'Praise Be, It's Theodora Rose Williams'

BORN 3.33PM ON 18.9.12, 7LBS 4OZ...



  • Dear Robbie:

    Again congratulations to both of you for your beloved daughter Theodora.

    I just wanted to share with you what is my profession as you enter the University and studied to be a midwife and working at a public hospital in Chile. I understand what you lived for my profession, and it moves me deeply to see that all of these emotions are transverse to the majority of the fathers and mothers of the world, of all ethnicities and social classes.

    I am pleased to be able to read like you were actively in the labor of birth to your wife, and as this makes you today rating it even more, as a woman and mother, and the same as your daughter.

    When a father and mother live birth (not only in the physical part, but the energy level this means), only in that time have understood so fragile, wonderful, extraordinary and above that is the phenomenon of creation and birth, and the life of a person in the world, if all live this and the feeling of love, this world flooded them permanently,no doubt, this would be 200% better for our children...

    ...But as a midwife, I can tell you an inficencia... What I most softens a parent is always that despite being rude, almost with an unwavering emotion at the time of taking to their baby transform and have innately a unique delicacy when take on your arms your baby, I never tired of looking at them move me deeply and always make me draw a smile with excitement. Carefully bids farewell to another fan of your music.

    pd: You knew that on September 18 in Chile celebrate the national holidays... coincidence?

    Sorry for my bad english

    Carmen Gloria Arenas

  • Could we please see some updated photos of your gorgeous Teddy?

  • As a supporter (hate the word fan) since the beginning, may I say, Mr Williams, you've come a long way. As a complete stranger, I used to worry about you. Weird? No, just genuinely care about someone who's music gave me so much joy, but who didn't seem happy himself. The music you have produced since you found the love of your life has such a different tone. You seem content, happy and most importantly, self confident which is something, excuse me if I am wrong, you had had issues with in th past. I can only imagine what kind of amazing music you'll be capable of creating now that you have the inspiration of your beautiful baby daughter. Love and parenthood changes your whole perspective on life, speaking from experience (my boy's almost 9). Cherish every moment my friend, and use her as inspiration to enable you to build and mould however you next music path goes. (And, may I say as a midwife by profession, never ever stop looking at your wife and thinking "wow! You gave me my daughter! You're amazing!!""

    Love and Support

  • A belated congatulations to you & Ayda Rob on the arrival of Theodora Rose. I was on holiday in Menorca when I heard the news on the TV - how nice that she arrived on what would've been my late mum's 80th birthday :-) - lotsa love to you all........................Jo xxxxxx

  • Мои поздравления тебе Роб и Айде! Даже не верится, что ты стал отцом! Хотелось бы узнать о твоих ощущениях, чувствах: каково это быть отцом. Я думаю вы с Айдой справитесь, ведь всё, что ты делаешь ты делаешь на отлично! Успехов вам в этом нелёгком деле! Вот теперь можно сказать, что у вас полноценная семья! ЛЮБЛЮ ВАС И МОЙ БОЛЬШОЙ ПРИВЕТ ИЗ РОССИИ, ГДЕ ТЕБЯ ЛЮБЯТ И ЖДУТ В ГОСТИ! FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE !BEST WISHES TO YOU AND AYDA AND TO YOUR LITTLE ANGEL!!!!



  • enhorabuena desde españa!!pronto estare en el o2 viendote!!es un placer ver al mejor showman del mundo!!mucha felicida y salud ara tu pequeña y esposa!!!saludos

  • Hey, I too gave birth to my 3rd child on 18th September..not so little (9lb2..gulp!) Brooke Nancy was born just before 2pm, so I just beat your lovely wife to the post!
    My middle child Darcy was also born on this date in 2008 so its a spectacularly lucky date for me, as I hope it will be for you guys. All the best to your gorgeous family :)
    xxx - one for each of you ;)

  • Dear Robbie! It's great to see you holding your little one :-) My very best wishes to you and Aydas !!! Now you've got someone to be responsible for, but don't worry we (parents) grow with them, so if you scared now, you will feel it absolutely natural in some time. You shouldn't be perfect to be a Daddy, just be yourself and love your girls ...and we will love you :-) XXX

  • dear rob
    congratulations to you & ayda on the birth of your little bundle of joy teddy .rob youll be a great daddy.
    the first few weeks will be very special enjoy.i can only imagine what christmas will be like in the williams household this year itll be xtra special
    love to you,ayda & theodora rose.XXX

  • ...and duplicate it just in words:

    Dear Rob!
    Congratulations! You're gonna be a right-on Daddy! May your baby have the British sense of humour and the American sense of independence. Your Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Kazakhstan friendlies wish you&your family all the happiness in the world! All our love to Ayda and little Theodora Rose.

    P.S. Hope to see you next year! XXX

  • Oops, double post... sorry! :-|

  • Just checking in again to say hi. Hope you and your girls are all doing really well. The first few weeks fly by and things are so hectic as you get used to that new little life who'll be with you forever... Hope you and Ayda are enjoying every minute. Thinking of you all as ever, much love from the Belfast friendlie xxx

  • Congratulations to mummy and daddy bear!!! Started with Better Bear, than to Betty Bear, and now the bear family is complete! Welcome Teddy-I hope it's a beginning of a long happy life :) The big ones will show you around and explain everything you need to know about the world before you enter it properly and find out for yourself that they are clueless ;) How is it going so far,Rob? Is it (parenthood) what you expected? Best wishes to all of you, including proud grandparents,aunties and uncles. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I think its true XXXXX

  • Congratulations to your new miracle life !!! Much love to the three of you and the entire family !!!
    When is the baby or children's music written by you coming out? :)
    I wish I could hug you all in person. :) I am so happy for you !!! XOX

  • I congratulate!!! Health and forces to all family.Very happy for you! Robbie.With many kisses!

  • I congratulate!!! Health and forces to all family.Very happy for you! Robbie.With many kisses!

  • I congratulate!!! Health and forces to all family.Very happy for you! Robbie.With many kisses!