Reality Killed The Video Star Bursts In At No.1



Robbie's incredible new album, Reality Killed The Video Star, is at No.1 in the UK midweek charts in its first week as well as topping the iTunes charts in 17 countries worldwide!

His album is currently topping the iTunes chart in the UK, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Holland, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Portugal and Greece. Wow!

If the album does win the race to the top spot in the UK on Sunday, Reality Killed The Video Star will become Robbie's ninth No.1 album in his home country. This would mark Robbie's incredible return to the charts with one almighty bang and only you can make it happen!

If you haven't bought the album already, what are you waiting for?! Click below to buy Reality Killed The Video Star and see Robbie crowned at the top of the charts... right where he belongs!


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  • This new album is just GRRREATTT !!! It was worth waiting for it ! Thanks for the emotions you keep on providing us. Long for your next tour in France. B

  • just got the "RW" logo tattooed on my wrist!!!!! mad or wot lol...been a massive admirer of his work since the early take that days, congrats on the new album Rob xx

  • Got my copy of Reality Killed The Video Star today!
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for an amazing album Rob!
    Love you!xoxoxo

  • hi robbie great to see you back, love seeing you on tv you allways make me smile, Can not stop playing the album glade you are happy. been lucky to see you live would be good to see you live again take care xx

  • Every moment you are happy is a gift to the rest of the world. Thanks and Congrats on no1.

  • Yep i got mine and just to say this is one of the best albums Robbie has done for ages.Go out and get your copies of this brill album,you wont be dissapointed.Well done Robbie fan bloody tastic!!!!!!!!!!!


  • So sad can't find your amazing album in Kuala Lumpur, will have to wait to be back in France...Is anyone from Malaysia here can help me to find his album ? Please ! you will make me happy :)

  • I knew it, since the first taster of your album!!! Simply pretty cool!!!!! BUNNY is and remains No. 1. yeah, yeah, yeah ...

  • ROB'S ON "THIS MORNING" 12.15 TODAY!! Why no prior announcement about this appearance...I could have missed it and many other fans probably will. Video in again and ready to go!!!!!!!

  • Goodmorning Mr. Williams
    Saw you on Loose Women. I must say; how can anybody NOT just love you and your beautiful voice. Mentioned Robbie Williams to a midwife aged 63 yesterday; she was talking about you like I was putting coins in her!!! If I ever should give birth to a baby; she would be my dream of a midwife!!! She was obviously in love with you. Oh those eyes- and that voice. Love you. xxx

  • Seems like it might not be no.1 in UK after all... I really hope it is though, it's a great album with wonderful songs, and the best ballads ever. Not many days left till the verdict...

  • Christmas hasn't come early in Africa. Aargh! Went to the local music shop here on Monday to buy the CD - I was told it's only going to be released for Christmas!!! :(

  • Thanks Robbie. Just love it. Looking forward to seeing you in Sydney.

  • 17 countries and Turkey isn't in them. a dream turkey concert probably failed. sorry.

    "May the force be with you. Always"

  • BRILLIANT!!! Congratulations on a fabulous album a more than deserved number 1. I bought it Sunday and can't stop listening to it. I'm loving the musical journey you continue to take me on (I proudly listen to Rudebox often), and am completely enamoured with this album from go to whoa (with lots of WHOO HOO in the middle) Thank you so much for your bravery in presenting new music for our listening pleasure. Do I feel enriched for having Reality Killed The Video Star in my life? You betcha..... I'm enriched with heart and soul, love and laughter for you my lovely Robbie will always be number one. Lots of love to you and all around you, SusanAdelaide xoxoxoxoxo

  • whoooo hooooo!!!! Congrats Robbie on a fantastic album, it deserves to be at No 1!!! So great to hear that its reached number 1 here in Australia too!! Its so great to have you back in our loungerooms...through our stereos with this wonderful new album!! I haven't stopped playing it since I got it! Luvin' it!! xxx

  • am loving the new album. has no. 1 written all over it!! you should be very proud of yourself. love morning sun, bodies, you know me and starstruck. they're all brill though. looking forward to seeing you on this morning tomorrow!!

  • Can beat 6 plays!!! Twice on way home from work on Monday (long journey in fog!). Three times on Tuesday (same journey there and back, but needed to listen to Chris Evans too). Three times today (very long journey to Sussex from Manchester!) plus Live Lounge on Radio 1 (Human - Killers classy!!). Think thats 8 times!! Son thinks Rob as a rabbit is weird but he keeps singing 'Since you went away my heart breaks every day' so he must like it really. Fab album and loving Blasphemy and Do you mind. xx