Robbie Performs Live On BBC Dance Show



Birthday boy Robbie provided the Saturday night entertainment over the weekend as he performed his new single, Morning Sun, live on the final of popular BBC show, So You Think You Can Dance.

After his performance of Morning Sun, which is released on 15th March and is the official Sport Relief single, Robbie had a quick chat with host Cat Deeley, while his on stage dancing got the thumbs up from the show's fearsome judges, Nigel Lythgoe, Arlene Phillips and Louise Redknapp.

Charlie Bruce, the winner of the dance competition, won the title Britain's Favourite Dancer, a £100,000 cash prize and a trip to Hollywood to perform in the US series finale.

Click here to watch the So You Think You Can Dance final on BBC iPlayer (Robbie performs 1hr 27mins into the show)
Please note: Unfortunately, due to BBC restrictions, this video is only available to users in the UK

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  • Great performane rob, you looked so happy and relaxed up there! it's amazing how better life is when you find that special person. Ayda you have made him so happy and its obvious you both love each other, well done girl!! oh and your dancing made me smile too!! loadsalove to you both.

  • Was all set to watch the video but guess what? I live in Australia and can't watch it...not fair, off to cry now lol

  • cant see you Rob, you cant come into my computer cause we are in Australia
    boo hoo for us!!!!!!

  • waah not a resident of the uk

  • I think You should've won cos of your performance - brill and funny !!

    keep it real Robbie - you've got talent as much as your money !!

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  • it's always pleasure to watch ya rob...:)

  • Rob you're fucking crazy and beautiful!!!!! the future mother of your son...guess... :D

  • please place the video down here somewhere for everybody not in the UK!!!


  • Good Luck Fat Dancer or is it Blobbie , Be sure to thank your father for your good genes , Thanks, RobHoe

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  • it's not fair I want to watch robbie performing live morning sun

  • Robbie you are absoluntely amazing. I love you so much your future wife Emily

  • Hi my deaR"" I have see you on Yt your performance was AMAZING you are back yourself !!! You was happy ,strong and funny on the stage !!" Compliments my dear""""
    Compliments dear and come on !!!!