Football Heroes And Celebrities Lined Up For Soccer Aid 2012



Soccer Aid is returning to Old Trafford on Sunday, 27th May, after a two year break and promises to be even bigger and better than last time!

Robbie himself returns to captain the England team and Welsh film star Michael Sheen will lead the Rest of the Word team.

"Soccer Aid returns for the fourth time," said Robbie, "and with it a renewed sense of passion for this remarkable event that can help vulnerable children all around the world. I make no bones about it, we lost, The Rest of The World managed to scrape together a jammy victory. Soccer Aid this year will be bigger and better than ever because this time it's personal. Michael Sheen, I'm gunning for you son.”

The two captains will be joined by an array of Hollywood stars, footballing heroes and some of the UK's most famous faces as they battle it on on the pitch to raise money for UNICEF UK.

Marvin Humes and Aston Merrygold from JLS, world-famous chef Gordon Ramsay, presenter and DJ Jamie Theakston and footballing heroes Teddy Sheringham and Edwin van der Sar are just some of the names confirmed for the big day… stay tuned as we'll be announcing more soon!

This year's match will once again be hosted by Dermot O'Leary and broadcast Iive on ITV1, with Dave Berry getting all the reaction from the game on Soccer Aid: Extra Time on ITV4 afterwards.

Let's not forget what lies at the heart of this fantastic day though… raising money for UNICEF UK.

Money raised through profits from ticket sales and donations made by viewers during the match will go to to the charity's invaluable work helping children around the world. This will be the fourth Soccer Aid event, with the previous matches, held Wembley in 2008 and at Old Trafford in 2006 and 2010, raising over £7 million in total for UNICEF’s work. 

"Soccer Aid 2012 will raise vital money to change children's lives around the world," said David Bull, UNICEF UK Executive Director. "Every minute of every day, children die from easily preventable diseases like diarrhoea and malaria. Right now, children are suffering because they don't have enough to eat. It shouldn't be like this. Please, buy a ticket to go to Soccer Aid or watch the match and help us make a change for children."

If you want to be a part of this fun-filled day out, tickets go on sale on Thursday 8th March at 08:00 GMT. Click here for more info on how to get yours.

If you can't make it you can still show your support for UNICEF by making a donation, no matter how big or small.


  • my tickets are booked im so excited .. well done to u robster .. ur a star... rock on xxxx

  • Get the 1 direction boys in the lineup + can't wait till 27th of may xxx

  • Booked my tickets monday and have booked a hotel for two nights, bit of a long drive from portsmouth. cant wait to see you again rob, last time was a blast. loadsalove to you my babes, see you in may.

  • I can move on now I sent my wishes that the situation should be left in a place of acceptance and forgiveness and apologized for my hostilities and that door on the past should be closed so hopefully I am going to be able to master the process of finally letting go of it, there are no good memories there, none, i just need to finsih dealing with them properly and I am and its a quick process now I know what i have to do ..... cant wait for the new album and I will be playing poker soon YAY busy busy busy now that song is beauifull

  • come on Robbie im dying to know who is in the 2012 line up (please tell me Paddy McGuinness is joining) got tickets again great day out :)

  • ps will pm some of you re details of meeting & wat to wear so we know who we are lolzzz we shld have our usernames on a tshirt? life is good thanks to our man :D xoxox

  • managed to grind the hubby down & just bought tickets for me and my wee son :D happy now xxx

  • can't go to the match but I will be there with the heart xxx

  • got mind will be there early this year , its a fab night loving it xx

  • Have my tickets, been to all three matches and had an amazing time, can't wait till the 27th, gonna be a long drive but well worth it :-)

  • Just got my tickets, can't wait, went in 2010 and it was brilliant.
    What a wedding anniversary present to me.

  • Fab idea xxx all friendlies recognisable around the pitch...will be we're all in the first few rows :-)

    Getting very exciting already with so many of us going. And for those not able to, we will miss you and we know you will be there in spirit, shouting 'C'mon Robbieeeee' at the telly - we will do you and him proud promise!!
    As @ForeverFriendJulie says below, we've got our thinking caps on about 'Friendlie Fashion' and meeting up - do get in touch with us, we can do this!!!
    Hey, ROB, you're the fashion designer amongst us - what would you like to see your Friendlies wearing ha ha??? Amy No1 xx

  • Get yourself one of these rather fab avatars and turn the internet blue for Soccer Aid when you donate to UNICEF at - customised just for you, and available now!

    When you donate. you'll receive a thank you email from us which has all the details you'll need - and although we hope you will be thrilled, if there's anything you want changing, we can do that too (within reason, of course!)

  • Helloooo to all the Friendlies, hope everyones well.Friendlies that are going to soccer aid we need to think about where we can meet each other before the match or what we can all wear to recognise each other.@Amy No1 friend is also trying to sort something so if you have any ideas to save clogging up the blogg you can pm her or me.Have a good day all,speak to some of you at poker later,from Julie Xx

  • Hey Rob, looks like us Friendlies are going to be around the whole perimeter of the pitch,better watch what you do cos there will be a friendly watching your every move.(No nose picking or bum scratching!!!!!)LOL
    Love you loads and can't wait to see you from Julie xxx

  • Hi Rob! Have you ever thought to invite a player of the Spanish team to participate in the Soccer Aid?

  • What a day what a day what a mighty good day... 

    1st) We @KCL2307 and me got our Soccer Aid Tickets Whoop Whoop 
    2nd) I'll meet great friendlies in Manchester Whoop Whoop again
    3rd) it was my first day back at work after my holidays and you Rob made my day
    4th) Happy Women's Day - Rob gave us really great presents today

    I hope I'll meet many friendlies in Manchester.

    @KCL2307 I'm still smiling, soon we will chat the first time live

    Huge hugs to all 

    It's great to be part of the sweet Robbie world

  • Michael Sheen is Captain? hope he puts in a polished performance, he will sparkle on the pitch. Has he taken his pledge? cheap gags, i know, but someone had to do it..