You're Invited To Join Robbie's FunPoker



If you're signed up to receive newsletters from, you'll have already heard the exciting news that Robbie will be launching his very own Poker game. Robbie Williams FunPoker touches down later this year and will be a place to hang out with fellow friendlies, show off your poker skills and enter tournaments for a chance to win some fantastic prizes… and it's all for free! There's also a chance to spruce up your avatar with a whole selection of accessories, including some iconic Robbie outfits.

Like the sound of that so far?

We're looking for poker-loving friendlies to be part of the official testing community; if you're successful in your registration you'll have exclusive first access to the game before it goes live to the rest of the world

What does it involve?

Play poker, have fun and don't forget to let us know how you get on.

Receiving your feedback is extremely important to us as we want to provide the best that we can with Robbie Williams FunPoker, creating a space where all of Robbie's friends can come together to play online. We've set up a dedicated area for you to tell us your thoughts and we look forward to rewarding you for your time and efforts.

Registration is free. There are no strings attached and you won't have to download anything as the whole game is online. Be amongst the first to trial the game.

We look forward to seeing you!

  • which on line poker is it and how do i find it please??????would love a go

  • whats your username robbie

  • this repeats by itself , needs a delte button

  • the Jnr magnificent super mega star William (my beautiful amazing grandson) has no interest in on line poker, Oh well , but he does love his new motor bike and I phone 4 and table soccor and mini pool - he beat me at soccor, but nan is still a pool sharjk

    i had a great weekend with him , trivia, your a 9 and i am a 1, in numerology, our charts are interesting they have fluffed yours cause they know alot about you, the real ones are more interesting..... makes sense

  • shiting one's self, has she sent in a question

  • I am loving the poker testing!! Aside of actually playing the poker (quick tutorial from hubby and i was well into it!), I'm meeting loads of new friendlies over there!! It's a fun, fab way to relax for an hour (or 6) !!!

  • Register friendlies! We're having good fun over there.

  • its said tha robbie only gets bad press its only goood fun but be carfull

  • Loving the game, lots of fun, but so tired this morning because I played way past my bedtime last night. No doubt I'll do the same again tonight...x

  • Help anyone? I was chosen to be a trial member but accidentally deleted the e-mail link to the game. What do I do? Thank you in advance!


  • Hi to all the friendlies,hope you are o.k. Looking forward to seeing some of you at the poker table later. (Hugs) from Julie x

  • For those of us who have played already, here is the FunPoker thread in the forum to come share your experiences.
    We are chatting it up over there and having a great laugh at ourselves about the trials and tribulations and learning curves!
    Thank you Rob for yet another dimension of all things YOU!! Your intimate blog, the gold mine of a forum, and your free world of FunPoker are such wonderfully appreciated opportunities. Much love from the Eastern US coast XO

  • Hi i have just been playing even though its late here but i couldn't wait till tomorrow. 2 hours went very fast looks like it will be great fun once im used to it. Thanks for this addition through the site

  • Hi friendlies! Just received the mail that I can start to play. Have a sleep first and give it a try tomorrow....King Tut is gonna rule the

  • just been playing it and its good, hope to see rob on there one day :) xx

  • it's sad I do not know how to play robbie ...

    I'd love to play!

    LOVE YOU ♥

  • @dirce and
    @Itina Learjet
    Rob would be dead angry reading it.
    His sense of humour is totally different. Sometimes rough/tough but never inappropriate (since he is clean and dry alcoholic).
    Love and peace to everyone (and that is meant from the bottom of my heart).
    So please let´s put this into a drawer and leave it at that.