Robbie To Perform Intimate Show In Sydney



Towards the end of November Robbie will be heading over to Australia to perform not only at the ARIAs, which we announced a while back, but also at Sydney's very intimate venue, The Metro on 25th November as part of Mastercard's Priceless Music series.

In what will be the first performance of a whirlwind three day trip, Robbie will perform a selection of tracks to a small number of fans, including material from his forthcoming album, Reality Killed The Video Star, and some of his classic hits.



The very limited tickets go on sale on Thursday, 19th November, at 09:00 AEST and are priced at $80.50 (including booking fee + GST) - they can only be purchased with a Debit MasterCard. To apply for your Debit MasterCard contact Commonwealth Bank, Westpac or Bankwest  and be sure to apply for your access to future Priceless Music experiences. 

So that you don't miss out on this amazing chance to see Robbie live it is recommended that you pre-register for a reminder alert before 19th November. Please note that this is an over 18’s event.


Check out the video clip below of Robbie performing during his last visit to Australia; his Close Encounters Tour in 2006:


  • I actually get a brand new MasterCard so I can get the tickets. It was definitely worth it even though it was a bit slimy to push people to become MasterCard members like that. Anyways... everyone has to make money nowadays and it won't come from m3p downloads.

  • OMG I am such a friggin idiot, i met one of the band members after the show and had notes in my bag 4 robbie and i actually stupidly thought "no, they r not up to any standard to give to robbie", so they stayed in my bag. what a fuckin idiot i am. they were all my thoughts n feelings on why he has touched me so much with his music. will i ever get the oppertunity again????? I did ask 4 a message to be passed on about gravity, i wonder if he got it. I should learn to not doubt myself so much and trust myself. Love to u Robbie, my dream is to sit and have a ciggi n chat with u Xxxxxx

  • robbie is back !! (although he NEVER left ) !! .. so great seeing you perform last night at the Metro & also tonight at the Aria's.. thank you for signing my album cover - & seeing you up close on the red carpet - its all ive ever wanted ! =0)

  • Last night was amazing. Robbie is back!!!! What a true superstar he is. I feel truly blessed to have been able to obtain tickets to go last night. To all those people who believe this was all mastercard staff I can assure you it was not. True fans were there. What an amazing concert. Playful, cheeky just amazing. I will remember that night for the rest of my life I truly truly enjoyed it so sorry for all of those that missed it. However for those that went how good was Robbie!!!

  • OMG Robbie was amazing was just insane !!!

  • ive bought 8 tickets, i dont believe in scalping but if i get rejected at the door again i will scalp em let someone else deal with the metro inability to hold a concert

  • yeah, I dont have any spare ticket by the way?

  • accoriding to the terms and conditions it states in point 2 that if more than one ticket is purchased everyone must attended the box office at the same time, but in point 3 it states if the card holder is not attending he must authoirse someone to pick up the tickets which is what i was did not state in point 3 all ticket holders need to attened so you would think point 3 is different

  • @michaelgt, what do you mean you got rejected?

  • I just went to pick up my 8 tickets from the metro and i got rejected.. im not impressed metro

  • OMG......i got excited. cost my man $2000, i think i'll be his sex slave for quite sometime.

  • Hey MissKaryn
    I messaged one of the ebay sellers to see if we could come to some kind of sensible deal as so desperate to go.....wants to 2K!!!!!! Told them where to stick the tickets

  • $2,200..omg, some people are too greedy, and what's with the 'Buy It Now' price of $2000??? I thought scalping was illegal.

  • will this be shown on tv ? x

  • tickets on e-bay up to $2,200 for two tickets and still another day to bid. bit scary.

  • Most comments regarding the Metro ticket situation have been removed from Robbie's Facebook aswell.....strange?

  • Ok So now really getting peeved off.....not only do we not have tickets but my blog keeps getting deleted......probably mastercard employees stepping in...Dirty, no tickets for Wendy and Kim ......Dirty Bastards....

  • The show you be renamed to.....An evening with Mastercard Staff - Enjoy it

  • I have just sent email to - thanks for the link. Mentioned the scalper on Ebay and that in the light of the fiasco yesterday we would all feel vilified if this guy/girl was stopped, especially before the ticket is sold.
    Hopefully I will get a reply.