Robbie's Twitter Interview Round-Up



Robbie took part in his first ever Twitter interview this morning, spending a full 45 minutes of fun answering his favourite tweets from you all on the popular micro-blogging site.

Earlier in the week, we invited you to send your best questions @RobbieWilliams today and, in between his appearances on BBC Radio1 and Heart FM with Gary Barlow, thousands of you got tweeting to whip Twitter up into a Robbie storm!

Your questions even made the phrases Robbie, Gary Barlow and RW20 appear in the most popular trending topics in the world, so thanks for taking part!

For those of you that missed out on all the action, take a look below to find out, amongst others, what Robbie's favourite music moment has been so far, which cartoon character he'd like to be and which Take That song he's not so keen on…


Favourite tweets

Q  @RobbieWilliams - Any more tattoo plans? p.s thank you for "feel" that song probably saved my life. thank you so
much xx
A  @cemaster - Yes i'm thinking of having the Egyptian sun and moon gods on my left and right arm
Q  @RobbieWilliams - If you had to chose from your whole 20 years of music what would be your best and most memorable moment and why? XA
A  @Adeli_jane - The Albert Hall Swing gig! And Knebworth!
Q @RobbieWilliams - Are you hoping the new new Take That will be as influential next year as The Saturdays have been this year?
A @Papture - fingers crossed but i don't want to get carried away
Q @RobbieWilliams - If your penis had a twitter-account, what would be its status today, right now?
A @Bobcat1977 - On trend.
Q @RobbieWilliams - Did you find working with Gary again awkward in any way, when making the video was it just like old times? loving the song, love you!
A  @coombsta - Yeah, it was amazing. not awkward at all i love him to bits. Ayda calls him my boyfriend.
Q @RobbieWilliams - What song are you currently listening to on repeat?
A  @vash_chan - Why Shame by Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams of course.
Q @RobbieWilliams
- Are you ready to start doing the proper boyband dancing again?
A  @t3pps - I might dust a few old moves off.
Q @RobbieWilliams  - If you could be any cartoon character who would you be and why? :D
A  @e_grabowiecki - Stewie from Family Guy.
Q @RobbieWilliams  - What TT song, old or new you just can't stand? Annamaria, Croatia x
A  @_Anchi_ - Could it be Magic is a bit pants.
Q @RobbieWilliams - What's your favorite Ipad app ?
A  @Exoptare - Bejewelled.
Q @RobbieWilliams - Has any album changed your life?
A  @LileiLou - Take That and Party.
Q @RobbieWilliams - Who can do more press ups, you are Barlow????
A  @Papture - Me.
Q @RobbieWilliams - Why Take That again? You are bigger and better then that! We like you cos you were able to rise above and become who u are today!
A  @Paul_Jenkins -  Cheers but what's it got to do with you.
Q @RobbieWilliams - Morning. What's the best thing for you so far, about being married? I'm in my 8th year and every year gets better! xx
A  @minquoir -  it was the best day of my life. being married rocks. we're a team. i wasn't expecting the day to be as magical as it was.
Q @RobbieWilliams - If you were a superhero which one would you be?? love jo in spain xx
A  @jh03178 -  Wolverine because of the jacket and hair.
Q @RobbieWilliams - What is the best part about an album/single, the making of it or the release ? xx :))
A  @ZoelovesOllyTT -  The making.


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  • mmmmm, What question would I ask you if I could ask it right now....MMMMMMM........

    Do you like strawberries and cream served with Vintage Champagne and a love struck blonde with faulty hard drive?

  • dear rob, congrats on your wedding, wish you all the best.
    watching the ingredible u2 performance yesterday in athens (greece, you know...) i couldn't help but wishing you were on stage. well who knows..maybe someday soon..we will be expecting you anyway!cheers mate!!xOxO Freedom

  • Hi Robbie

    Looking forward to seeing you switch on the illuminations in Blackpool, but have to ask - why no singing??????
    Personally, I am gutted!!
    Love ya, Claire

  • You still make me run

  • Love Wolverine ;DDD The best character ;D

  • I liked the clip.I wish,that this clip is not last song of that duet.

  • Rob!... You are GREAT!!... ;).. Please!.. NEVER FORGET IT..!!!... :)... ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥... ☺

  • I really enjoyed this, please do it again more often. You really had some funny answers.

  • i most say some verry,thoughtful questions, with a lot of humor, well done!!!
    and some good answers Robbie:)
    love you xxx

  • Robbie, how come so many of your fans seem to have had a sense of humour bypass? well done on your twitter answers, especially the Take That one!! And for the record, I love Shame, both song and video. Can't wait to hear what else you guys come up with Gx

  • Firstly, Shame ..clever original video & sounding good Robbie... Intially thought, oh please, but then got it and had a giggle! Re: Twitter, erroneous perhaps but someone tweet some of these on your behalf me thinks ☼♪♪♫

  • Shame mediocre and the video is crass...who are you and what have you done with the real Robbie Williams?...

  • yes i agree withU @ Kristina Taroian And he answers about the penis.. !!? Lol ..''but robbie want to ask him about him self i think not for career.... .. but wonder why he answer NO.. ... good luck.and take care !!

  • LOVE how you answered the Take That naysayer question!!! Love the video and song. It's a lot of fun to watch this ride with you guys. Hope to follow you all around the UK next summer!

  • Robbie if you would answer more questions on twitter I would ask you this: are you so unhappy with your solo career as to close it sounding this so definetely? why do you say that you didn´t achieve what you wanted?(I read these statements of yours on a translation from Prosieben recent interview)
    If you´re not happy with your solo career ..why don´t you give a turn to it instead of closing it???(3rd twitter question)obviously you´re not the same guy of Knebworth or Albert Hall...but nobody is asking you to be an impersonator of that Robbie....why you Robbie as you are nowadays can´t go on and maybe you achieve what you wanted???If you close everything you´ll never know what could happen-i love you so much and my deep wish is that you never leave music and as the time that you´re happy again on stage (I hope that you´ve been happy on stage at least sometimes)Kisses Robbie-♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Hoi Williams!!!!!!!!
    Your not bad lad....not bad at all. :)
    Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing what you and TT bring to the arena.

  • Rob!.. I couldn't ask you a question... :(... anyway... I love you my king!!... ♥ ♥.. I just want you to know, that... ARGENTINA IS WAITING FOR YOU!!... Please come back!!... we miss you so much!!... :)... ♥ ♥ ♥..

  • Lovin the new single shit hot i reckon you and Gary could be the new Lennon and Mccartney no 1 for sure :)