Robbie To Appear On Loose Women



There'll be no time to run out for a sandwich or queue in the canteen on Monday 9th November, just be sure to locate your nearest TV... Robbie will be joining British lunchtime television chat show Loose Women.

He will be the only guest on the show for this very special edition and, as well as talking to Loose ladies Kate Thornton, Denise Welch, Carol McGiffin and Sherrie Hewson, Robbie will be performing You Know Me, his new single, out on 7th December.

Tune in to ITV1 at 12:30 midday to catch up on the latest from Robbie as he is put in the hot seat.

*** Please note: All tickets have now been allocated ***
If you'd rather be in the audience than watching your TV, you can apply for tickets by emailing and quoting RobFan. Tickets are allocated on a first come basis, with a maximum of four per person. Successful applicants will be sent full details for the filming of the show, which is broadcast live.

Lunchtime has never been so good!



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  • LOL...I just watched Loose Women on you tube, & one of the top was, Hetrosexual men sending kisses to there male friends, and Robbie made me laugh by saying should he or shouldn't he, you'd have to watch it to get what i mean, any way my point is, theres nothing to be ashamed of, sending a kiss to your male friends, just shows you love them thats all. :o) Good on ya Rob! Liking in what I'm hearing so far *thumbs up*

  • Still can't believe I made it there!! It was sooooooo amazing!!! :D

  • hi Aunty Mary! ! !

    we managed to get an earlier coach back than planned so we got back up north on cobbles about 9 30pm, long day, but definitely worth it .

  • Just watched the loose women prog with you, i was at work so i recorded it and i must say i think you've gained another fan, my husband sat and watched it with me and didn't stop laughing! i thought you were very funny too!! you are a natural talking about everything it was great to watch, well done! its also nice to hear you talking about love and marriage, i done it 4 years ago- best thing i've ever done!! and i asked him so Adya hope you're reading this girl!! All the best to you both.

  • You were near me then! Otherwise known as Aunty Mary! Hope you had a great trip back oop north!

  • i was sat on the second row almost at the back of you :) what a fantastic day! i still can't believe it

  • I am on a total high from being at the recording of Loose Women. My family are being incredibly tolerant but suddenly they all love Robbie too! Including my husband! Rob, you were amazing, so down to earth, funny, beautiful and no sign of the nerves at all. Monday was an unbeatable day for me. xx

  • I was at the live show of Robbie yesterday on Loose Women and it was amazing, I never managed to get an autograph but I feel so lucky just to have been there, loving the new album too! xx

  • No deffo Amanda - it was perfect!! Gawd I'm having trouble concentrating on much else!!!!!!!!! lol

    Where were you sat Andi76??

  • robbie and the;" loose women" what an amazing show, i couldn't beleive my luck when i won a ticket i met some lovely people on the day (in the qeue) thanks to everyone involved

  • good job we didnt listen to security and sat somewhere else, it was the perfect spot to sit!!! Wouldnt of had hm singing to you and talking to us all at the end!! It just worked out perfectly!!!

  • Hi Amanda - it deffo helped pass the time that we found each other to talk to... was saying to someone was all fate for me - if you hadn't had an extra person to take and the woman at the front hadn't we would have been further along that row and not where he would have sung to me.......... sometimes it pays to be nice I think lol

  • loose women was fantastic, laughing and crying at the same time, so pleased robbie found happiness.xx

  • Hello Sam.....What a bloody day!!! I still cant stop smiling, the four of us were so lucky to talk to him like that...!! You looked great on TV, i still cant believe he asked if i was "going to get preggers" haha, had such fun with the three of you, thank you for making the wait so much fun!!! xx

  • Loose Women was excellent .... watched it last night on Sky +, looking more relaxed with every performance. Well done. Roll on Wednesday for Live Lounge - will catch it as driving to the south coast. What a week! TV, Radio can't keep up with it all. Album is fab and I love that there is still reference to Rudebox in relation to the Pet Shop Boys and 80's influences! Very grown up album. Love it! x

  • OMG I went to Loose Women today and was the one he sang to and kissed - and those were my ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that would happen!!!!! I'm a very very happy girl. Hello to Amanda and Claire the lovely girls we met in the queue.

    Rob you were amazing and made one old bird here very very very happy!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I'm French, but this year I am living in England... It's just the right year! I could see you on Loose Women, and it was so good to see you looking so cool and relax. I'm going to listen the album tonight (couldn't do it before). Thank you for being here !

  • You were so good on Loose Women, so down to earth....don't ever change xx