In And Out Of Consciousness: Robbie's Greatest Hits 1990-2010 Is Coming!



Robbie has teamed up with Gary Barlow on his next single, Shame, which is not only co-written but also performed with his former bandmate. The duet between the two superstars is set for release on 4th October later this year and working on this track is the first time the two have written and recorded together since Robbie left Take That back in 1995, that's 15 years ago!

is the first single to be released from In And Out Of Consciousness: The Greatest Hits 1990-2010, Robbie's 39-track album of greatest hits from the last 20 years.

Spread over two CDs, this is the definitive collection of Robbie hits celebrating his impressive career to date; 57 millions album sold, 11 millions singles sold, seven UK No.1 albums (making him the biggest selling solo artist in the UK), a Guinness World Record for fastest ever ticket sales… it's no wonder that he picked up the Outstanding Contribution To Music award at the esteemed BRIT Awards in London earlier this year!

Speaking about this forthcoming album and working with Gary Barlow again, Robbie said: “It’s incredible to listen to the album and realise that it’s already been 20 years of making music and playing gigs. And the great thing about the album is that it’s not only a celebration of my past but also a bridge to the future. The fact that part of the future includes a name from my past makes it all the more poignant for me”.

To be released on CD and DVD, In And Out Of Consciousness will be out on 11th October 2010.

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  • congradulations on your marraige and cant wait for your new album ..Diane

  • i cant wait for this album and its coming out just in time for my birthday!!!!!!!
    the love off my life since i was 12.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • I am probably the oldest, happiest fan at the moment! I am an original Take Thater and Rob was ALWAYS my favourite (even when he shaved his hair!) I am so glad that the years have brought you all back together and maturity has shown you that friends are important and life is too short for rifts. I wish you peace and happiness in both your private and proffessional life. Aahhh, happy, happy, happy x x x x

  • ROBBIE YOU'RE BRILLIANT !!!!!.. ;).. I LOVE YOU!!!!.. :).. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • i can't wait until october now

  • i cant wait for this ! i only have your greatest hits album & reality killed the video star so maybe this will make up for the rest of the albums i haven't bought ;) you've done amazingly well & u should b really proud of yourself. i've missed u so much! swear the last time i saw ya on tv was march !? & its july now !! :( :/
    what have u been up 2!?!?! Lol. pleasee tell us ! i wanna know wt youre doin lol. i love youuu . i'm bias cos i love you, it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks/says. ur 2 amazin ! . xxx

  • Spain is the winner!!.. Congratulations!!.. ;).. good for lutra lutra!!.. xxxx

  • Robbie!, being the football fan you are I bet you are happy Spain won the world cup. We are all Spanish so happy: "Gracias a Iniesta, Espana es una fiesta!!" Good luck and please please please give us Robbie Williams Sing Star. It could even be on the back of your new album. I wont buy a PS3 until I can buy it...LoL

  • We did it, Robert., we did it. Love.

  • Spain is a party today. Last night we saw our players suffer and win. They deserved it . Holland were playing too agressive. These players are an example for the world. Extraordinary people, the excellence of the Spanish people.For everybody , Love, lots of Love.

  • Dear Robbie I hope that on October you make shows again to promote your new album .It will be great to watch you performing again-Why so many people are saying that it will be your last album?It isn´t true isn´t it?BESO!!---------------------How much I agree with Mr. KIKITHESTRANGE´s comment about you singing Sinatra ´s songs !!!!!!

  • Well...good bye World Cup ! ROBBIE have a nice night and peaceful dreams.....(sometimes I dream with difficult stairs like your dream of Tripping video or worst....not pleasant dreams at all..)Chau....Precioso....mucho amor y besos from Argentina-

  • i'm not sure, that you will ever read this, but let everybody else know, that i can't help falling in love with robbie's songs...) when robbie sings sinatra's hits, my heart gots wings and flies to the stars! "my way" and "Mr Bojangles" are the best songs i've ever heard. thank you for what you're doing. your voice cheers me and helps to survive in this cruel naughty world. from russia with love)

  • What team did you support Robbie???? I hope you enjoyed this final match!! MUCHOS BESOS !!!!!!!!!!

  • GOOD !!! GOOD!!! FOR SPAIN !!!!!!!!! What a game and what a fight !!!!! GOOD for you LUTRA LUTRA !!!!!!!!!!


  • Hi Rob!.. :)... I want to tell you something.. The first time I saw you (on TV..).. it was in 2004, when you came to Argentina!!... I remember, that you sang "Misunderstood", "Radio", "No Regrets","Come Undone", "Feel", and "Angels" !!!... it was absolutely FANTASTIC!!!... You also talk with Marley!.. Do you remember him??.. :)... Oh,,, that guy is so FUNNY!!,, haha!!.. ;).. Baby! when I saw you, I fell in love with youu!!.. you are so handsome!!.. :)... and your voice is so wonderful!!... I really love you!... and I will always love you!!... Lots of Love.. your dear Angel.. Daniela!!.. :).. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • come on, Rob...tell us are you doing? like you allways are: conscient and responsable...God bless you!