'Mick Hucknall Killing It On The Best Show Of The 90's'




  • anitawilson854 (usa style) I found that in the internet baseball wikipedia..whether it's wrong or right I don't know..we all know what it means except for one person who is very embarrassed to surface. Heidi (USA)

  • Sheffbabe49; Rob did not put down this artist. "Killing it" is an American slang started in baseball. It means someone did something exceptionally well, along the same lines as "you nailed it." For example, if someone got 100 on a hard test you could say, "You killed that test." Heidi (USA)

  • Hi Mr W.... I think that you need to head on over to Chugg Entertainment facebook page and have a read of it. There page has been taken over with a public outcry for you to bring your TTC tour to Australia. Even if you dont/cant come and tour OZ, you need to just head on over there to have a read and feel the love from alot of people here in OZ. Chuggys page is going crazy at the moment and its all for YOU... Like I said, if nothing else, its good reading material or you, but as you know from RWFP, us Aussies girls are a good type and are all here for you.... Sending the outback love xxxx

  • OMG! Simply Red! I almost forgot about this band and the singer ... he has brilliant voice and his songs had always balls as we say. Is that true that he finished years ago?

  • I love TFI, it be good if Chris Evans brought this back, Chris Evans is funnay, I remember him on the big breakfast too,with gaby roslin wasnt it? I was ofrutnate enough to go to TFI Friday on paddys day in Dublin, they ahd the Corrs on and the hothosue flowers, and interviewed Jimmy nesbith, think bono and the edge were interviewed too as I recall, jaysis sure that must be a good 12,14 years ago, scary!!!!!.......

  • Hi Rob, this brings back memories ,used to love TFI Friday, certainly was a show to remember the 90's for with Chris Evans humour.Also used to like Mick Hucknalls voice, remember seeing Simply Red perform years ago. Memories. xxx

  • Lovely reminders of the 90´s.... so happy we were... but not very wise!! I think we´re much better now!.. So do you, Rob!!!!!

  • Kezbert,thanks for shareing your story seeing Robbie on Alan Carr you lucky lucky gal. Heniz tomato soup is one of the best if you are going to have any on your face thats the one to have, and I can picture a "Miranda" style trip too, love her show. once again thanks for posting!

  • Just read PaulUSA post, you can put across your thoughts towards Robbie very well, yes we do all appreciate Robs creativity and that he cares how he comes across to us all and like you say whether he sells loads of albums or worries about his appearence we just accept Robbie for what he does and who he is and thats enough to keep us coming back for more off Rob everytime.xxx

  • i think it's better you learn english perfectly before judging anyone... ;)

  • Rob I like your music, but I don't like the music that you like. I declare a rebel fan :P

  • oh now i know what you mean by the meaning of killing it lol not what i thought then as i thought killing it was as crap he killed it not what it means usa style lol thanks for pointing that out

  • What a nice reminder of Simply Red - I used to listen to them a lot. And btw, I totally agree with PaulUSA; couldn't have said it better myself. Friendlies are behind you all the way Robbie

  • You got it ..thanks :))

  • before pass judgment, learn the meaning of words ......for the rest What is all this hatred?? try to smile :)))

  • Great show, great voice. Thanks for sharing. Nice treat!
    Happy Friday. Fancy a SNG later when we get back from the boozer?

  • I like your choice, first Bowie, and then Hucknall ... It's very nice of you! But for me you're the best!

    Love for all!

  • Love his voice! ♥♥♥

  • Re front Row interview... is the reason why I like you :) you are my favourite Pop Human Being :) lol x
    Mick Hucknell beautiful voice...