US Release: Last Days Of Disco Remixes



Robbie's Reality Killed The Video Star album track, Last Days Of Disco, has been given the remix treatment by four dancefloor superstars to produce no less than eight club-tastic tracks!

Available now from iTunes US exclusively, there are two EPs to choose from featuring disco, house and electronica-flavoured reworks by Roger Sanchez, Still Going, Black Van and Mighty Mouse.

EP 1
1 Roger Sanchez 'Release Yourself' Remix (7:52)
2 Roger Sanchez 'Release Yourself' Dub (7:49)
3 Roger Sanchez 'Release Yourself' Instrumental (7:52)
4 Black Van Remix (8:40)
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EP 2
1. Still Going Remix (6:27)
2. Still Going Dub (6:27)
3. Mighty Mouse Remix (7:16)
4. Mighty Mouse Instrumental (7:15)

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  • I want these remixes, how cool

  • great song to remix, cant wait to hear it all raved out!! loadsalove to you.

  • One of my fave songs off that album.....

  • Rob!.. Last Days Of Disco is a GREAT song!!.. yeah!.. I LOVE IT !!.. ☺☺☺☺..

  • Aw I want them in the UK, Oh my god it is an amazing song!

  • Please let us have them in oz!

  • please release the remixes worldwide

  • one of the best tracks ever :-)

  • Why only on ITUNES US, ROB ? ? ?
    What about your Rest of the World fans ?
    Can't we obtain those some other way ???
    Please advise !

  • Las Days of Disco is a very beautiful song. I love it. And I'm agree with adry, I don't like remixes...

  • I love Last Days Of Disco too.

  • I love Last Days Of Disco-I can listen the remix version on ITunes but I prefer the original one -I´m not very fond of remixes-

  • Cant access the remixes in Ireland .. my itunes aint compatible .. always really annoying ! That and that BBC Iplayer .. grrrrrrrrrr :/ :) .. but on a positive note .. great that a DJ like Roger Sanchez has mixed this great track .. still think it should have been a single .. !!!!! Oh well .. you can't have your way all the time, unless your a DIVA! ps : Rob love The Flood. Love your vocal !!I love how you have slotted right back in to Take That. Keep writing though !! xxx