Live In Amsterdam: Photos & More



Just over a week ago, Robbie performed a very secret show in the Netherlands at the Melkweg in Amsterdam.

The show was in partnership with Dutch mobile phone companies, The Phone House and KPN, and the hottest tickets in town were reserved exclusively for new KPN customers who also received a free copy of Robbie's new album, Reality Killed The Video Star too!

Take a look at a selection of the photos from the evening below.

Did you go to the show?

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  • He surely is a charismatic dude!! Would you mind if I re-size some of these pictures and put them on my blog?


  • sonds cool. looking forward seeing a great show in vienna soon.

  • hi, yes he told us last week in the apple store in london that there will be a tour but not when...

  • Stunning pics-looking great as always Mr.Williams!!

  • Wow!!
    Nice Photos from you!°
    I love it !

  • great pictures!!! thanks.

  • Sweety...It was so nice to see yo again after two years....You really rocked...It was so nice to meet you in the Amstel hotel in 2006....My parents and I won't forget that;)...It's nice to see you happy with your one true love....Wokkel and Wodka are doing ok... Ayda found the names really briljant and wanted to steal them maybe for your future animals; )(T).
    Too bad she isn't on t anymore...

    Well take care....Hope to see you around in the future...

  • oh how i truly wish you visit our tiny island in the Mediterranean i.e. MALTA and give us a good show. we have plenty of sunshine here :) ....please make our wish come true xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I was there!!!!!!
    It was a SUPER GIG
    Love xxx Rina

  • well i am 170cm so look at the photo.... i thought he's not that tall then :P

  • solo esperoque estes bien or que mucha gente te aprecia y valora tu talento arriba starstruck

  • hope you enjoy your time with adya need a good woman.hope you are happy everyday.i'll be happy to know that you will get married with her.settled your life and don't do any stupit things any more,(it will make your fans worry about you.)i love you. i'll love you forever! you are the best! Don't worry about the thing cause every little thing ganna be alright. :-) oh and happy christmas day!


  • te amo robbie vc ta lindo e adorei o novo cd

  • Own my dear God................ thanks for give us Robbie Williams!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you could give one Robbie just for me? I promisse that I'll take care with all the power of my heart....................

  • pics are best yet ever ,your looking real sexy young n as braw as ever hunny xx luvya n miss u more Lx

  • Hi ROB, THX it was SUPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR GREAT.............................our hands touched......................XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX love you