Watch Robbie On Jonathan Ross Tonight



Don't forget to get grab the best spot on the sofa tonight and tune in to BBC1 from 22:35 GMT as Robbie joins 'Wossy' on BBC1 for some light-hearted chit-chat.

The show will also feature two performances by Robbie, including his new single You Know Me, and once the show is over press the interactive Red Button to watch him perform four extra songs.

Remember, you can catch the show again on the BBC iPlayer (UK only) for up to seven days after the broadcast, we know you'll be tempted to watch it again... and again!

  • Have just joined this site and want to say wot an amazing interview with Wossy, open, honest, amusing and your performance was ab fab. Welcome back - at last. Missed u Rob. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Robbie, i think you are feeling better than you ever have in your whole life. And it rock!

  • The most relaxed i've seen you in a long time must be love lol, great songs great performance, welcome back big boy ;)

  • Hiya!
    Iam really fed up....was tryin to watch Robbie on the Jonathan Ross Show and iam not aible to. This is a shame. Why can only english fans watch it? people who are living in the UK? Its the same with radio stations. Its not fair at all. Could only hear one radio interview. But he`s been so sweet and nice. So pls to all british tv stations and radio stations: let us german fans join robbie as well. There are many fans living in other countries and we should have the opportunity to see and hear him as well....iam really upset now...

  • I've just watched the interview on youtube, (as I'm an Aussie & can't watch the bbc player) you are looking fantastic Robbie, you look and sound so relaxed and happy, it's so wonderful what being in love does to ya. I love the new album, I've been listening to it on here, picking up my copy first thing in the morning, you've done an amazing job with this one. Well done!!! Luv ya heaps!!! :) xxx

  • is lovin robbie bring on the tours love ya xxxxx

  • Yey robbie's back, loving the new album and still as fit as ever! - hope to see you touring soon :) x x

  • Robbie You done good. I love the track You Know me. I have just downloaded your Album. This is going to to be such a hit. You get better and more confident each appearance.

  • ton dernier album est une pure merveille !!! thank u Man ! take care n' LOVE

  • Robbie You R the best

  • Robbie I m From InDia and I love to listen your new song Bodies

  • Robbie you are fantastic! I just watched the Jonathan Ross interview on you tube as i stupidly forgot to record it on Friday night! Anyway, it was great, you seem really settled and grown up and at ease with yourself at last! You seem to appreciate that you are where you are today because you deserve it! You're a true performer and an absolute legend! Hope to see your cheeky chirpy self on tour again soon! Love you to bits, missed you loads!xxxx

  • Great show Rob, you have still got it! Not feeling the image to be honest. Hair cut and some younger clothes would be perfect! x

  • just wanted to ask where did robbie get his shoes from??? they were quality! i need a pair!

  • It's on You Tube. Enjoy

  • Help missed wossy t other nite and as Im from Dublin I cant watch this podcast ...any ideas anyone ????