Live At Knebworth: 10th Anniversary Edition Out Now!



Live At Knebworth: 10th Anniversary Edition Out Now!

The 10th Anniversary Edition of Robbie Williams Live At Knebworth is officially released today!

Produced especially for you to celebrate a decade since Robbie performed to 375,000 people across three days (yes, it's really been that long and it really was that many people), this special commemorative edition features the full spectacular show as well as two never-before-seen performances, Robbie's duet with Mark Owen and the 2003 documentary Moments Of Mass Distraction.

Available on DVD and for the first time on Blu-ray, you can also order the Super Deluxe Box Set, which includes both formats plus a double CD recording and a 60 page book containing a brand new interview with Robbie, commentary by Chris Heath and a collection of iconic images from the shows.

The anniversary of the first show might not be until Thursday, but you don't have to wait to get your hands on this unique celebration of Robbie's career. Check out a couple of clips from the show below and use the following links to order your copy now:




  • Dear Mr Williams and Staff!

    As soon as it was announced i've orderd he deluxe box set. I was very excited about it, but most importantly about the blu ray because i already have the dvd.

    I have to say i bought all your dvd's which were always represent the very highest and best quality for a dvd, so i hoped the blu ray will be also the highest quality for blu rays. It was shooted in high definition in 2003 when no one knows what it is, but you do. And here is my problem, because it's not good at all...

    I think the quality of this blu ray is a shame and it isn't suit your professional at all.

    The quality of this blu ray is catastrophic. And it is very obvius when someone just watch a few minutes of it. That means no one check the quality of it, which i can not understand how could happen. This could be avoid and this is my greatest sadness.

    I hope that take the crown tour blu ray will be much better!

    Wish you all the best!

  • Just had delivered the deluxe Kneborthworth box and WOW .Made me feel 10 years younger,but i was disapointed in the behinded the scenes dvd hay hoe you cant have it all your owen way.....The book was awsome as I lost the original program.So happy memoires...LOVE YOU ROBBIE not like your going to read this,but all the money I have spent on you is well worth it.I clicked witt you when you left TT and going through all the shit you have done.Gawd its Jermery Kyle lol.Drugs Alchole and all that shit.I do abit of singing to and i'm good at it as i get paid as you say and I do.I'm a singinger a song writer and an entertertainer to.

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  • It seems I'm just another American waiting not so patiently for my 'new knebworth'.....I did wear the other one out! ;) Have fun in Brussels with all the Lucky Angel Friendlies! The Weehawken Reporter has a story under TASTY TIDBITS : Weird scene at Farrell fight in North's on page 6 SCORE BOARD page! You WIN love greater than LOVE SUPREME. +8+

  • If it comes to a store in Holland, I will buy it!!

  • I've ordered the BluRay and have previously bought two copies of the original DVD (wore the first one out!) but something I would really love is if this and the other DVDs you've released would be available on iTunes in the US or on Netflix in the US. I love music documentaries and I can rent or buy or find them on either of those services for most of the major UK artists but not you. It's a shame. I understand why you don't tour or do any promotion here, but you do have fans who will look for your stuff and care about it.

  • Its my birthday today, and my lovely kids bought me the deluxe box of knebworth live, my old copy is a bit worn out, I showed my 6 year older daughter where we were standing on the 1st of august, I cant believe it was 10years ago, rob if you read this, it would make my birthday complete if you sent me a birthday message, hope your tour is going well, roll on the 20th when I go to the cinema to see u again, Wembley was a long time ago now, hope you will realease a dvd soon, much love to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • @heidella... Glad you are well! Oh the trouble Mr. W can create! Don't we just love it!? Sadly the US is RW parched, and looks to stay that way! I depend on the kindness of strangers and the Internet to stay connected as well! Love reading this blog, even if I don't regularly comment! Waiting, not so patiently, for my Royal Mail delivery of the new Knebworth. That's how Mr. W comes to us in the US! Love and peace!

    Tonight I watched the concert DVD, you and you're still absolutely fantastic! your friendlies have a lot of love and respect for you! Congratulations!
    I'll see you this Saturday in Brussels, kisses xxx

  • Hi @jibb; I've been here and there on the last blog comment was defending Robbie against someone who had nothing nice to say about Ayda..I know he doesn't need my's just a mechanism that breaks out from time to time when I see someone trying to bring another person down. (New Gallery: Live in Europe) I've been busy, can't believe summer is almost over. I don't go on as much because everyone is talking about the tour and I wasn't there, but believe me I stay in touch and haven't stopped watching youtube videos, facebook, interviews. etc..Robbie is my screensaver on my Ipad and computer..everyone that comes into my house says "who is that"lolol..not only is he easy on the eyes but they think I'm cheating on my husband. I also had him on my phone screen and my brother in law took my phone to see who I was cheating with on his brother..he went through my texts..hahahaha..that was so funny, till I told him look him up in the internet..I don't know the man personally..hey my husband is fine with it..he has have you been..You never answered me when I asked you what part of the USA you are from..lots of love Heidi (USA)

  • Have a good night tonight Rob,im sure you will as my friend Marika Monzani who does your Italian friends blog allways go all out for you and even meet up regular for get togethers I believe and came over to Wembley I saw.I am actually still by coincedence now wearing a denim jacket Marika sent me some years ago from a friend in design,thats how lovely she is yet weve` never got around to meet face to face,we have spoken on the phone and everything though.Although I never went to Knebby it does hold a relevence to me as I had noticed you more than before on tv music wise and did think about going to Knebby but it was too big for me as usual so copped out but was very lucky in getting tickets for Cat Deeleys CDUK and met you there when you sang Misunderstood and recorded Radio for the next weeks show.Its hard to believe its that long,I still dont understand my draw to you in a way for that long(no offence meant lol),but I usually would have changed to someone else in Music by now as I do change my tastes quite regulary as a rule in Music etc.I still dont have the answer to this question apart from liking you in a cosmetic way and a talented way of course.(creep).Anyway whatever your X Factor to me which has kept me keen its still working, even though it drives me to distraction in many ways(poker),it feels even stronger lately now as I do feel I know you a bit more as a real person for sure and not just a Pop Singer as it were.Good and Happy Knebby day.Sharon x

  • just placed my order on line from jb hifi,apparently australia is not selling deluxe box set in stores only on line.hope i dont have to wait too long for it to arrive :)

  • Aaaaahhhh such memories. Knebworth was my first experience of seeing Rob live. Something to be forever treasured. Where has that 10 years gone. Watched the Blu ray disc from the super deluxe set last night. Amazing!!!!!!
    Went to Wembley in June and am still suffering withdraeal symptons. Robbie I need another fix!!!

  • 10 years ago this weekend we were at Knebworth! What a great weekend that was! This weekend off to see Robbie in Brussels! What a great weekend this one will be! xx ;))

  • Love the videos, that crowd is overwhelming in size.. just massive. I can't imagine. I love the new homepage color scheme make over in honor of this release. Very Nice! Best of Luck for your show tomorrow and as always sending lots of love and light to you and the family xx

  • @heidella. Hope you are doing well! Haven't seen you here for a bit! RW fans keep rocking out!

  • @Paul..Supreme was my first foray into RW world as well... Heard a snippet, found RW on the Internet, and the rest went from there... Once I saw Knebworth , things were never the same! My DVD has been dispatched, I am ready for my own personal anniversary party in the RW deprived US! I have been able to stream some concerts, and had my Wembley weekend , so I am not so parched!! .......Mr. W, keep rested and well. Read you have some insomnia! We have it too, thinking of you- our brains are afire with your magic and RW fever. Love and peace from the US! ;>)

  • HOLA, time flies 10 years ago .... THE CROWN WILL ALWAYS BE YOURS !! Today in my way to work listening "angels" it´s amazing how this song touched our heart, means so much to me ,sending you tons of love if someone need it right now ....much love and happiness everyone .. seeing the sea in this hot summer...+^+.....**++**...........XXX

  • Just ordered it!!!:D