'My Two Girls'




  • do black foxes run with silver ones? interesting post TWICE the goat...(the power of 3 I return to thee)
    ..GOat, goAT, Goat......!?1?! emahs, emahs, emahs
    Oh YES I've sent you RUDEBOX wishes, you and your Mamey too......JUST FOR WHO? princess U.....red is the hat i wear, cold is a heart w/o care........fool's tool no more, i wield my own shield and sword.....disgo inferno......"BURN BABY BURN"

  • couldnt get ticket from my code n full of cold watched u on tv though exellent concert rob u did well i hope i b able to go in suummer

  • couldnt get ticket from my code n full of cold watched u on tv though exellent concert rob u did well i hope i b able to go in suummer

  • How far is it rob? I wish you all the best in the world ... wrapped do not have time to write but every morning I read your news. You're on my mind every day ....and now in my life will join also your two women.
    I love you like a brother...

  • Beautiful girls!!!
    Congratulations to Aida and Rob, you'll be wonderful mom and dad!!!! Kisses from Barcelona :-)

  • oh thats lovely u will be able to sing her to sleep what a lucky girl xxxxxxxxxxx the baby i mean lol x

  • congats robbie you will make a great dad xxxx

  • Congratulations! Be happy and this way forever Robbie..

  • Cannot wait to see the beautiful girl!! Its the happiest time - parenting really teaches you unconditional love!!

  • Just lovely!
    Congratz Robbie & Ayda... It's a beautiful pic you upload. She looks very happy (just the way it has to be)
    Best of wishes for you and your family ^_^

  • Congratulations Robbie.
    I´m sure you will have many good times with your family.

  • I Love this! Such a precious time. Enjoy it all xxxxxx

  • RW your nan will be lookig down at you and smiling with pride, bless you all xxx

  • Wonderful photo Robbie. Ayda your smile says it all :)
    How exciting has it been getting prepared for the arrival of your beautiful baby girl ? All the happiness and love is sent to you both. Enjoy xxxxxx

  • Dear Rob and Ayda
    What a beautiful pickture of your belly, i hope you will due on august 13 becouse that my birthday and rob´s on february 13 :-)so you see it a good day. I have one son born in 2004, all best too you and your baby girl

  • You are so Beautiful...

  • Congratulation Nanna and to Rob and Ayda well done Ayda
    enjoy while she is small they soon gow up p.s love the name
    Deb x

  • Just wanted to let you know that my first Grand Child was born 31/07/12 (4 weeks early). Ava Grace, 6lb 4oz arrived rather hurriedly, but safely on Wednesday and I'm just bursting with pride. She's the most beautiful and precious little girl and I'm the happiest Nanna in the world. I would love to wish you both all the very best and a safe and speedy delivery of your little girl. Much love Nanna Jx
    Baby Ava Grace - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4322644265698&set=a.432264418569...

  • This is the most beautiful photo that I´ve ever seen in my life...I´m wishing all happiness and love to you.