Take That's Second Single Is… Kidz!



The second single from Take That's multi-platinum, chart-topping album, Progress, will be Kidz and is released on Monday, 28th February 2011.

Kidz is highlighted as the album's key track by Q Magazine, who wrote that the "reintroduction of Robbie Williams into the Take That ranks gave them a shot in the arm" and that Kidz is one of the "brilliantly mad future-disco titans" from Progress.

Take a look at a video of the Take That boys talking about Kidz below…

What do you think about Kidz being the next Take That single? What's your favourite song on Progress? Leave a comment below…

  • Fabulous!! i love this song although sos and eight letters are my absolute faves. Cant wait to see take that back together in manchester. Happy birthday Rob. XXXXXX

  • GREAT CHOICE!!! I love Kidz! Will you ever come to Argentina??? I'd LOVE to listen to the flood and never forget live!!! I hope you give it a thought... Kisses from Argentina. Veronica

  • I haven't been on here for a long time, so I'll add a silly comment....Nice for Kidz (not my fav though), it will certainly be a hit...I love SOS & Eight Letters too.
    Robbie, we miss you ;-)

  • Hello everyone,

    Can someone help me with the truth?!
    I hear rumors about Robbie and the rest of Take That are not good again? Is the tour this year with Robbie, because I have tickets for Amsterdam and I bought them because I want to see Robbie! I don´t want to go, if Robbie is not there:S
    Does someone know the truth?


  • I love Kidz and I think it's a good choice for the second single. My favorite track on Progress is Eight Letters.

  • Ahoj Robbie, všechny vaše texty a písně jsou biblické. Odkazujete tak sebejistě a velmi zasvěceně, tak by jste byli hodni toho vědět že to dítě již vyšlo,narodilo se s křížkem na hlavičce, má tu nejvyšší ochranu, vše co řekne nebo udělá se odrazí v čase, snad nás tu zase neukřižujete, chybíš nám někdy velmi. Pusinky ...

  • Great song :) also love eight letters , really hope it's the next single !! but don't really mind because it's an amazing album and all the songs are FANTASTIC !!! LOVE YOU

  • love this song but eight letters has got to be a single can't end a take that concert with angels so lets have this please.

  • Congrats! I can't wait for the video to be released!!! It's great you guys! I mean, kidz!


  • I'm very very happy, that Take That's second single will be Kidz. It's absolutely perfect song!!!! Robbie's voice is absolutely great!!!! I can't wait for the video!!!!

    God bless you ALWAYS!.. :)

  • my absolute fave track is what do you want from me but thats coz it has strong assosiations with my own situation,i also like happy now and sos but the lads know what their doing better than i do!!!so i hope kidz is massive theres no denying there is not one dud on the whole album....roll on the tour..i cant wait

  • I wait to see the performance of music "Flowerbed" in tour PROGRESS. rs

  • Hi Robbie,

    It was twisting to be " Wait". But, "Kidz" is a great choice for second single from Progress.
    I like all the songs but my favorite ones are "The Flood"; "Wait" and "Flowerbed". rs


  • Kidz will be number 1 in europe!
    The melody is great and the lyrics are .....phantastic !!!

  • Kidz is a great choice for second single from Progress. And I think Underground Machine should be used to open the Progress concert .. its got a fab intro !! x

  • I love you Rob.
    Kidz is great!

  • Progress is an amazing album. I am really surprised what those boys can make.
    I like all the songs but my favorite ones are Pretty Things Underground Machine and Eight Letters.
    But I like Kidz and SOS also very much.
    When I watch Take That ‘s performance I still see Take That with Robbie Williams. Although I think they are very good in this way.
    So I hope Robbie will release My Heart and I in the future as a solo single. I still like Robbie the most as a solo artist.