Swings Both Ways Is The 1,000th UK No.1 Album



The news is in - at the end of an amazing week for Robbie, Swings Both Ways has gone straight to number 1 on the Official UK Albums Chart!

This staggering achievement not only earns Robbie an Elvis-equalling tally of 11 albums at the top spot but sees Swings Both Ways become the 1,000th ever Official No.1 Album, a whole 999 releases after Frank Sinatra's Songs For Swingin' Lovers! became the first.

It seems the 57 years between the release of the two landmark albums - both of which were recorded at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles - have done nothing to diminish people's love of a good old fashioned Swing song; a huge thanks goes to everyone who bought the record and helped it on its way. To add another milestone to the incredible journey of Robbie's tenth studio album, Swings Both Ways also gathered the highest number of pre-orders in Amazon.co.uk history.

Robbie told OfficialCharts.com:

I am over the moon that Swings Both Ways is number one! And such an honour to be the 1,000th album in that spot too, following Frank Sinatra who was the first person in that spot and my hero. Thanks to everyone who bought the record, see you all on the tour next year!

If you haven't yet bought your copy of Swings Both Ways, you can pick it up here, and stay tuned to RobbieWilliams.com for news of the next single to be released from the album.

  • Congratulations Rob You are the best


  • so very well-deserved rob!! congratulations from the bottom of my heart! looking forward to see you in vienna next year xxx much love xx

  • Number 1 in Austria!!!!! congratulate you, Rob!

  • I'm so happy for you!!!! We'll done and see you on tour!!! Thank you for your music!!!

  • @heidi oh dear LOL give the calendar to someone ... They will thank you when Rob becomes a megastar in the US ;) xXx

  • Congrats for this excellent album both paying homage to great legends and personal. Ur soul, ur story. Wish I could have been at Grand Journal yesterday but enjoyed watching you on TV. Good Advent. Enjoy this nice time. Kiss. Clara

  • @Mizzie..I accidentally bought 2 calendars..lmao..I have no one to give it to in America..I 'll have to find a room to put the other one in. I also bought 2 In & out of consciousness cd's , one is still in the wrapper.. Lol ..Heidi


  • Robbie, Robbie, Robbie. Got my copy today and wow I love it!!!! Love how you still bringing out quality music. Thankyou xxxx

  • Congratulations, KING :)

  • Congrats, your majesty, Mr. Williams ! :)

  • Ooops I bought two copies of the album by mistake!! I wanted to make sure I got my code ;) oh well, someone's gonna get a lovely Robbie pressie for Xmas lol xXx

  • Congratulations Rob, Guy Chambers and others who worked on this album!
    I love this album, I listen every day <3
    Wait to see you on tour, kisses

  • Well done, Robster!!

  • Mark was right: you can have it all! Massive congratulations. Much love

  • Impatiently waiting for my CD to arrive here in the states! Congrats on a job well done. Thanks for doing another swing album, it suits you , and I really love it!

  • Many thanks for this great Album!! In love Alexandra