Robbie Duets With The X Factor's Olly Murs



Robbie will be appearing on The X Factor live final this Saturday, 12 December, in a duet with one of the finalists, and his favourite contestant, Olly Murs.

This follows on from Robbie's performance on the hit show in October, where he mentored the contestants and performed live.

Be sure to tune in to ITV1 from 19:30 GMT tomorrow night to watch the action unfold!

  • I loved ur duet with Olly it gave me goosebumps, but my all time favourite robbie duet was with Tom Jones 1997/98 merry xmas robbie xx

  • Olly and Robbie! My two favourite well as Stan Walker...he just won Australian Idol you should check him out on'll fall in love with his voice!

  • was loving the performance on x factor.I thought you and olly were great.Still keeping fingers crossed for a no.1.Merry Christmas Rob and a happy and chart topping new year xxxxxx

  • I thought you did Olly proud./.i would love to see you put it him on tour with you..he deserves to do really well, what a fantastic entertainer..Joe has the best voice, but Olly is the best entertainer!!! Help him Robbie!!

  • great performance you are really good
    and i want to wish you and ayda a very happy christmas and a happy new year
    And we hope to see you in 2010 in the netherlands

    love and greetz christel

  • Rob you were amazing as usual, you and Olly looked like brothers, i so wanted Olly to win, we have voted for him every week, we are Gutted........ HOW fab would it be if he sang with you on your tour, Cant wait to see you. as always, so proud of our Stoke boy xx love ya loads

  • I loved Robbie performing with Olly!! I would pay for a ticket to see that again!! Olly should've won Xfactor!!

  • hi rob great to see u on x-factor again u just make me happy when i see you on tv, hope your touring soon !! even though u loved up at minute , some one told me you might be getting back with takethat hope not your a great solo act whos carved a carrer for yourself , your an act in your own right ,but ill still support you what ever you do have a happy christma s and great new year lots of love to you XXXXX

  • great performance! You and Olly performed super together......

  • Well i was not expecting that!! i did hear a rumour at the start of the week in the papers that you may be duetting with Olly but you know what the papers are like!!!! Rob you were amazing, a brilliant performance and you were so funny,too. Every woman is jealous of olly! Iscreamed when you came out and sang you know me, you were excellent well done! you had some lovely comments on the xtra factor too! All the best to you rob.

  • This Performance was Absolutely FANTASTIC! Robbie you're Amazing! and I voted for Olly ! Olly to win! x

  • Just wanted to drop by to tell you how much I enjoyed your performance. 10 out of 10 definately!

  • Well done for last night Robbie, you were great, and when you came on for the 2nd time (You Know Me) I nearly screamed the house down. You are truely talented and can't wait for you to tour again. x

  • after this performance i can say...."OLLY YOU KNOW ME!!!"....great performance rob&olly angels was,is and will be always the best!!!!!

  • Wow, wow, wow ... thrilling!!!! Great performance. Fantastic sound. You looked very good.;-) THANK YOU!!!!!!