love....your friend in LA xxx

  • Thank you for your Christmas message Rob, it's so cute ! :) You know what ?! For Christmas I GOT MY TICKETS TO SEE YOU IN WEMBLEY 30 JUNE !!! IT'S ONE OF MY BEST PRESENT YEAAAH !! :) Send you a lot of love from France and best whishes for you and your family. Xxx :)

  • Thanks for the wishes for the Merry Season, I hope that next year will include a tour to South Africa - we need to see you again - please please please try to schedule sunny SA on your list - thank you - with love to you and your new extended family