Soccer Aid 2014: Tickets On Sale Now



On Sunday 8th June 2014 Soccer Aid returns for the fifth show-down between England and the Rest of the World at Manchester United's Old Trafford.

England will once again pit their wits against their biennial opponents with a team composed of superstars from both on and off the field.

Established in 2006, Soccer Aid helps UNICEF's efforts to aid struggling children in developing countries and last year raised a massive £4.9m. If you fancy being there to find out if the Rest of the World can avenge their 3-1 defeat from 2012, book your tickets for next year's match using the details below, or watch all the action on ITV!


TICKET HOTLINE: 0845 456 2014

  • Not sure i can stretch to these tickets aswell .. Maybe have to see if I can get some after Xmas (hope I get some binoculars off Santa, think i will need em) xXx

  • Robbbieeeee I have recently bought CD's (2 by mistake), DVD's, Tour tickets, birthday bash tickets etc ... camping out pre-gig? I'll be living in a tent at this rate! I have to say Mike Andrews tickets are much cheaper than yours, I may have to stick to him in future lol :P xXx

  • What a month it will be! I get to see Rob twice in June, once in Manchester for the footy then in Newcastle for his swing concert. Roll on June :) xx

  • This is weird, I watched last years Soccer Aid game in it's entirety on YouTube last night.I need to start going to bed before 4 a.m.My son was a phenomenal player (60 goals in one year, it made the papers, too bad he stopped playing.)I love Soccer.So intense, Rob you're the man.

  • Oh.....Rob! :) This Event is sooooo cool! I'm a Girl, playing Soccer since I'm five years old....and maybe someday you'll recognize me :D's so cool, that all the Money will be for this children, they have so many Problems!!!

  • Oh, I'm glad it's back!!! You and Johnny do such a good deed!!!:) Good luck and take care;)

  • I really want to go but having trouble looking for a Friendlie to go with. Last years match was brilliant even though my side lost :( Come On Rest Of The World!!!

  • Oh bladdy hell something else I can't afford before Xmas. :( have fun everyone who's going x x

  • Good luck everyone for getting tickets.I'm gonna watch the event from my cosy living room,enjoying the only time in year that I actually watch footie ;)

  • Rob - truly the most worthwhile event you ever put on - proud to support you & UNICEF xx