'Thank You Brett'






  • Hi Robbie, I sat next to you at the Cabin in LA back in the mid-90's, I told you that you sounded like the Stone Roses, I was referring to your accent, not your music. I didn't even know that you were a singer at the time, I found out later from Blake. From the expression on your face when I made the comment, I think I offended you. This was not my intention, I just had to get this off my chest. I enjoy your work very much and wish you all the best.

  • Thanks @mohican, Just read the article, interesting, and rather depressing. Hopefully other genres of music will find a way to push through sometime soon to redress the balance.

  • P.S. RW, in my initial post, when I was referring to bands lying about themselves and pretending to be squeaky clean etc, I wasn't referring specficially to you, and my comment about Take That's renaissance beginning without you, and it being lucrative was an unecessary jibe on my part. The focus of my post was my criticism of your remarks, and also of popular music and how we are almost forcefed into accepting it at the expense of the kind of music that can be potentially lifechanging in the way it affects us.

  • Hi, a_mohican, I just to tried to check out the article you mentioned but it seems to have been removed sadly, as I got "page not found" and an amusing cartoon of a lost man & his dog. It sounded interesting though.

  • Yes @redgirl I mentioned the "symbiotic" relationship of different genres given the main issue raised in Rob's blog on bigoted views towards pop music and boybands and the availability of record deals for indie bands in the 90's. But as you say that doesn't address the apparent problem of a growing 'sameness' in the music that most people are exposed to on a regular basis these days. Yes I know, it means I've truly crossed the generation gap...become like my parents..."well in the good ol' days blah blah blah"...but not only! ; ) "The skepticism about modern music shared by many middle-aged fans has been vindicated by a study of half a century's worth of pop music, which found that today's hits really do all sound the same... modern songs have...grown progressively louder over the past 50 years" and "the variety of chords, melodies and types of sound being used by musicians has become ever smaller" (see http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/9430338/ Modern-music-really-does-sound-the-same.html ). Same trend(s) may apply to mass marketed movies, news, other sectors. I'd be curious about Rob's thoughts on that too...

  • Would you honestly buy a One Direction album for your own enjoyment, or go to one of their concerts, for yourself? (and not because you have relatives who are young kids). In response to that previous blog saying that the pop and indie industry is a "symbiotic" relationship, it still doesn't justify the existance of these tedious immature bands or the shows that keep regurgitating them. Perhaps if radio stations only played independant music, instead of pop perhaps people would buy that instead. The lengths pop execs. will go to, to promote these bands is hideous, car commercials, paying supermarkets and films to play it so it gets into the public's conciousness. When I was young I like some awful music because it was the only thing I had access to, you have to seek out good music to some extent as it isn't obviously available. Mr Anderson's comments have clearly touched a nerve with you, perhaps its because of your own boyband roots. You yourself criticised Take That's music and even left the band because you wanted to be taken seriously as a musician and create "good music" you implied in interviews. Returning to perform with them must have been pretty lucrative for you, although their renaissance began without you. At least the substandard indie bands you refer to wrote their own music, and they didn't generally lie about the kind of people they were so they could promote a squeaky clean image, and lie about the drugs they took, to secure mobile phone endorsements etc. Most of them are most likely still making music now albeit for themselves and playing locally for no money because wasn't about simply making money for them, it was about creativity, and doing something that hasn't been done before instead of the same uninspired predicatably structured songs that crap boybands pedal.

  • Yes @Heart1Soul gotta love me some country, metal, hip hop, ska, indian classical, gypsy jazz...bring it all on! Who cares what it's called if you love it??! TO EACH HIS OWN TASTE ;) And yes @Clur and @Angela13RW - RW has consistently called out bigotry, arrogance, intolerance in the best way possible - a self-deprecating, hilarious way which leaves the bigots speechless.....while recognizing that scandal (minus excessively gratuitous, hurtful name-calling, mudslinging, bodily harm) is great publicity! Streak across the Vale football pitch protected only by the next album cover? Likes it :) Enough bloodsport!

  • You're entitled to an opinion, just a shame it is based upon your own version of a situation you imagined and not actual facts.

  • You can be disappointed that you wanted to see Suede, but it is a shame you got confused because you were going to a gig of The Tears! I think Brett himself said that "this isn't a Suede show" at that actual same show... That's not his arrogance, just common sense - and if you want to turn your personal disappointment into something else that is up to you, just pointing out the reasoning behind it was that there was more to it than you knew...

    Be disappointed, but don't use it as an excuse to hate on someone...

  • Oh and it wasn't a 'rant' Clur, it was clearing up your misunderstanding of a situation, that's all...

  • Oh I thought it was meant to be rant over from you Suedemusic...get a life everyone is entitled to an opinion - I'm entitled to mine - I went to Oxford was disappointed so what big deal...
    Have you finshed...I hope so coz I'm bored with your Suede biography...

  • ha ha @rieb1, great to hear this thread helped prompt some musical adventures...sounds like you could give me a few pointers on ways to help warm my 'boys' (husband included!) to various genres too :) I found this response of former Menswear star Matt Everitt interesting: "In the mid-nineties there wasn't really any rivalry between pop groups and the guitar bands... Traditionally your big pop acts allow record labels to invest in guitar bands, because they take longer to develop." Such a symbiotic relationship makes the distinction between groups that are supported through independent means and those benefiting from industry sponsorship - which tends to shift throughout the life of individual artists - even more difficult to make. Of course some of the most talented singers and musicians simply don't have the perseverance, stage presence, entertainment value, whatever it takes to make it big, or to make it big for very long. He may have been a visionary genius, but McLaren's influence shows that even the origins of the anti-establishment punk rock movement, its music, fashions, styles, fads - like any social movement - include strong elements of commercial manipulation. So that quote also wound me up - stating that "crap pop music" and "crap boybands" are simply a sad symptom of the lack of money in the music industry is not only inaccurate, it's bigoted. Really enjoyed the discussion. Happy listening (Suede included)! Peace (and some quiet :) xx

  • @Frieda.... Thank-you for posting link to 'We feed the World'. In our day to day lives we sometimes forget what is happening outside our little box and it takes someone like you to jolt it back into the brain. We can eat organic, buy fairtrade and drive our Prius, though we also need to campaign in the faces of the bureaucratic seat warmers who wouldent know shit about the hundreds of thousands of Indian farmers committing suicide each year or how for eg. the weather patterns are so fucked that Melbourne of all places has had temps over 30 for 2 weeks tho still ignore the issue of Climate Change!.....Namaste to you Frieda, happy there are like minded people on this site....Peace x

  • must be a week for it, kids have got Kerrang on the telly listening to 101 definitive Pop Punk classics full blast!! they have listened to it all, we're down to number 17 now...wondering whats number one? :D learnt alot this week about music genres and such...if they scream one more time when an old fave comes on though,i may have to hurt one of them :D passing a very snowy cold Saturday quite nicely :) xx

  • Just to clarify one more point for Clur. Suede had split up just two years before The Tears formed, so I am sure that the last thing on either Brett's or Bernard's mind at that time would be to play Suede songs. I am sure when Robbie quit Take That the first thing on his mind in his solo shows immediately after was to play his solo material, not Take That covers...

  • For Clur

    Just want to point out something as your ignorance about Brett/Suede/The Tears seems to betray you.

    He wasn't an 'arrogant sod' 'or 'ashamed of his own songs' when he and Bernard Butler formed The Tears and decided not to perform Suede songs. It was out of respect for their new project and new material and also the fact that Bernard had not been a part of Suede for 11 years at that time. It was a mutual decision made between the two of them and was nothing to do with arrogance or being ashamed - Brett went on to perform Suede songs in his solo career as an encore to his shows two years later. So you need to get your facts straight before talking utter tosh. And in fact they DID bow to pressure and play ''The Living Dead' acoustically at a couple of gigs later on - and in a podcast last year Bernard Butler admitted t was the worst decision they made - they didn't want to or need to become a 'Suede covers band'...

    And bearing in mind all the critical praise that 'Bloodsports' has received over the past few weeks I don't think they needed publicity from Robbie, however much it is appreciated! :P

    And if you actually listen to anything Mr Anderson has to say, you'd find he is one of the most honest gentleman within the music business, including being painfully honest about his own faults and mistakes in his career. He could perhaps be accused of arrogance in the early days of Suede when they were getting all that attention, but then even Mr Williams has had the tendency for arrogance at times.

    Why stir up more hate and argument when it is unnecessary? This topic is over now, no need for further 'point scoring'...

  • I don't like bigoted and snob people too, the more genuine people, those who don't have a facade, are not stupid and they listen to what attract them, instinctively listening what emotions them, so I agree with you Roberto and remember that both Take That and you, my dear friend, made and keep making race the heart of millions of people and this is truth. Long live spontaneous people who don't hige themselves behind snob fakeness!!!

    XXXXXXX by Angela

  • Suede come back attempt number 3!! Mr Anderson is on his 3rd attempt to revive Suede. When he relaunched as the Tears they only made one decent album. I went to watch them in Oxford, arrogant sod wouldn't sing "Suede" songs because they were his 1990's throwbacks - so if he is ashamed of his own songs in the 90's how can he comment on what was and wasn't good??
    Saying that all good publicity for the new album - Rob remember to do something contraversal before your next album launch...I don't know something like a streak across the vale ground with only the album to protect your dignity!

  • @Mohican....enjoyed reading your perspective.....bloodsport "music blog" style!!! Add some diehard country fans and don't forget METAL.......no need to add water and stir?! It's spontaneous combustion........when you layer in the "anonymity" of screennames and avatars, and it's open season for a 'world gone mudslingingmad'. BALANCE and RESPECT get thrown out the with the bath water and 8 track tape players!...............I appreciate Vivenne Westwood (speaking of Tshirts!!!), Fleetwood Mac AND Justin Beiber.....I'm glad McLaren's are more than Formula1 races and baby carriages ;).....Artful Dodgers indeed!