New Editions Of In And Out Of Consciousness Available



Re-live 20 years of Robbie's career with a trio of new formats, just added to his In And Out Of Consciousness: The Greatest Hits 1990-2010 album range.

The three new additions offer something for everybody, including B-sides and rarities, a music video collection and even a previously unreleased live DVD! Check out each version below...



In And Out Of Consciousness: The Greatest Hits 1990-2010 Deluxe Edition includes 57 of Robbie's biggest and best songs on three discs. As with the standard version of the album, two discs feature every Robbie single released to date since Freedom in 1996, including new song Shame, his duet with Gary Barlow. The new track Heart And I and the Take That classic Everything Changes are also included. 

The third CD sees all of Robbie's rare B-sides together on one disc for the first time. This collection includes the theme song Nobody Someday from the documentary of the same name, My Culture, Robbie's collaboration with One Giant Leap, and his cover version of The Kinks' Lola, which was produced by Guy Chambers for BBC Radio 1. 


The DVD edition brings to life 38 of Robbie's music videos across two discs, including No Regrets, Feel and Rock DJ, which was recently voted the third greatest video of all time by 4Music viewers, plus the video to his latest single, Shame.

All of Robbie's classic music videos have never been available to own on DVD before, now you can take Robbie home and let him entertain you over and over again!

The DVD edition of In And Out Of Consciousness will be released this Christmas, what a stocking filler!


Finally, the six-disc Ultimate collection of In And Out Of Consciousness combines both the Deluxe and DVD editions of the album, with an extra disc; Robbie's iconic live performance at the Berlin Velodrome in 2005.

Not only did this show launch Robbie's album Intensive Care, it has never been released before... until now that is!

All of these formats, along with the standard edition are available to pre-order now, just click on the links below:

Deluxe Edition

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Ultimate Edition

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  • What a star, what a song writer and what an entertainer. No more needs to be said. Thanks for the fantastic years of entertainment. Just keep it coming . Love all your work, cant wait till OCTOBER to get the ultimate edition.

  • Of course, nothing else only the Ultimate Edition!!! Can´t wait.

  • I want to buy the ultimate edition but I live in Comlombia......?????

  • The Ultimate Edition - can't wait! Love ~ R ~ from Cape Town, South Africa


  • i want the ultimate edition NOW!!!!!!!!!when will it be released?????????

  • Please, please, the Ultimate Edition in NSTC format for all us North American fans! Please post a link and make it so.

  • I am excited about the Ultimate Edition. Will it be released in the NTSC format for North America for us North American fans? If anyone gets word, please pass it along (and email me too!) Hope to be able to preorder soon as I know what is happening!

  • good robbie you are good ja bye

  • wooow!!!!! can't wait to have it on my hands!!! I soo want the ultimate edition =D

  • Hi everyone in oz, JB Hi Fi emailed me today and you can pre order the Ultimate Edition from them for $54.99 with free delivery if you pay by paypal....woo hoo!

  • Wahey! Sounds like a good line up. Will be asking for the Ultimate one for Christmas. "Santa baby........." XX

  • Two questions, if I may, my dearest Rob : will the songs be shortened like on the previous best-of ? I do hope not. Finally, will the Come Undone clip be the one that was censored ? I do hope so. :D Have a good day, Rob. :-)

  • Hi! Im just wondering is this new edition going to be available over here australia. I cant wait till it comes out. U rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Robbie, I am eager to buy the DVDs and CDs and have them in my hands, all the beautiful songs ..... Thank you Robbie, you are special, many kisses my dear, I love you....

  • Oh my God!!It's the box set I've been expecting for years!!!Ultimate edition will be mine!!Will be available in Argentina??I hope it will.
    Love you♥

  • going to have to get the ultimate edition.

  • i don't know which one to choose! they all have mint things on =/ ...
    i wish they just had one

  • Wow! I just have to get the Ultimate Edition! Nice! So excited! Come on October!
    Robbie - The King Of Pop!