New Single Morning Sun Released Today



Robbie's beautiful ballad, Morning Sun, the official Sport Relief single and the third single to be taken from his platinum-selling album Reality Killed The Video Star, is out today!

The single is available as a digital download, featuring Morning Sun live from London's BBC Electric Proms on the b-side, or pick it up from iTunes and you'll get get brand new track Elastik, as well as Morning Sun and Morning Sun live from BBC Electric Proms as part of the package.

Take a look at the options below and then click on the link to add Morning Sun to your Robbie Williams collection. With all record company profits and artist royalties from digital UK sales going to the charity, as well as all publishing income, this is your chance to show your support for Sport Relief.

2-track digital bundle

1. Morning Sun
2. Morning Sun (Live from BBC Electric Proms) 

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iTunes exclusive bundle
1. Morning Sun
2. Morning Sun (Live from BBC Electric Proms)
3. Elastik

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Morning Sun video:


  • what a great track!! Thanks so much Robbie love you xxx clarisonic You are the best singer ever you don't need any airbrush makeup..

  • Hey love the new tracks!

  • hope to see in Cyprus one day.

  • Hello! Tonight I am reading last news and blogs and I found a blog comment from October about X-Factor... and I think: " is incredible! " I saw this performance recently on youtube by chance, when I saw the start and doors don't open and Rob has to open with hands, I think: what they he do with doors??, What annoyance for him!! but I don't know also how important was this show for Rob... And now, months later I want to say you that you're fantastic and you will be always! A big hug from Barcelona :-)

  • Genial, es genial. No se puede elegir entre tus canciones. Son todas impresionantes. Como dicen mis hijas: Eres el "chico que canta como los ángeles". No cambies nunca!!!. Besos

  • I also have my de luxe album. It was the first music I bought by Robbie Williams last November. Then I bought all the other albums and DVD of his concerts. I really like this album, the more I listen to it the more I like it. Love for all his followers, supporters, lovers, we are lucky. Love for Robert too, Love.


  • Aus Itunes?
    Morning Sun is nowhere to be found on Aus Itunes and your link does not work.

  • I totally agree with you Chrissie...Who is doing the promoting? I love "Morning Sun" and the release is for a great cause and I am also a little confused with "Do you mind" being aired over here in Australia on the radio but there is no official release of the single. Very confusing.

  • Hola, Roberto, Amor.

  • Can somebody 'official' please stand up and explain how this single only charted at number 60? If it was 'just another single' it wouldn't bother me, because the lack of promo shows it doesn't bother Robbie Williams (and I mean the brand, not the man) - but this single is for charity and it should have been promo'ed to death but instead mass confusion come there are two different release dates for digital and physical release? Why aren't the profits from the physical release going to Sport Relief? How come some people don't even know it's the official Sport Relief song? I am utterly bewildered by what's happened to this single. It was such a lovely gesture to offer the song to Sport Relief, but what a waste. And it clearly should have been Starstruck anyway....Robbie himself has said that Morning Sun bears no relevance to Sport Relief whatsoever. If Robbie is 'over' RKTVS already, and let's face it, we all know he's always more excited by the next project than the last, then fine - but Sport Relief deserves better. And with Robbie doing as much for charity as he does, this is doubly bewildering.

  • Hey Robbie, you're new single is so beautifull, I love it so much, my daughter, who is five years old is always singing along with "YOU KNOW ME", you are the best ever artist xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • omg, UK single chart, morning sun new entry only 60°!!! so english come on! this single is for sport relief!!!! come on please!!!

  • Now I'll try to do the same, Love.

  • I'm so proud of you, that you're happy with your life, no toxics, so proud as if I had invented you, ha, ha, Love

  • Thanks for the B-side, I missed it very much on Bodies and You Know Me.

  • I am so proud of you!

  • Hey Robbie! How r u? Love the song- fantastic- how cool is the energy right now? It feels like it was when they had the Angel shoud- but all the time- what the!! Things have really moved! I'm just finishing my first book- there is a bit with you in it- so will send you a copy- may do launch pad- maybe I should- love you lots, Charity xxxxxxx

  • I like it so much! Is a wonderful song, very emotional and I like the orchestal music of this song and all the Album. Thanks for your fantastic job, Rob!