Listen To Robbie's New Single Candy



If you've been waiting patiently for your first taste of Robbie's forthcoming album Take The Crown, then you'll be pleased to hear that today we can treat you to a glimpse of the artwork for the first single to be released from the record as well as news of where to hear it first.

Candy, written with Gary Barlow and as addictive as the subject of its title, will receive its frst radio play from 8AM BST on Monday 10th September! Anyone outside the UK can listen out for the first plays throughout the morning. Robbie will be also be catching up with his favourite morning show hosts for first plays of Candy on Monday. Stay tuned to Robbie's Facebook and Twitter for more updates on the morning on where to catch him!

Here's what Robbie had to say about the upcoming release:

“It’s a summer song about a girl who thinks she’s great. And she might be, but she’s a bit nefarious with her ways. Some songs take an age to write and some songs just fall out of your mouth, completely formed, and you don’t have to think about it. I don’t know why that fell out of my mouth and out of my brain at that particular time - it just did.”

Candy hits shelves in the UK and Ireland on 29th October, but if you're outside the UK and Ireland please see the release date for your country below:

Keep an eye on for news of the official video coming soon and, in the meantime, feast your eyes on the single's artwork:

  • When is it coming to the United States? Gotta put it on iTunes at least!

  • compliments the cd and beautiful'' 'you'll always be my angel''

  • Fantastic concert last night in Southend, new tracks awesome and will be a big hit! Keep up the good work robbie and all the very best for the new arrival ! Jo mc and girls, the gsd's from Essex!! X

  • I love the expression on your face while you are riding the horse, it is just :-)))))))))))))))))))))))cool, very cool:-)))))))))))))))))


    The song gets better and better. I loved it on the first listen, and love it even more after a few listens.
    I also just heard your very funny interview with Chris Evans. So glad to hear you'd like to work more with Take That. I'm thrilled you've written so many songs with Gary. When you and Gary merge your talents, the world gets absolute brilliance! And I'm not sure why, but I am very excited about next June. Very excited!
    -- Paul

  • love it,love it,love it, thank you and welcome back.

  • Loved it!
    Candy is soooo sweet, and the interview's were funny lol.
    Car'nt waite for 12pm.
    Huge thank's Robbie, made my Birthday one to remember!

  • F.Y.I people you can listen to the whole interview with robbie an a few of his songs along with 'Candy' on radio 2 website with Chris Evans....defo worth a listen sooo funny!

  • Where is the link to listen Candy ? I can't find it ? (France)

    I find is my best friend :)

  • Rob I love it man! bouncing around here listening to it. Had to google for it tho you should crack the link up on here. Cant wait to see the video!

  • i cant see the link ???

  • Simply PERFECT!
    Neither too high nor too low! It's so good to have you back!

  • LOVE CANDY !!!!!!

  • when do we get the Honor and Privilege of Candy here in the US?!!?!?!??


  • I LOVE CANDY.... a really fab catchy bubbly tune. Really can't wait for the album. Listened to you on Chris Moyles - you made me giggle - you're a funny guy. Hope Ayda is feeling well...not long now.... xxxx

  • where is the link to listen to the new song???

  • OOOhhhh Rob i just heard your new song on the radio and i love it . It '' s so cheerful . What an amazing song


  • Sorry Rob, but I don't like this song. It's good to hear your voice again and maybe it's a feel good song, but there are enough of them from others. It's not the kind of music I want to hear from Robbie Williams. But I'm looking forward to the album. Hope it will be different from Candy though.