New Video: "One Of The Best Experiences On Stage Ever"



Believe it or not, it's now nearly two weeks since Robbie took to the stage for three very special performances at London's O2 Arena!

Keep the memory alive with Robbie's latest video, an exclusive look at the final night at the O2 from both onstage and backstage, where Director Hamish Hamilton prepares for the show's live Sky 1 broadcast and Robbie reflects on all three shows at the iconic venue.

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  • Really brilliant :D

  • An older man.... ha.. ha.. You are just a baby compared to the stones. We have watched you grow up from boy band to solo, to man band, to solo. And now the u.s is coming your way. Was at the o2 thought I was to old , and I am older than you by some years, had a fantastic night. All ready for wembley now and I can't wait even though I may still be suffering with arm ache from the o2. Ha Ha....... Come on america what are you waiting for , download his album and join us with one of our greatest live entertainers.

  • I have obtain the documentary of 104minutes your show in London and I liked it. Great seeing Guy Chambers on the stage ... your two best song is not She´s the one I guess but Angels if I have the right info about you? LOL ... anyway ... great to watch your nr. 10 song Not like the others onstage - I knew it would be grrrrreat dancing song and in the hall it was huge sound I guess and I can imagine how I´d dance like when Kids song is playing onstage but I wont come next year for many reasons. Anyway ... I have this documentary in my comp now in my FP library so I can watch it anytime and it looks like the laser show (great idea!) will be on the touring? Only one person was there I wouldnt like to watch but I wont be negative in this message. ;p

  • Fans from the USA do exist! I was in the O2 on the 22nd November and am returning for the 30th June performance at Wembley. AMAZING! Thank goodness for this website, YouTube, and online ordering to keep up! Glad to see US ITunes has made the connection as well. Mr. W is a treasure. Thanks!

  • About the "older man"....... I agree with Scrummy - - - People can be youthful and attractive and fit all through their 40s. Get back to me in ten years and we'll talk about people in their 50s. Wonderwoman -"Progress" was an incredible show, I agree. I am a late-comer to Take That (since 'Shame' and 'The Flood') but once I learned the backstory (thanks to YouTube) I decided I couldn't miss THAT show. I enjoy Robbie so much as a solo artist, but it's also a wonderful experience to see him perform with his four brothers. I think TT4 is a very talented group ('Shine' rules), but I view TT5 as a bonified SUPER-group!

  • Je nerveuze stresskip wenst je prettige feestdagen.

  • Still waiting for the CD to arrive I order at the concert at the O2 on the 24th. I ordered 1 or my daughter and 1 for my self. How do I chase them up as I have lost the card I was given.

  • geeft hij ook een pootje...

  • I seriously almost didn't go to your show at the O2. I had even written on this site that I was passing in favor of seeing you in the summer of 2013. Your U.S. fans have to make big decisions when it comes to your shows, you know... just like other people who live outside of your current targeted areas. Something, however, compelled me to just try to get a ticket with my code. I am SO HAPPY I went ahead and saw you on Thursday the 22! It was a fantastic show - - your performance was stellar, I met some very nice people before and after the show, and the most awesome welcome I received was from you! All I have to do is think of some of those moments, and a feeling of great joy fills me. I am still going to see you in the summer, but I wouldn't have missed the O2 experience for anything, Robbie. Thank you for a very special evening at the O2!!! -- Your friend, American Paul (USA 4 Rob!)

  • "Je mag de hond aaien als je koffie met me gaat drinken".

  • Als ik wat kan zien zeg : "Hallo".

  • De kerstboom op de Dam en de Bijenkorf zijn prachtig.
    Onder de Kerstboom zou ik: Inner sanctum, gouden boekjes:Dieren met Kerst, de vliegende bestuurbare helicopter en de Chocolade Kerstman in het rode tasje leggen.

  • Hi rob and fellow friendlies its so nice reading everybody's accounts ofof their experience at the o2. Even though wewe all sat through the same show with thethe same entertainer we all have very different and very personal experiences. we were also there fri night at the front and my partner (cool hand luke) was v happy as you shook his hand lol You have a unique way of reaching people on so many different levels and to topit off you are so watchable, great performer and a down right gorgeous human being inside and out. Thank you for enriching our lives just that much more. I wonder how you are feeling after the o2 shows. Do you feel on top of the world apart from exhausted also. You are so busy, i hope you get to spend good quality time with your beautiful girls, i bet they miss you when things get hectic. Anyway enough of my ramblings, had no probs getting tickets for wembley ( namely because my other half got them as a surprise) but it all went smoothly so i hear. Also these promises for different certainly took off! Such a great idea anything that encourages such positive change is always good :)
    I wonder if you and the boys may tour in the future, absolutely loved progress tour! See u and olly in the summer. Loadsa love xxxxx

  • I couldn't agree more with that director. You're by far the best entertainer when you're on that stage!! Oh and on the eyes too...I've always had something with those eyes ;) Wonder if your daugther has them too? You got them from your mum, so maybe you passed them on :)

  • Rob if u read this u need to check out a tribute to u, he's from Essex and called Maximum Robbie, he is amazing! He looks and sounds like u he has even got your tattoos! Brilliant guy!! Scott Borley check him out!!

  • I think I said all that I could before about my amazing dream of an O2 experience with my pink ladies and our giant knickers on my front row blog (having watched it back your face at Karma Killer still cracks me up... And your eyes. Wow!) Joyous. Your new band bring out the very best in you and you really are incomparable Rob.... A HUGE "thank you" to team RW for the pre- sale for next year's tour. Everyone I know got the dates and venues they wanted without too much trouble as the links on here worked like a dream.... Big thanks. I've taken the plunge and am going on a road trip next Summer, Manchester, Scotland, Wemberleeeeyyyy and then what the Hell, am coming to Europe and to Amsterdam because I figure life is for living, I work damn hard and I am going to enjoy myself and have some fun... Have yet to inform the ever so slightly miffed Scrummy Daddy that not only does he still have to share his house with a cardboard you, but that I am doing a European keg next year.... Hey ho! 6 months to go.... I would also like to leave Amsterdam with some proper memories and not just the munchies this time as my last trip many, many moons ago remains somewhat hazy.... There is one thing though.... All this making an "older man" very happy stuff... As much as it makes me ridiculously happy to know we made you feel that way at the O2, you really do need to let up on the age thing. Am going to let you in on a little secret about the big 40 as it is clearly bugging the Hell out of you.... When you hit 40 absolutely NOTHING changes. No bad stuff happens. No major dramas and NOTHING drops off.... You'll probably have a great big party, a ginormous cake and will be surrounded by your neareest and dearest whilst you count your blessings... And if it still bothers you that this impending age isn't just a number, here's a tip..... do what I do and make like Princess Aurora, Sleeping Beauty. It's all about the power of positive thinking. 40 is not old. 40 is fabulous! Not that I would know of course because I am in fact 31... (and the years I slept!).... LOL ;) x Much love to you and your two beauties xxx :)

  • Hi Rob, I completely agree with Hamish, you are definately the best performer , and yes it is all in your eyes. Thanks for making an older lady so happy at the o2, you looked and sounded amazing, probably the best i've ever seen you. I am so proud of you, and growing old with you has been a pleasure. Friday at the o2 was an awesome night i will never forget, and hearing you and the captain singing eight letters was fantastic. I can't wait to see you at Wembley in the summer. Sending love to you and your girls from your forever friend Julie. xxx

  • hi rob cd arrived today it has to said thursday was the best as you didnt have to behave yourself ... i nlisten and instantly it brings a smile to my face i have never been so close fantasic night many happy miemories to be had me thinks much love your friendlie ezzie xx

  • Robbie well I am coming all the way from south Africa to see ya,, so excited whooopppp

  • Robbie well I am coming all the way from south Africa to see ya,, so excited whooopppp