BODIES: Single Cover & Exclusive Photos Revealed!



We're thrilled to unveil the single cover of Robbie's hugely-anticipated new single, Bodies! Check it out in all its glory below, but it doesn't stop there...

Looking smoldering in the heat of the Mojave Desert, Robbie turns up the temperature whilst on the set of the Bodies video shoot. The two photos below, taken behind-the-scenes, are exclusive to feast your eyes on these!

There's less than a day to wait before Robbie joins The Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1 tomorrow morning for a catch up and of course, you'll also be able to hear Bodies! Tune in from 08:00 BST. Find out how to listen to BBC Radio 1.

  • This single is perfect. I also like the cover photo. Like it was shot with a mobile phone. It has a style.

  • i love this new song

  • Bodies - I really like this fantastic song.
    Gorgeous, brilliant. Well done! :)

    You´re the hottest singer, songwriter and entertainer
    of our time.
    Good luck!

  • Robbie, thank u for comming back :-) With ages u´re sexiest than ever before!!!! KISS Kristina

  • oh robbie so glad to hav u back....missed u so much love the single as for the pics ur lookin fine as usual....

  • Robbie, you look GORGEOUS!!! Like always... Like never before... Does that make any sense? You know what I mean! Anyway... I have missed those beautiful green eyes of yours! I'm thrilled to see them again! Love you!!! L.

  • robbie you are the best!i love you!

  • i love bodies and my god robbie u have never looked sexier xxx

  • love you "new image" you look younger and younger every time I see you

  • oohhh yeahh....!!!!!!!!
    he's back!

  • i love the pîcs!
    robbie's soo fit !!

  • pre - ordered also! I am coming over all excitment weeee! First disc added to my collection since 'sexed up' cd single....

  • Bodies.... It's great... Thanks Robbie for re-coming.... Ilove you.....

  • lo amos, lo adoro, no se que hacer para que el tiempo pase mas rapido....

  • wasnt sure first listen to be honest but after a few more i loved it brilliant tune number 1 for sure

  • WOOOOOOOOW!!! Muy guapo como siempre Robbie, realmente eres perfecto woooooooow, BESOS

  • ow my god. youre the most beautiful man on earth. when will you be back in holland