Episode Two Of Robbie's Podcast Is Available Now



The latest Robbie Williams podcast is up now and available for you to pick up from iTunes. Featuring footage of Robbie singing his latest single Bodies, filmed at the studio rehearsals for Robbie's X Factor performance, it also takes us behind-the-scenes of T4's Robbie special, '4Music Favourites: Robbie Williams', which will be shown in full as part of T4's Robbie Williams weekend on Saturday, 7th November and Sunday, 8th November (stay tuned to RobbieWilliams.com for more info coming soon).

Click here to head over to iTunes and download your copy now, or if you've already subscribed (a good way to make sure you don't miss out), simply refresh your subscription in iTunes.

If you missed the first episode, filmed on location of the Bodies video shoot, you can still pick that up!

  • robbieeeeeeeeeeeee are u coming to spain??????

  • concerts robbie pleaceee!!!!!

  • Robbie!! me encanta todo lo que haces! me pone feliz esperar tu nuevo album!! y espero que pronto vuelvas a la Argentina a hacer un show!! te deseo lo mejor con respecto a tu musica y todo los otros aspectos de tu vida!! EXITOS!!

  • aaaaargh sorry im scared of this picture of robbie,
    and what the **** means ipodcast itunes what?!?!
    nevermind... U.U

  • Me encanta tu nuevo single^^
    Espero ser una de las primeras en comprar tu nuevo disco! en Españaaaa!!
    Ojalá no tardes mucho en hacer un gran cierto en España!!Estamos td@s deseándolo!!
    Un besazooo enormee y buenas suerte para este año!!XD

  • WOW!!!!!!! Your looking fantastic!!! Great podcast! Just keep doing what your doing. Your the best! xox.

  • At least ya dress dint fall off, i love you : (

  • OMG! This is Amazing! expecily the Part with Robbie Getting changed, seeing his sexy body! I almost passed out! ♥

  • Thanks for this little moments very interesting. And I think is very cool to see you naturally: sometimes laughing; sometimes in doubt; sometimes not really awake!!! Yours musicians seem to take a lot of pleasure and I understand them: they're lucky to work on this genius musics & with a genius artist! But it's too much, after you're going to believe in... Bye

  • Robbie thank you!!!! Baby you look so hanson !!!!

  • oh i forgot to comment on something about the podcast...
    nice to see RW's tattoos again LOL...he's hot and gorgeous as always... and oh the lad behind the drum set is also hot i think ....LOL hot new drummer eh??

  • Hi ya Robbie , it's me again , just love talking to you , rock on

  • 2-1 port vale yeeaaahh congrats on gettin to number 2 in charts good weekend for u .

  • thanks for the great news robbie!! you are amayzing:)

  • Thanks for this great new video;-)

    And although it has nothing to do with Robbie, I just want to say: Rest in Peace, Steo!

  • es genial robbie q bueno q hiciste esto que listo eres te amo mucho eres lo maximo te amooooo! tkm atentamente: viridiana...!

  • Like the grey highlights!

  • L.O.V.I.N.G. These Podcasts..keep them coming! How about some sort of iPod app?? Aswell.