Embed With Robbie!



Ever wanted to share your favourite videos of Robbie with your friends? Well now you can, because we've just opened up our treasure trove of fantastic Robbie videos for you to embed on your social network profiles, such as MySpace or Bebo, and on your own blogs and websites too!

As you'll no doubt have noticed, RobbieWilliams.com has hundreds of exclusive videos of Robbie spanning the years - and now it's possible for you to embed them on your personal pages.

To place a Robbie video on your website or profile simply click the 'get code' link to the right of the 'play' button at the bottom of the video that you'd like to embed. You'll then be revealed a code which you can drop into any page that accepts HTML code.

If you have a Blogger, Live Journal, TypePad or WordPress page, you can use the quick post links in the dropdown instead.

Unfortunately right now it's not possible to embed videos on Facebook, but you add them by using the 'share' button below each video. Using 'share' is a quick way to add articles from RobbieWilliams.com to your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other sites and pages.

  • IM IN BED WITH ROB,AHEM WELL TRUTH OF MATTER IS THIS,THERES A SIGN NEAR THE PIRNHALL ROUNDABOUT IN STIRLING 4 A BnB ,AND SUM VANDAL !!! iv NO idea who ,tut tut, has wrote in black permenant marker, in the wee pic of a bed (awww sweet) lynda w loves robbie w ??? now WHAT a coincidence aye ? (who said grow up ?) anyway another bit of totally useless info ah thought ad share with yooohoo,ching ching 4 now n loveya lots jelly tots xxx

  • Hi Robbie, i am so happy thet you come back again. thanks you, we miss you so much.
    Regards from Peru. :D

  • Ehm, what about a little change at the title and make it In bed with Robbie?! only joking... I can't wait for the new album mr williams! xx

  • aah nice 1 rob my pages wil be stuffed with robbie cant wait to gt them so mmany to choose from !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ... Great idea.......thank you...

  • Fab, great & brilliant!!xx

  • Brilliant idea. I am so excited!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    Now I can stuff my page full of your videos, gorgeous!
    What a dream =0)

  • Hey Robbie!!!! Vem ser feliz com a gente!!!!!!!!!!
    While you don't come to Brazil... I'll watch some videos....
    Come to me baby!!!!!!!!!! Rárárárá

  • hi robbie.......you are my life....you are my heart....you are my mind........I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  • Yes ... great idea .. Thanks

  • Love it !!! Thanks so much for that, though after seeing Mr Calvin Klein a couple of times it gets a tad annoying. But I know there's something worth waiting for too watch, once you pop onto the screen. Love ya and lot's of kisses. xox.

  • Hi Rob! Thats a great idea :-) Usually when i enjoyed a video i used to share it :-)
    Now ur fans will be so happy to be "In bed" with u lol


  • Lovely!!thanks a lot! love ya sooo much rob!

  • Simplemente eres Genial!!!!........ Eres maravilloso mi amor Te amooooooooooo...=P ven pronto a MONTERREY MX.

  • cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What is the link to Twitter? I'M VampireEve