Pre-Order Candy On iTunes Now!



If you've been singing along and waiting patiently for the release of Robbie's new single, Candy, on 29th October, you'll be pleased to know that the single bundle is now available to pre-order on iTunes in the UK!

The release not only includes the addictively catchy new single, but features three remixes of the track as well. See below for the track listing:


1) Candy (Album Version)
2) Candy (Max Sanna and Steve Pitron remix)
3) Candy (Major Look remix)
4) Candy (More Candy!)

Candy is the first single to be taken from Robbie's eagerly-anticipated new album, Take The Crown, which is released on 5th November 2012.

Guarantee getting your copy as soon as it's available by pre-ordering Candy here.



If you're outside the UK, the single may already be available to download. Check below to see if Candy is available in your country, then click here to buy it now.


  • Paul its a shame you won't be there this time but I look forward to the next time when we can meet up with you :) lots of love xXx

  • MissSexy and others...... How exciting that 32 of you are getting together to see Robbie's show!! I had a very tough decision to make, because I could EITHER pursue going to the O2 concert, OR wait for what Rob has in store in 2013. I had been looking forward to a 2013 two-week European vacation for many months now, because Rob has been dropping hints that he has something special in the works for us. So, I decided not to cross the ocean in November. I would LOVE to be there, however, in November, and meet you Miss Sexy, and Dirce from Brazil and Scosha from Scotland, and other people who have written to me on here. That's so fantastic how you all will see each other. Maybe I will meet some of you in 2013. Have a GREAT time with Robbie Williams at the O2!!! -- Your friend, Paul

  • I love that head and your engineers work..i'm an engineer too. I'll order the single cd of candy soon.. "have good time !!" to all fan that will came to O2. Love you candy King. Veruska xxxx

  • Do you wuont to give me like a 'little' presentyour big head afther your show? LOL!!! Love you Robbie. Veruska



  • Hey ho, here she goes!! I've pre-ordered my download from iTunes and can't wait. I imagine it'll be on repeat repeatedly. Wuu huu!! Bring. It. On. Much love from the Belfast friendlie xxx Oh and thanks to!! ;-)

  • Dear Rob,

    I want to disturb you no more!!!
    Me and Romeo will move to Milan!!! I've got already many work offers there!!!!!!
    I don't want to stay in Germany any longer.....!!! The people here get me on the nerves!!!!!!!
    If you want you can write me an email.....I would look forward to it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ciao bellissimo!!!
    With much love

  • I appreciate your opinion Tatiana,I too have met Rob and still think a lot of him but I was just in a mopey mood and get a bit cheesed off with the whole money making side of Entertainment,I love it and am quite happy to do anything for nothing,you might look at BGT when it comes,(I admit I need money to pay the bills), to auditions, I maybe dont see it as a money making biz persay for myself as I am not good enough to make as much as Rob, even if I did want to make big bucks,which I really dont,my Family and loved ones and my own health and happiness are most important to me,nothing materialistic matters so much,I am a bit idealistic to some People,my Brother says I live above my means because I dont think about money at all im afraid, I know thats dizzy but thats the way I am.If I had huge millions I would feel guilty and end up giving it to anyone who asked and said they needed it prob anyway.

  • Dear Shar,

    I met Rob 12 years ago, and I know him very well.....he's is also a human beeing and not a machine!!!
    He tries to satisfy everyone, but that's not always possible!!!!!
    Wish you a good evening!

  • United States gets no love? :(

  • @carnspindle damm i wish i had thought of doing those little candy cupcakes what a good idea....

  • Im pre orderd this song for some days ago...........btw....... THERE IS SOME THING I CANNOT UNDERSTAND: WHY IS NEIL TAYLOR NOT IN YOUR BAND AGAIN ??????? HE´S A GREAT GUITARPLAYER AND A REALY REALY KIND GUY..........I KNOW HIM FOR REAL..........IT REALY MAKES ME SAD :......:(((

  • I love candy so much!!! Congratulation for this nice song!
    I remember the great concert in munich with take that! Hope to see you in south-germany in summer 2013??!!! Wish you all best with your little family!! It`s right that you stopped smoking for your daughter? Thats wonderful!!

  • No US date as usual? Sigh. Why must we be tortured with lack of Robbie availability, huh? :-(

  • HEY HO, HERE I GO ...... there where you'll be !!! You are coming in France on the 19th October for recording of "CHAMPS-ELYSEES" the show of Michel Drucker, I'LL BE THERE ! Then the same day you're the guest of "LE GRAND JOURNAL", I'LL BE THERE. And after a long month there will be the gig at O2 on the 24th November, I'LL BE THERE YET !!! I'm so looking forward to see you again after Southend and so excited by this year's end, see you as much in so few months. Woop woop woop xxx

  • When is this being released in the states??? Ugh, it's moment's like this, where it sucks to live hear. We want Robbie!!

    I have a dream that only you can fulfill.
    Can you get to the VIP room 23.11.
    Should be awesome .. kisss from Norway.
    You do so many fun things, please hope that this is a thing you can do :)))

  • Hey Rob there are 32 of us friendlies coming from all over the place to invade a hotel in London for your gig on Sat 24th ... Poor hotel won't know what's hit it! Dirce from Brazil, Roxy from Aussie, Shiva from France, Conny and the crew from Germany, Scosha and her rabble from Bonny Scotland plus loads more and meeeee!! Most of us are sharing rooms in 2's or 3's - very friendlie I would say hahaha I have warned my room buddies (Cheeko and Allison with the huge scots flag) that I snore (allegedly) lol . Can't wait to meet my buddies again and some ones for the first time and can't wait to see you again :) you are gunna kick some ass!!! xXx

  • Oops double post sorry I am getting excited. Btw my hubby was whistling away to Candy in the car yesterday when it was on the radio and then said 'a hurricane in the back of her throat, what does that mean?' and I said 'ummm I dunno'!! xXx