Robbie Joins Chris Moyles on BBC Radio 1



Robbie will be joining Chris Moyles on his breakfast show for some Friday morning fun when he drops by the BBC Radio 1 studio next week. He will be stopping by on Friday, 4th September, to be interviewed by the DJ and play his amazing forthcoming single, Bodies.

We've been told by BBC Radio 1 that it all kicks off at 08:00 BST, so make sure you cancel any plans and are near a radio or computer!

Tune into 97-99FM on your radio, or listen live via the BBC Radio 1 website or the BBC iPlayer.

For more details on how to listen to BBC Radio 1 click here.

  • Cool Rob but I liked your "I want explosions" which was said to be the new single,I am pure pop I am afraid to say but Bodies is much more wordy and muso clever for the critics hopefully but anything is good.Sharron.x

  • Wowww!!! Robbie que gusto escucharte de nuevo, muy buena entrevista y como siempre eres muy agradable, simplemente genial I LOVE YOU ROBBIE, Saludos desde México!!!!

  • Kundalini awakening hey?
    Fantastic. x

  • Loved Bodies. Well done Rob x

  • Wow, es wird Zeit!!! Wär schön, wenn Robbie mit mir auch noch ein Interview machen würde ;-)

  • WOW, can't wait. Myself and my 3 little girls will be fixed to the radio at 8.00. Its been a long time waiting for something new to come from the best artist ever. Love you lots, and the very best of luck.xx

  • God, I am so excited. Missed you so much, baby.

  • does any one know if we can listen to bbc in norway???

  • woooop not long to go now! wish I still lived in London, I'd of popped along to see you at the studios :( good luck tomorrow, give moyles hell if hes cheeky!

  • Can't wait to hear you and the new song on the radio tomorrow!!!

  • Robbie is the best of the world. I can't wait to hear your voice, I adore you Robbie I wake up earlier to listen!!!!! Kisses for you my love


  • i cant wait to hear you. Im from Brazil and i ll wake up earlier just to hear you. I LOVE YOU.

  • cant wait to hear it :D

  • Should be good to hear not just the single but himself. Been a while

  • Hello carol no kidney - I will soon be claudia one kidney and on dialysis - so good luck on Friday! Went to see Rob in Edinburgh and Glasgow too - two of the best nights ever - and cannot wait until Friday - Bodies ... how ironic for the two of us :) All the best and I am sure the Robster will cheer us up. x

  • Can't wait to hear "Bodies" only two days to go Yippee!!!

  • carnt wait to hear new single its going to be played on brmb friday morning but im in hospital then never mind im sure i can hear when i come out by the way this is carol no kidneys as elliot & caroline call me (breakfast show) haha as its true hoprefully you will tour again went to last one in glasgow boy that was fun ha ha on the saturday glad you are back where you belong at the top love & light carol x

  • What a great choice!
    If Mr.Robert Peter and his management will leave it the way as online news say,I will be a very lucky one.
    Because it is written that Roberts new Album will be released in germany on Nov 9th and that is so fucking great because it is my birthday.
    Keep the child inside,then you understand why Iam so happy about it :-)

  • Love it when you two get together. It'll be great listening. Glad you are back. xx