Take That / Fake That's Happy Now On iTunes



If you tuned into Comic Relief's Red Nose Day extravaganza last night you may well have done a double take… Take That appeared alongside their ultimate tribute band, Fake That, in a hilarious sketch which featured top comedians Catherine Tate, James Corden, Alan Carr, John Bishop and David Walliams performing Take That's Happy Now.

The newly formed 10-piece have also created a video for Happy Now, especially for Red Nose Day, which is available from iTunes now. For just £1.89 you can pick up just under 20 minutes of guaranteed laughter - we'd call that a comedy bargain!

The package not only features the music video, but also some revealing behind-the-scenes footage; find out what the Take That boys really thought of their Fake That counterparts, who wanted to play who and just how many hours, wigs and costume changes it took to turn each of the comedians into Robbie, Mark, Howard, Jason and Gary.

Click here to buy the iTunes package now.

Tune into the boys' live performance of Happy Now below...

You can also check out our gallery of photos taken on the shoot over in Photos.


Watch the clip below to see Robbie and the boys talking about Happy Now:

  • This song is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxx

  • i love that song its soo cool glad tt are a band agsign

  • Ahoj Robbie, asi před měsícem a půl jsem měla sen. Někdo v mém snu pomocí tří andělů a mízy ze svých vlasů probudil spící zlo, to se pak vzneslo do vzduchu že dlouho spalo a jiní z něj čerpali, ted to zlo bude vysilovat své věrné přisluhovače a Bůh je tak všechny pozná,viděla jsem zlu v tom snu do tváře byl to Libyjský vůdce, probudil vojenské síly.Krásnou písní jste nazí doufám že Bůh vás vyslyší a smiluje se..nevím přoč se mi zdají takové sny, raději bych o sexu snila. Krásný den

  • not a tt fan but happy now i do like, very catchy. great performance rob. loadsalove to you.

  • The peformance was amazing, and ive bought the Fake That on iTunes! Very funny :D♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • You feel happy undoubtedly. LOVE

  • Yay thanks rw.com for putting the guys live performance from Comic Relief on the site - now I can relive my moment with Rob over and over and over again ....mmmmmm x

  • cant stand guys who yell instead of singing!

    I will ALWAYS love you ♥♥ never forget it :)
    Lots of Love from Argentina!! :D
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ☺

  • Véleményem szerint azonos a adray.I úgy gondolja, hogy ez a TT thig minden előadások fárasztó Ribbi! Sokkal több felszabadult, amikor a színpadon egyedül, mint egy művész!

  • Wow, what a great song. I love it more and more!

  • Ahoj Robbie, okouzlující písen, způsobuje mi pocit, jako když se koukám ve vodě pod pěnou na malé bublinky,slyším pocit ticha a praskajících bublinek a nakonec velký mír a čistá hladina, ta sugestivní písen působí jak modlitba...

  • Super!a love you Robbie!

  • my opinion identical the adray.I think that this TT is a thig on all lectures exhausting Ribbi! Much more liberated when the stage alone as an artist!

  • The best news I read past days was the one about Robbie having a solo contract with Universal....I just hoppe that it´s true and not only a rumour-
    FAKE THAT were great---good for them-
    Sorry...I don´t like this song.....in my opinion...very little thing for Robbie.

    Robbie looked great at the performance....beautiful...handsome and cute as he always is-♥♥♥♥♥♥♥MISS YOU ROBBIE ALONE ON STAGE♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥but I wish you the best all the same for this shared artistic year♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Greatvideo great song. Love it!

  • Really great video of Happy now!:D I love it! It´s going to be a great hit like the other ones:D Sunday Take That is going to be in Holland and I didn´t get tickets for it:S:(

  • THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU ROB for coming over to me last night at Comic Relief and touching hands during 'Happy Now'. Really really special moment especially as a year to the day since we hugged at 'Sports Relief' - must be my lucky studio!! You guys put on a fab performance. You all look fantastic and if that's a taster of the tour - wow, I can't wait! "I'm feeling happy now...."
    Lots of love Amy No1 xxxx

  • Have just installed i-tunes so I could buy the video & behind the scenes footage. Well worth it - brilliant! Oh & please can you all wear the DWYL outfits on the tour - please! :-)

  • What a fantastic video that is....congratulations..Fake TT is so funny....and the real boys looked stunning as usual and they seem to have a lot of humour...great. But why oh why another itunes special?? only for fans in the uk again? One positive thing i have to admit : yes yes i can watch the video this time!! Unbelievable but true..yeah...Love ya Robster..your the best...