Pet Shop Boys To Join Take That On Tour



Take That's Progress Live 2011 Tour kicks off towards the end of next month and, just when we thought we couldn't take any more excitement, the most successful duo in UK music history have been announced as very special guests for the 37-date extravaganza… 

Pet Shop Boys, who Robbie collaborated with on his single She's Madonna and Rudebox album track We're The Pet Shop Boys, will be joining Take That on tour and, needless to say, Robbie is delighted: “I’m a huge Pet Shop Boys fan so for me it will be an absolute joy to be able to watch them every night.” 

Speaking of the recent announcement, Pet Shop Boys said: "We are delighted to accept Take That’s invitation to be part of their Progress show and tour which is undoubtedly going to be one of the most exciting events of 2011. We look forward to every night being a huge celebration of pop music.”

They'll be warming up the crowds with a 40-minute set which will include highlights of their recent Pandemonium tour and was designed by Es Devlin, who is also part of the creative team working on the Progress Live 2011 tour.

The duo have sold over 50 million records and scooped seven platinum, two gold and four silver albums in the UK alone. In 2009 they picked up the BRITs' Outstanding Contribution To Music award, an accolade Robbie himself picked up the following year in 2010.

“Pet Shop Boys was the first CD I ever bought” said Gary. “I've followed their whole career and always loved their unique approach to records and live performance. That combined with two lovely people means we’re in for a great tour.Jason added, “I’m flattered and very happy they’ve agreed to do it. They’re so talented; I thought they’d be above it and us.”

Roll on May 27th, we can't wait!


  • This was absolutely fantastic news. I've been reading some of the other comments, and it is as if, some certain people don't appreciate what music they'll experiance if they go see TT live. Even if they don't like the chosen support artist they should appreciate the fact that they have accepted the offer to tour with the biggest group going today, and that should go for any tour. It isn't all about money! I think some people should reconsider what they have commented on this subject. Anyhow, I can't wait for 11th June in Manchester now, been counting the days down, and each day i'm getting more and more excited! See you soon! :) xxxx

  • Wunderfull! Mivel Magyarország nem jön, akkor remélem, valahol Rob! Remélem, lesz hangulat itt láthatók!

  • im disappointed !!!

  • Really?! Is there no-one else supporting?! Wasn't a fan in the 80's and not gonna be a fan now either. Yeah, they're legends, but much rather see someone else. At least it isn't James Morrison this time though! Obviously Rob's gonna be singing She's Madonna in his solo section if they're supporting.....

  • This is just brilliant news....Can not wait to see you all on the first day in Manchester even more excited by the day........the pet shop boys are brilliant........I have been a fan since the 80s......This is going to be the best day ever.I am counting down the days.Take That plus the Pet shop Boys equals magical Music for all us fans.Thank you and really looking forward to a brilliant day.Well worth travelling up to Manchester what a great Birthday treat this will be.....Bring it on !!!!!!Take That with Robbie will be the best day ever.

  • Is going to give us any hint of the theme for the Progress Tour 2011 .. I'm getting more curious by the day ! :0) xx

  • Rob + PSB = Heaven. Robbie Williams and Pet Shop Boys have always been my two favorite musical acts. I don't know whether this would work out logistically, but if Pet Shop Boys were to join Robbie during the concert and sing one of their collaborations, or Jealousy, or something unexpected... I would be over the moon with happiness!!! I had ALREADY been so excited about the Take That concert, and learning that Pet Shop Boys will be there too adds a whole new level to my joy!!!

  • great news.. can't wait for Milan

  • Wooooow! Fantastic news - I can hardly believe it! I'm very very glad to see the Pet Shop Boys on tour. Thank you so much!!! Lots of love from Germany :))))

  • i love u so much & this great news i love all your songs & i'm so happy 4 u i like the pet shop boys & i feel bad cuz i can't see u when you sing cuz i live in cairo but i hope the best 4 u & i love u soooooooooooooo much more anyone else xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoox

  • my sexy beautiful robbie i'm 19 yrs old and in looove,addicted to you!!! can't wait to see you sing w petshopboys,they love and admire u...loove she's madonna,no regrets(loooove all your songs).baby i'm happy if your happy with tt,but dieying to see u solo again(your natural pasion is solo...)my dark angel loove u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxooxoxoxoox

  • wow.... that's great. Lucky you who will see them live. I wish they come to Serbia.

  • Great News Hope Rob sings with them.

  • Wow !!! Good news !!! Can't wait for summer !!! :)

  • The Pet Shop Boys are great - really looking forward to seeing them!

  • I always liked Pet Shop boys...they´re great.Robbie has a lot of influence of them and that´s great too.I love SHE ´S MADONNA as well a WE´RE THE PETSHOP BOYS (wonderful songs....wonderful the whole of RUDEBOX)---------I don´t understand so much why PET SHOP BOYS are going to be only a supporting band in someone else´s´s very weird---LUCKY all the ones who will see Robbie and them altogether. It would be great that Robbie and Petshop Boys perform together in Argentina.♥.

  • This is great news i like the Pet Shop Boys they do a great live show love there songs,can't wait for 8th July xxxx :)