Morning Sun Video: First Look



The music video to Robbie's new single, Morning Sun, the official Sport Relief single, is getting its first airing tonight on the One Show on BBC 1.

Directed by Vaughan Arnell, director of classic Robbie videos including Angels, Feel and, most recently, Bodies, the Morning Sun music video sees Robbie rocketing out of space on an intergalactic voyage through the stars.

You can catch a first glimpse tonight when a teaser of the video is premiered on the One Show on BBC 1, from 19:00 GMT. Following that, will be featuring the video in full, after the programme, from 19:30 GMT tonight!

Take a look at the photos below, taken from the video shoot at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, and remember to come back to later tonight to see the fantastic, intergalactic video in full.


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  • I like Reality Killed the Video Star. This is a great album, great music, great art. I like "Somewhere" specially, so simple, so short, so much love in it. Love

  • lovit love illlllllllovvvvvvvvve it!!

  • Goodsong. Goodvideo but
    can someone explain the lyrics and what they have to the video. The sun seems to be shining brightly (at least down here) and I find myself singing or humming the song each time getting strange looks off people! My answer would be -100% cos its hard to see!

  • What about....
    just red Dante's inferno

  • omg robbie its the best video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE ....... DO YOU REMEMBER MAJOR TOM? *** Standing there alone ***
    The ship is waiting ***
    All systems are go ***
    "Are you sure?" ***
    Control is not convinced ***
    But the computer ***
    has the evidence ***
    No need to abort ***
    The countdown starts ***

    Waiting in a trance ***
    The crew is certain ***
    Nothing left to chance ***
    All is working ***
    Trying to relax ***
    up in the capsule ***
    "Send me up a drink" ***
    Jokes Major Tom ***
    The Count goes on ***
    4,3,2,1.... ***

    Earth below us ***
    Drifting , falling ***
    Floating weightless ***
    Calling , calling home ***

    Second stage is cut ***
    We're now in orbit ***
    stabilizers up ***
    Running perfect ***
    Starting to collect ***
    Requested data ***
    "What will it affect when all is done?" ***
    Thinks Major Tom ***

    Back at ground control ***
    There is a problem ***
    "Go to rockets full" ***
    No responding ***
    "Hello Major Tom are you receiving? ***
    Turn the thrusters on we are standing by" ***
    No reply ***
    4,3,2,1..... ***

    Across the strathosphere ***
    A final message: "Give my wife my love" ***
    Then nothing more ***

    Far beneath the ship ***
    The world is mourning ***
    They don't realize He's alive ***
    No one understands but Major Tom sees ***
    "Now the lights commands ***
    This is my home ***
    I'm coming home *** GREETINGS FROM GERMANY xxx


  • espectacular e increible la cancion es preciosa y muy romantica me da la sensacion de que nos quiere enseñar que debido al ritmo de vida que llevamos hoy en dia no apreciamos las cosas pequeñas como el amanecer oh un bonito dia soleado. feliz celebracion eres lo mejor que se escucha hoy en dia eres muy grande

  • You are so great! Don't stop....

  • Interviewed by Buenafuente. Robbie you have to come to Spain to be interviewed once more by Buena Fuente (It means Good Fountain) He loves you sincerely as many other people in this country, Love.

  • I like Reality Killed the Video Star. This is a great album, great music, great art. I like "Somewhere" specially, so simple, so short, so much love in it. Love

  • Robbie wasthe size of an ant. What a deceptacon!!! I was at the Brits. Nobody should pay ₤80 to see your favourite artist the size of an ant. The giant screens were there but the real Robbie was the size of an ant. Love.

  • Hy! I looked this video and very sincerelly I am very disappointing!!! There is no poetry while the text and the music are performed with it. I don't understand because in this song it said that we don't need to be an astronaut to float into space but we just need a thought!!! I'm very surprised by this choice. So, and for the first time, I will continue to listen this marvellous song but not to look it. Sorry, but I always say what I think. Bye

  • is it me or does he look like david beckham in the 1st pic ?


  • Reminds me of Sam Rockwell's film, "Moon". Love the video. Thanks.

  • happy birthday robbie happy birthday robbie happy birthday dear robbie happy birthday to you¡¡¡¡¡
    feliz cumpleaños robbie feliz cumpleaños robbie feliz cumpleaños querido robbie, feliz cumpleaños a ti...

    te amo robert peter maximiliam williams

  • I like this song very much you make my heart sing, happy birthday have a lovey time you deserve it.