Be Different In 2013



Robbie's next single, Different, is released on the 17th of this month and to celebrate, we're inviting everyone to make their own promise to be different in the new year. Robbie's anthemic pledge to change for the better rings true with many people at this time of year, so now's the time to share your love for the single and voice your good intentions at the same time!

Watch the video below and follow Robbie's lead by writing your own promise as a note, photographing it and posting it to Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter with the hashtag #Different2013. Your note can be as earnest or as light-hearted as you like... it can be to someone, or anonymous - all your promises are welcome, even if you don't have time to write it by hand!

We'll keep an eye on posts tagged #Different2013 to create a seasonal gallery of promises shared - stay tuned for news on where to see them all.

Robbie takes to the stage at the Royal Albert Hall tonight to perform Different at this year's Royal Variety Performance. What better inspiration could you need to show someone how you'll be Different in 2013? Don't miss out - tune in to ITV1 from 19:30 GMT and we'll look forward to seeing your promises!

  • Like your song says I promise to be different this time, if only he'd give me one last chance. Hard to make him see that though when he s gone with my heart. He stays away and all I do is wonder why the hell, I wait for him. But when did common sense prevail for lovers when we know it never will.

  • I should promise to clean myself up...lovin the drugs a little too much lately.

  • Another chance I saw too late.

  • I promise to learn to love myself & see I am worthy of being loved.

  • I promise that I 'll accept all my unperfections..........

  • The last time I 'promised' was as a Brownie.......'I promise to do my do my duty to God' etc etc.

    In sixth form my Headmistress asked me to 'promise you won't do this again'-I had left school during a school day without permission (I was 16 and chosen to stay at school beyond legal age)

    I didn't promise then and I will never do anything.

    I will always do what I think is right, at that time,.

    That's it really

    I do the best I can at that moment.


  • Have done so many at Tumblr and they get passed by,well not by the people who matter most - fellow friendlies......... But passed by when it comes to RW and/or his team !

  • My Promises -
    To be true to myself, find the real me inside and in doing this I will be true others ...... x

    Wishing Mr Williams, Ayda and Teddy all the best for the future.

  • I promise to spend more time in 2013 with my family and especially with my mum!
    Different 2013 #

    Love love love love love love LOVE DIFFERENT by the way!


  • I promise to be the best I can possibly be to my whole adorable family

  • I promise to be the best Mummy I can and my son Oliver (aged 10) promises to always do the best in everything he can.

  • "I promise having the strenght and courage to do what I want to be completely happy so spreading this happiness to everyone I love would be easier then. I dont know if this is the punishment I deserved but I consciously havent harmed anyone or I´d learn something thru this but I would love being this finished since 2013 even I am very gratefull for my health now."

  • I promise to spend more time with people that are important to me, I promise to go to wembley on 29th June all the way from South Africa to be at the best show on earth Mr Robbie Williams, well what ever it is just money after all,worth it to see my addictive Green eyes,

  • I promise to look after all my friends and family.

  • i promise to make as many good memories in the year as possible so i always have something to stop ponder smile and think is to short to carry bad memories so im making sure all my relationships carry good ones.x

  • I promise ........... It's me man
    Rob's da best & Jimi too ;)
    Love 4 all o' yall
    Kick Ass

  • Ohhh Ehhh Ohhh Ehhh Ohhh Ehhh Ohhh Ehhh Ohhh Ehhh... the warm and sensual sound of the sax and your voice Rob... that's how I woke up this morning! My mind was playing the sounds of "Be a Boy" without noticing it. At first I couldn't figure out what song it was as I had listened your album just once hiding from my husband. I just knew it was a marvelous and celestial sound, then I figured out it was Robert! So as soon as I woke I run to listen to the album two more times! What amazing stuff, what a masterpiece! A symphony of sounds so harmonic where each track gives room to a different instrument: from the sax of Be a Boy, the guitar of Losers to the violin of Different and the drums of Into the Silence and so on and to lead these beautiful sounds your voice, unique and fantastic so able to match each different style and sounds.
    Well done my friend, thanks you're my Daily Bread!
    XXXX by Angela your symphonic angel

    I couldn't join the competition (Win Robbie Hand-Written "Can't Wait") and leave a review of Take The Crown on Robbie's Facebook Page because even though I had all three different album formats, I hadn't been able to listen the album yet and so I missed the opportunity to win the "Can't Wait" message hand-written by Robbie himself. But finally I listened to the album and my comment-review was my spontaneous reaction.

  • "Make Me Pure" .................... "Better Man" and now "Different" are all songs about self-improvement. Rob, I admire how you have always worked to improve yourself, and how you also encourage those who love your music to do the same for themselves. Reconciling with Gary and Guy just SHOWS us all how you ARE a better man. Promising to be a good daddy... that's another major step toward being a better human being. I work on being a "better man" myself each year, especially by learning from my mistakes and setting lofty but achievable goals. It's beautiful to read all the promises for improvement from the friendlies. Rob, you're setting an example by not just SAYING you want to be different, you are actually DOING it!

  • I promise to always be a loyal and true fan of yours. I am totally hooked on your new album. Once again your going to stay on the charts, and this album you will win again. Well desire. Everything that you touch in life, turns into gold. RW #1 in the world.
    Merry Christmas to you and also to your family and your new baby girl Therodore Rose Williams (Teddy) I know in my heart that this Christmas and many more to come, having children make Christmas what it is all about, and Santa Clause. I know in my heart that you and your family is going to have a wonderful Holiday. Sending everyone lots of love and good wishes.
    2013 I will be at two of your gigs. I am flying to Europe from California for the very first time and we have two concerts to attend of yours. 2013 will be a year that I will always remember.
    Diane xxx

  • Robbie
    I promise to have the strength and courage
    to do what I want to be happy
    and keep working for the rights of animals and children.
    I am very happy because I will cross the ocean to see you all next year in London! I have my ticket! But I'm sad because I have not sold Take the Crawn in Chile!