Robbie's Back!



We're very excited to announce that Robbie Williams will be releasing his much-anticipated new album, Reality Killed The Video Star, on November 9th, 2009.

However, ahead of that, the first single to be released will be Bodies, on October 12th, with the digital version available one day earlier on the 11th.

As you'll know from Robbie's blogs, he has been busy working on the new material with Trevor Horn, who has produced both the album and the single.

The video clip featured below is exclusive to and takes us behind-the-scenes of Robbie's first day back at work..!


Find out more about Robbie's new single, Bodies, in his latest blog.

  • totally gutted i am a true robbie fan and tt fan and have been really unsuccessful in getting tickets for manchester 2011 tour it is not fair to us fans as those who are just buying them and selling them on it is just not on

    Estive a escrever em inglês mas não me devo ter saido muito bem, por isso volto a escrever em portugues.
    Eu adoro as suas canções e para mim o ROBBIE é o melhor cantor do mundo, em cima do palco o ROBBIE é o espectaculo. Eu acho o ROBBIE um homem maravilhoso, tem uns olhos lindos, meigos e doces.
    Tenho 54 anos, e se tivesse um filho rapaz gostaria que fosse como o ROBBIE, um ser humano maravilhoso. Acredito que já sofreu muito, e gostaria que me desse a honra de ser sua amiga. EU sou verdadeira, honesta, sincera e tambem sei escutar.
    ROBBIE desejo-lhe toda a felicidade do mundo, voce merece. Espero ter a sorte do ROBBIE ler a minha mensagem, e ainda mais sorte se me responder.
    O portugues não é facil, mas o ROBBIE é muito inteligente.
    Be happy ROBBIE, é tudo o que lhe desejo.

  • Hello Mr. Robbie Williams. I love your sons, for me you are the best singer in the world. I love your perfomance.
    You have got a beautiful eyes and you are very sweet.
    I am 54 years old, but if i had got a soon, I loved that he was as you. For me you are a good man and a beutiful humanbeen. I liked very much that you take tobe my friend, I now tobe a good friend, I am honest and true.
    I dont know very well english because I am portuguesa.
    I wait that you can write my words.
    For you very hapyness and all good things in the world.

  • Hi just found out robie is on the jonathan ross show tonight wow how big is that ,can't wait so good to see him back and looking great YEAH.........

  • cant wait to see you on x factor next week,dont let the nerves get to you i have no doubt you will be great as usual.hoping to get tickets for your next live gig ,i know you wont actually be in the same place but it is still a great idea to reach out to all your fans who have been waiting so long to see you .best of luck babe with everything you do in the future xxx


  • Would just like to comment and ask you when you would be next touring in the uk ? As i dont have a clue how to find out and thought it would be a lovely idea to get my mum tickets as she is totally inlove with robbie williams and last time she went to see him live she got a really good upclose shot which is now on the mantal peice in the front room :L along with a calander in the kitchen ahaa and i doubt he actually reads all thease comments because i wouldnt even beable to find the time to read all thosee and am only 16 ahaa

    but could you put the dates he would be doing a tour on the website pleasee when youu knoww :)

    thankyouuu O'x

    p.s well done with the new single hehe

  • I am looking forward to this new album, especially because it will be released almost on my name day, like a present :)

  • At last!! :) Rob, Welcome back! I hope you are well... Don't stress yourself with anything. We in Hungary waiting for your return. Take care!

  • can´t wait to hear the new single and to see the new music video..great you´re back...and alone;);)

  • Good luck with this new album... Robbie, we are waiting for it here in Italy too!! Kisses ***

  • I can't barely wait for this album !!

  • Robbie GO GO GO !!!!! you are best singer of the world! I listen you songs every day :-)

  • So proud of you Robbie!!

    Just be yourself and we'll love you.

    Show the world that your the King of music!
    Best of luck

  • hi, Mr. Williams
    i like share this sentence , written for OSCAR WILDE:
    The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, but is also the return of art to life.

  • I hope you are happy.................

    If you keep frowning like that, your face will permanently stay that way you know?
    DON'T FROWN...................

    I take walks all the time and listen to your old CDs, however, my CD player fell to the ground yesterday and it won't I have to get a new one.................

    Have a good 2009 (the rest of it) and 2010.........
    I will keep praying for you..............

    that you stop frowning...............j/k

  • i can't wait to have the new cd
    robbie check out "angel" performed by yuridia
    she's a mexican singer and
    her voice is fucking awesome

  • OK now hold the Mic cause daddyMofro has a word to say to Rob, WTF are you letting them do to you. You used to shun the MTV awards . I think people respected more when you acted up like and shunned the MTV as you did in your youth. .Are the record company Ho Ho's controlling you so much that you would sign up to a contest??? Its embarrassing for you to be in this contest from my point of view. It's like this ,,,,You look desperate asking fans to vote for you. End of story Daddy returns the Mic and Daddy lays it down.