Watch You Know Me Video



You've seen the photos, you've seen a couple of teasers... now you can watch the full video to Robbie's next single, You Know Me.

Check it out below and enter an enchanted fairy-tale world starring a long-eared, fluffy Robbie and a handful of beautiful bunnies.

Once you've watched the video head over to MySpace for a whole heap of Robbie goodies, including a free download of Aeroplane's remix of Bodies, behind-the-scenes videos, including a 'making of' the You Know Me video, and more!

Stay tuned to MySpace throughout the day as more of Robbie's takeover is revealed...

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  • Dear Rob,
    am so sorry to hear that you're sick... Don't feel guilty, it's not your fault!!! Hope that you'll feel better soon, take care of yourself...
    Wishing you all the BEST!
    And a BIG 'get well-hug' from me... :-)
    Love, Jana

  • i heard a robbie song on radio two this afternoon think it was called 'i dont know' and guess wat idont,does anyone know the name of the song it was more a rock tune with electric guitar thanks

  • i'm thinking this song is very beautiful, and is the same for the video by gabriella5510

  • Hi Robbie, I want to wish you a happy birthday! I've seen your new video and it's brilliant. You are the best!

  • You will ALWAYS have my vote Robbie ! ! !

  • I'm rather confused now.. it's ok I think cause after all the confusion i get to see a light sometimes. Those moments are worth all the bothering!! Guess it's true "..the confused will be enlightened "..
    Robert has said once he's a multiple personality (or something alike) meaning there are many roles he can play, many people he can be. That is not so peculiar as it seems to be, cause you can actually spot that kind of diversity at some probably little more intelligent people.
    And sometimes, on this journey I've unwillingly taken, i have difficulties, like now, something comes up and crushes my theory of what Robbert Williams is.
    I don't know yet why am i making all the effort, trying to understand, it's not going to make the world any better, but the thoughts won't go away and sometimes i even let them spread out, like in these days.
    This writing releases me. It's not much.. can't keep it inside.

  • Wobbie Wabbit! Great video,as usual!Not like Alice at all!

  • Liked it but not as much as my 3 year old daughter who keeps asking to watch it again and again!!

  • Yet again an outstanding song and proves his talent. Can't have too much, brilliant.

  • absolutely outstandingly brilliant song-our robbie is back to his best!!!!love it+the video is class so different to anything else welcome back robbie love u xxxx

  • i never tought robbie would do a video like this it's very strange but i love it!!

  • OMG I love it, another hit for Rob, glad your back xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • LOVE the song and video!!

    BOB THE BALLERINA haha!!!!!!!!!

  • i would have prefered "morning sun" as second single, but this song is great as well!

  • I absolutely love this song - I can listen to it again and again

  • Welcome back Robbie!! This song is amazing, beautiful little piano medley through it as well. The album is fantastic, love it. When you coming back to glasgow on tour?? xx

  • best song on the this the song about mj??

  • Your new album is great Robbie, absolutely love it but then I knew I would! You Know Me is my favourite, loving the rabbit costume...Lucky Ida!! Looking forward to seeing you on tour. x

  • very beautiful clip:) perfect. only problem about:) some moves isnt look real:):D
    "May the force be with you. Always"