Different: Buy The Video Now



Judging by the number of views the video for Different has racked up on YouTube, we'd say it's been a hit, so you'll be pleased to know that you can now download your own copy on iTunes!

The second single to be taken from Robbie's No.1 album Take The Crown, Different is officially released in the UK on 17th December 2012, but grab the video now and the wait won't feel nearly as long!

Click here to head to iTunes and buy your copy now.

If you missed it yesterday, you can also go on-set with Robbie for the filming of the video and watch the behind the scenes footage here.



  • Loved watching you perform this last Friday at the 02 with the Captain, it was great to watch the admiration you had for Gary and he for you, I was stood 20ft away sang and danced and screamed in the floor standing pitch and swayed my arms along with all the other friendlies in the crowd around me.
    I hope Different is a massive hit 17th Dec it deserves to be, it tugs at the heart strings has sentement. looking forward to the royal variety show Monday on itv1 ,
    Im sure the Queen does know who you are even though you said she thought you were part of Madness and Pudseys trainer,who doesnt know you are MR ROBBIE PETER WILLIAMS performer Husband and Daddy!

  • Even my husband was singing along to this one on Saturday night....lol

  • This song and video does something to me......I just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Neil Diamond: "You will be a woman soon". How and what is it?

  • anyway different made me realise what needed to be different and howard was the different that i wanted and want now, the one who notices and values my real qualities and purpose and who understands and can see what i need to so i can go on and who wants to preserve that and who gives it the thought who doesnt play the victim but who wants to make sure there is no vicitm in it all.... the one who was there seeing me for who i really was... i realise he had such an impact on me at the end and i was so deeply at a loss that i was unable to come out of denial and it was jsut all too much for me thew whole mess, and it just seems like a waste if there is nothing there at the end. and there is nothing there just a bad romance a romance gone bad, and people saying sorry fro behaving badly , when that doesnt really matter really does it, it would be really good to figure out What are we really saying...... WtF are we really trying to say here , cause this is all about howard nothing else really is it, its what all of this has been about ... your grief and my greif and I am really just havign that emotional release now properly since last night and watchign different, cause all the banter has been too harsh for me, i dont have the steel walls up anymore I am all pillows and soft and i wont go round 2 with anyone more its too childish.... it was good and you make me laugh , somehow i think your still pumping your ego and i dont want to know that anymore from any man ever again........ havign a laugh is having a laugh but i dont want to end up ion something that goes further than that anynmore , and then i think how kind you were with me at my engagement or was that about giving her shit io dont know anymore, i am so glad you have bubby and i have my babies and its great isnt it, its peace and love and the as much chaos as we will ever need, it makes it all fade away ...................... i want soemeone to share my world with and who values what i have always tried so hard to preserve with tranquility and I ammsorry you never saw that about me or understood my values cause i know howard did, but i dont think you ever did........ and different is so right , and its so sad, it nailed it and it was areal hit for me last night a real tear jerker and tyhats good its really good to be able to produce somethign that can inspire such a response in another person its brilliant , its so good and it will resonate with so many other people relating to their own situations and emotions , its jsut as coincidence that mine connect backs to us, and i knwo its not about us at all , its another angels and better too, i am off menaopuse shits me

  • Dont worry about writing TWAT on the GARAGE it wasnt my garage anyway remember and I eventually found out whose garage it was and he actually was a TWAT anyway ....... ( your stalking was a bit out of whack back then )......... Sorry I called your penis peculiar......... I am depressed after listening to Different its the MENAPAUSE, went to the hairdressers and missed the post man...... I am sure I will get a surge of happy hormones at any moment or a hot flash something to spark me up again ...... seriously it wasnt my garage and he was a twat...... Id laugh but i am miserable

  • Dear Music........Thank you for being there when no one else was!!!

  • thanks Williams!!!!!different is what i ve been waiting for,...................thanks again for the new album for every word...song for being here..........
    come back Rob ...please !

  • I'm working tomorrow but I've just briefed my Mum about how to buy tickets online and she's gonna try for me. Cheers Mum! Good luck to anyone else trying to get tickets 2moz!

  • I love "Different" have had it on repeat on ipod all week. The video is really powerful and certainly makes you think. Well done you!!!! Looking forward to seeing you in Manchester in June......I will get tickets lol xxxxx

  • Purchased the deluxe edition via itunes...........been plying it in work daily..........loving the tracks!
    See ya on the 2013 tour.......hopefully. Fingers at the ready for 9am 29th Nov

    lots of love Wendy

    PS How is Teddy?

  • I've been thinking a lot about Different & the lyrics in the past few days, Rob! ... You know it's kind of clear in my mind & then it just isn't. You are not gonna tell us who it is about, are ya? ...I'm thinking parents, or grandparents but then, I don't know.___ A detail that would help me is whether the subjects on the song change at some point or not. I mean, is it always you talking to the same people (or someone else to you), or do the roles change throughout the song? ...If you can/want to share something, in a blog or somewhere else, please do..! Even just an answer to this last question of mine would be great! ___P.S. It's a really good song. The music worked beautifully with the lyrics & overall, the song is, to me, "A hit single with the rare quality of a b-side", if you know what I mean.__ Remember when we played poker & I suggested a couple of your old b-sides, for you to play on your pc? It was Don't Stop Talking and some other great ones. Songs that probably wouldn't have worked as singles but still they're as interesting as it gets! That's what I mean with the term "b-side quality".
    Hope to hear from you soon! ___Love, "WinSome" (that ducky-obsessed and always broke poker buddy! )



  • its so sad cause you have the maturity now that i needed you to have i always knew that was how it was going to be... Rehearsing mmmmmm

  • i just watched monsoon clip and a few others , its tough here, it is insanity its a crazy feeling the tears are salty , i put those pillows on the bed , i just have t oget busy again and forget , i just need to go out and fall in love again, i think i will grab the mail man tomorrow