Win Tickets To Friday Night With Jonathan Ross



*** This competition is now closed ***


Robbie will be getting comfortable on the sofa when he stops by BBC to catch up with chat show favourite Jonathan Ross next week.

As well as giving an exclusive interview Robbie will also be performing in the studio so make sure you're in front of the television on Friday 6th November at 22:35 GMT to tune in!

But it gets better... we're running an exclusive competition to give away two pairs of tickets to be in the audience when the show is filmed on Tuesday, 3rd November.

To be in with a chance of being there on the night just answer the question below and send in your answer, including your name, date or birth, full address and daytime contact number to

Please note that travel and accommodation are not included as part of the prize and winners must be over 18 years old.

The competition closes at 22:00 GMT on Sunday, 1st November.

Q] In what year was Robbie awarded his first BRIT award?

Good luck!



  • ah it was fantastic thanks.. was the biggest buzz ever, only found out monday afternoon and had to be in London tuesday evening... he looked and sounded amazing : )

  • wow yr so lucky, my friend sonia won tickets from here and we only knew we was going monday lunchtime, it was such i rush... seen robbie 5 times before and have been fans since he left tt.. cannot wait to see the show friday night : ) omg when he was hugging u his head was on yr shoulder and all i cud see was his lovely eyes.. ahhhhhhh it was an amazing night : )

  • can't win an argument !!!!!!!!!!! will have to glue myself to the telly again arrgghh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yep that was me! Friend got tickets and we were going even before we knew who was on! Was unbearable for the week leading uo top it once I knew it was my hero on the show!! Queued from 11am to make sure we got in He was fabulous hey?! Everyone has asked that question (well the girls!!!) He didn't have a distinctive smell, just a clean smell. He have the most striking eyes and his cheeks were as soft and smooth as anything!! I'm never going to was my green jumper!!!!
    Dawn x

  • hiya i saw u!! was u wearing a green jumper???? lol u are a very lucky woman!! I was one of the winners of the competition from here and sat 2 rows behind u!!! we wasn't allowed on the front row but did go in the green room and have free drinks : P just one question... how did he smell???? x Annette x

  • I was there!! Front row seats!
    Robbie came over inbetween songs ang gave me a hug!
    The songs, new and old were fabulous, he looked good, performed well! BRILLIANT stuff Robbie!
    He is back!! Whoop Whoop!

  • Well done!! What was it like?? Tell all xx

  • I didnt hear guess I didnt win again!!

  • Robbie, not Johnathan Ross, bad move for comeback promotion, he's so yesterday.....yawnnnnnn

  • I never win anything!!!! :O(


  • Given it a shot. We'll see who is lucky.

  • where is the show held? I need to prepare my travel arrangements LOL..

  • I will never win this, cos I never do, but I still keep the faith that one day my luck will change and I'll stop coming across like a whiney, self-pitying cry-baby....and stuff.

  • Two birds in the Shepherd's Bush are worth one in the head.

  • good luck to everyone what a good prize to watch Robbie on the greatest chat show in the Uk

  • fingers, toes, arms, legs all crossed and hoping I win :)
    whoever is the lucky winner is sure to have a fab time so goodluck to all inc me :)

  • If your not in it, your not gonna win it !!!
    I am in it,
    so maybe gonna win it!!!!
    Someone has 2....
    Hope its me xxxxxxxxx Fingers crossed xxxxxx

  • it would be nice to win something the year i have had ha ha oh well if its meant to be it will